1. SayTheTruth says

    Some people don’t understand that their time of departure is delayed. Too delayed.

  2. says

    What an ass! I’m a Libertarian Republican and I can tell you I’m stunned at the ignorance coming out of my own party! I applaud the Boy scouts of America for supporting the inclusion of it’s gay members, but I want to see the LGBT parents of good moral character and ethics being able to volunteer to mentor the next generations of young Americans who will inherit what we leave behind! I wrote about this in my article on… I hope you all can read this and comment and show your support. I have had some interactions on twitter where Conservatives tried to get my twitter account suspended for joining Log Cabin Republicans and supporting orgs like GOProud. There are many gay Libertarians I’m glad to call friends and my friends are not second class citizens!

  3. anon says

    The problem w/ his argument is that they could have created another scouting organization years ago along the lines of however they wanted, but they didn’t.

  4. Alex Parrish says

    Seems to me that this Fischer character spends wa-a-a-a-y too much time thinking about butt-sex. I don’t know many gay men who are as obsessed with it as Bryan Fischer seems to be. Perhaps it is time for him to consider his own coming-out.

  5. says

    you’re “stunned”, Buell? Really? what stuns you about this?

    the party you support is the main roadblock to LGBT Equality in America.


  6. says

    Homophobes are obsessed with anal intercourse to a frightening degree. I’m 66 years old and have yet to meet a gay man who thought anal intercourse the be-all, end-all or even in any way a significant part of his sexuality.

    Thanks for speading the word, D BuellD Buell. There are tons of sane reasonable people out there. We need to hear from them more often.

  7. Brian1 says

    This could be the most hysterical overreaction yet by the rightwing crazies. The only thing that’s changed is they’ll accept openly gay scouts. They’re still funded by mormons and baptists, they’ll still teach christian morality etc. If their worry is that the gay scouts will take advantage of the straight ones on camping trips, then shouldn’t they be clamoring for segregated schools, sports teams etc? Just too stupid for words.

  8. B. Hill says

    Why would any parent of a young son want their child to be part of an organization that now allows gay boys? That’s like having a 16 year old boy be a junior leader with girl scouts and letting them have alone time with little girls. Most parents would consider a hormonal teenage boy around their 10 year old daughter in girl scouts during camping trips to be HIGHLY inappropriate, so parents should be equally concerned about gay boys in scouts around their sons.

  9. Bill says

    @B Hill: “Why would any parent of a young son want their child to be part of an organization that now allows gay boys?”

    You mean organizations like the school band, football team, chess club, etc.?

    (I’ll ignore the rest of Hill’s nonsense – he seems to forget the the children he “wants” to protect are also “hormonal teenage boys”, most
    of whom want to chase after girls.)

  10. GB says

    This is like bad Country Western music. Some will cling to catchy quotes. Remember “Take This Job And Shove It?”

  11. Caliban says

    90+% of Americans have never heard of Bryan Fischer. He has TWO audiences, those who actually listen to him, and the gay media that breathlessly reports on his every anti-gay utterance.

    WHY do I “need” to know everything this sub D-list sh!t weasel says? To me it feels like I’m having my nose rubbed in it. Completely inconsequential piece of sh!t says what? OHHH! He hates gay people. What a fvcking surprise! This is NEWS?!

    So far as I can tell it comes down to a quality-of-life issue. I’m actually a happier person when I don’t read gay news blogs on a daily basis. I get along quite well without knowing every time time some Religious Right @sshole passes gas. Does reporting it serve an actual function or are you just poking us with sticks to see if you get a reaction?

    Bryan Fischer is an @sshole. Same as it ever was. His further adventures in @ssholery are actually NOT newsworthy! @sshole says @ssholish thing is no surprise.

  12. Mike says

    Bryan Fischer: Always an IDIOT, Always REPUGNANT, Always a BIGOT, ALL of the bloody time!

  13. rroberts says

    item 1:
    @B Hill : gay boys have ALWAYS been in the scouts. It’s nothing new, so why would a parent start worrying now?? Gay boys have ALWYAS been in school sports and – gasp – even in our Sunday Schools. Oh My!! — What’s a parent to do?

    item 2 :
    Be careful what you quote, Mr. Fischer.
    “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come!” (English Standard Version)
    This ISN’T a message to the Boy Scouts. It might as easily reference the sin of hatred toward your fellow man.

  14. JONES says

    @D Buell
    ‘I’m a Libertarian Republican and I can tell you I’m stunned at the ignorance coming out of my own party!’

    It took this one issue for you to realize that? We’ve been suffering with it for years.

    There are 30 states with constitutional bans on marriage championed by the GOP. While you’re on the support for LGBT bandwagon take a crack at that with your chosen party.

  15. kansastock says

    Typical straddle of the fence. Either go with the Mormons and Catholics or move ahead. Bad move.

