Calvin Klein Reconciles with Boytoy Nick Gruber

Calvin Klein and his boytoy Nick Gruber have reportedly patched things up, despite Gruber's threats to write a 'beyond shocking' tell-all about Klein and star in a reality show following their break-up.

GruberPage Six reports:

A source now tells us, “Calvin feels very protective over him. Despite all that has happened, and everything he’s done, he still loves Nick.” We’re told Klein flew Gruber to Mexico and the two met up at an exclusive resort there. The source added, “Calvin wants to keep it low-key.”

Another source said, “Nick and Calvin had been texting and met up at the Chateau Marmont [in Los Angeles] about a month ago. Nick and John broke up around February, but remained friends. John actually encouraged Nick to get back with Calvin. He thinks it would be helpful for him.”

A spokesperson for Klein said: “I can confirm they are friends and no more. There is no relationship whatsoever, but at the same time Calvin holds no grudges and has put whatever problems they had behind him.”


  1. candideinnc says

    “Boytoy” seems a bit judgmental to me. I don’t follow the romantic lives of celebrities, and I suppose Klein could be such a whoremonger that the term might be appropriate. However, I think it would be good to demonstrate a bit of respect for the relationships of gay couples if possible.

  2. Art says

    Candideinnc…. Whe the guy is a hundred years older and controls all the money it is a boytoy,… and a bit pathetic and gross … This is a Liberace all the way.

  3. BRAINS says

    The tawdry lives of a once famous designer and his white trash prostitute should not be news worthy of publishing!

  4. Isaac says

    This is a gross article that did not need to be written. Leave stories like this to the bottom feeders like Harvey Levin.

  5. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    HBO had a hit show with “Behind the Candelabra”. This will be the sequel (or perhaps a mini-series).

  6. candideinnc says


    I am 14 years older than my lover of 23 years. I believe May-December romances can be very, very successful in the right circumstances, where there is emotional parity. The money issue no doubt complicates the relationship, I admit.

  7. QJ201 says

    Behind the Candlebra II: The Calvin and Nick Story.

    I was a waiter at a gay “high end” restaurant…older wealthy men dragged their boy toys and “dates” (escorts, hookers) in for dinner all the time. Worst was the dude who literally brought in what looked like homeless gay teenagers.

  8. MIke says

    Calvin Klein stock can’t be worth a fraction of what it once was. How many actresses (or actors) show up anywhere anymore “I’m wearing Calvin Klein?” Zero.

  9. M2 says

    ‘Behind the Valium, Vodka and Cheek Implants;
    Calvin and Kelly – a love story.

    What is this Towlerez?

    I’m kind of surprised by this tacky posting about this tired scary queen and his hooker.

  10. ratbastard says

    Beyond shocking? In the old days Nick would have just been killed, had an ‘accident’, or an ‘accidental’ overdose. In all seriousness he probably does know stuff Klein and others would never want publicized.

  11. JohnAGJ says

    @Candid: so are all same-sex relationships above criticism or even salacious gossip just because they are same-sex? Uh, no. We are fighting for equality, not special treatment. That means in this case some folks are going to find the nearly 50 year age difference disgusting, some will enjoy gossiping about this celebrity couple airing their dirty laundry in public, etc. Just as would be done is this couple were of a hetero pairing.

  12. Jeff Atwood says

    Does anybody believe this PR concoction? Is Klein doing this while trying to get Gruber to sign a non-disclosure/non-disparagement agreement? Is there some mob connection through Luciano? We will probably never know. We are talking about the behavior of old men, and there are plenty of old, straight men with female companions in similar positions, it’s just that the gay element can still spark salacious curiosity.

  13. Jerry says

    If there is a 20 plus year age difference and the old troll is incredibly rich and the stud is a pornstar, then yes the boy in question is a toy.

  14. Fahd says

    This is really a coincidence, since I have been thinking about getting back together with my much younger boyfriend (btw, he’s much better looking than Nick).

    The heart wants what the heart wants.

    He’s texted me, and I wrestle with whether I should text him back or not. Maybe if Calvin can let bygones be bygones, I can too.

  15. mic says

    Have to agree with Jerry. ^^^

    Although lil’ guber is kinda hot in that snaggle-toothed Tennesee hillbilly way.

  16. Ted says

    Thanks Jerry, my BF is only 19 years younger so he misses your cutoff!

    Behind the Jock Strap? Behind the Behind?

  17. vardan says

    Even a 20 year difference is one thing.

    A 50-year difference (Klein is about 70, his piece about 20), is quite another. I don’t really believe Hugh Hefner’s new wife is “true love” either

  18. says

    Nick must have some really juicy sh*t on Calvin, and taking him back as his boy toy is Klein’s only way of getting him to shut up that doesn’t involve dumping his body in a landfill.

  19. Seattle Mike says

    The acceptable range for relationships is half your age plus 9. So if you’re 70 (like Klein), it’s acceptable to date someone who is 44 or older. If you’re 30, you can date someone 24 or older.

    I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

  20. John B. says

    I’m in my 40’s. The 20 crowd seems to love me (and many others in their 40’s). It makes me very uncomfortable. Wish the guys in their 40’s reacted to me in the same way. :>)

  21. Fred says

    The types of people who care about this kind of “news” are exactly the type of person I want nothing to do with.

  22. David Hearne says

    When I was 20 I dated/tricked with older men because I didn’t want to have to socialize with guys whom I had had sex with. I dated respectable older men, so I wouldn’t run into them at bars and other youth venues.

    I clearly remember being 18 and looking around the Lost And Found, and saying to my best friend, “Dear God, I hope that when I am 40 I have more self respect than to be in here chasing college kids.”

  23. simon says

    I would day:
    The acceptable range for relationships is half your age plus 9 minus your net worth in millions. If your are 70 and got 20 millions, then you can date someone 44-20=24.

  24. candideinnc says

    Seattle Mike–It sounds like your rules were written for people who also looked their age. I missed the cutoff, but it didn’t seem to bother my partner at all.

  25. David Hearne says

    I do think that as a rule, it’s unacceptable to be older than your trick’s parents.

  26. David Hearne says

    Unless you are actually paying cash, in which case you should get exactly what you want within what you can afford.

  27. steve says

    …not really related I guess…but as I’ve gotten older I find myself getting way more attention from women of all people.

  28. Rexford says

    Nick demanded that he deliver the cashiers check in person, then buy him dinner while they waited for the bank to call saying it had cleared.

  29. David Hearne says

    “Calvin should marry Bianca… but that wouldn’t fool anyone.” – Andy Warhol

  30. m says

    What could Nick possibly have on Calvin? Calvin’s career isn’t going to tank. His wife isn’t going to divorce him. Nick isn’t going to out him? Its celebrity bs.

  31. Bill says

    Calvin doesn’t have to worry about the “kiss and tell”.

    Dialog from Strangers on a Train:

    He’ll still have to answer questions.
    Routine. Pure routine.
    I’m afraid there’ll be a lot of
    reporters at your front door in the
    Daddy doesn’t mind a little scandal.
    He’s a senator.
    (answering Guy’s look)
    It can’t be helped, darling. It is
    not your fault. It’s not as though
    anyone can say you had something to
    do with it.
    Someone might say it…I’d do anything
    to keep you all out of this mess.
    Profit by my experience, Guy. Never
    lose any sleep over accusations.
    (an afterthought)
    Unless they can be proved, of course.

  32. DannyEastVillage says

    I’ev long said that the two of them deserve one another. Klein has never emerged from adolescence, and boy toy has traits reminiscent of an obnoxious middle-schooler–say, a vindictive, petty, and not-all-that-bright 15-year-old girl?

  33. rjp3 says

    Poor Calvin – in the closet for decades then acting a fool in his old age. The other one is not even worth mentioning – dime a dozen trash.

  34. disgusted american says

    how CC looks in the mirror and doesnt see a botched Facelift is beyond me…ewwwww

  35. candideinnc says

    Oh. I saw the movie. He was old enough to be the guy’s grandfather. That does elicit an “ick.”

  36. Mort says

    The story’s pretty sad. Most of the pick-a-little-talk-a-little, bile-tinged comments are even sadder.

  37. Ben says

    There are pictures on Twitter of Nick with publicist Rembrandt Flores at the Hollywood Bowl. I think they are dating.