  16. Caliban says

    Have you ever asked yourself that question? Maybe it’s better NOT to know what every wet-brained Right Wing tvrd has to say about gay people! Does knowing it actually inform you or does it make your daily life less comfortable?

    Gay people have reasonable concerns about our safety and political status. But what does Bryan Fischer’s latest bout of verbal flatulence have to do with it?! Why do I keep having my nose rubbed in his every dump, asked to appreciate his every rhetorical f@rt?

    John Boehner’s statements? Newsworthy. Bryan Fischer’s statements? My CAT has covered more “newsworthy” things in his litter box!

  17. JONES says

    You could say the same about most of the hate group spokespersons. While most people on the street wouldn’t recognize the names of Gallagher, Perkins, Ralph Reed and their ilk they would however recognize their hate memes. Their screeds are spread throughout the underbelly of religious associations and show up where ever anti-gay animus has a foothold.

    Better to know the enemy and battle them head on. With discussion boards like this the gaps in their arguments and their repugnance soon gets revealed.

  18. says

    It’s a great idea to form an organization exclusively for homo-haters and bigots.

    But hasn’t the Catholic Church already done that ?
    Ah yes, Brian Fissure, by their fruits ye shall know them.
    Homo-haters for homo-haters…….it has a ring.
    Every time I see something by this Fissure/Frothy mix it always gets back to anal. There are real psychological issues with these two.

  19. says

    Yes littlekiwi, I am stunned because what doesn’t get reported by the media is the march for Pride in Salt Lake City organized by Mormons who are supportive of marriage equality and even carried signs saying “WE support the rights of marriage equality in the gay community, sorry we are late!” I support GOProud because they are gay members of the conservative party who are welcome as Republicans and Libertarians! Read my post in my news magazine “Being gay is not a crime” and “Why gay marriage is worth the fight to get it right!” and you will understand what I’ve been saying for years, The GOP of old, is old, stale, moldy and covered with moss! I just wish i had the platform Senator Rand Paul did when he also included at CPAC “We must expand opportunities both economically and personally for everyone.” and he was right! You see, the Democrat party left me a long time ago and I will never be going back! NEVER! I will fight it out like Andrew Breitbart did to get the gay conservative community involved and invited into CPAC! Bet on it!

  20. says

    No, JONES! I’ve been fighting against it for years! I’ve had some on the right hate me so much they tried to get my twitter account, @mrbenz7 suspended from twitter which is why I wrote “Being gay is not a crime!” in the Buell Review. I started my news magazine for different reasons, but I included a section for the LGBT community in the menu at my home page because I’m trying to end the hate which is NOT a family value! If anyone thinks they will make me as a Libertarian Republican back down or go away, they have another thing coming. I oppose bigots from any angle they come from and i’m not comfortable when honorable soldiers like Lt. Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer who happened to be a lesbian get caught up in a dishonorable discharge for being a lesbian and I supported her fighting it out in court which she won. She deserved to win! Perry Watkins was another young black soldier who was drafted into the military as a teenager and ADMITTED on his entry form he was a homosexual by checking the “Homosexual tendencies” box on the form! They tried the same crap with him! It was the only times I saw and applauded an entire staff os a military base walk off the base in front of Television Cameras willing to risk a court martial in protest. Good for them! You cannot expect those who were willing to fight and die for our freedoms to come back home and settle for those very freedoms not applying to them. I’m not stunned at the hate, I’m stunned at the levels of shear ignorance, cynicism, hate, division and derision.

  21. dattexas says



  22. shanestud says

    What hogwash!! Scouts Canada has had an inclusive policy welcoming gay scouts and leaders for many, many years and they are still thriving.

  23. JONES says

    @D Buell
    Briebart & Rand Paul. Citing those two as your political exemplars lost you any possible credibility for a voice of political reason. You’re GOProud material.

    Mountaintop mining supporter Rand Paul is bought and sold corporatist.
    ‘Whats another mountaintop?’ Tax holiday for major corporations to repatriate 15 trillion without tax.

    Briebart left no lie untold or video unedited in his efforts to demonize Obama. O’Keefe, remember that lying Briebart toadie?

    Who are you going to proselytize next Diaz? Lindsay Graham? McConnell? Rubio? Boehner? Little Quayle?
    The GOP abandoned the ideals of Lincoln in the 30’s and is gagging to death on it’s own bile.

  24. JONES says

    ‘I’m stunned at the levels of shear ignorance, cynicism, hate, division and derision. ‘

    You want to change the GOP from within … have at it. I wish you luck.

  25. Caliban says

    Maybe you’re right, JONES, but sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I feel like I’m being “informed” by gay blogs. Sometimes I feel like my head is being pushed into a sewer. “No, CLOSER!! You have to SMELL it to get the full effect!”

    Pretty sure nobody I know has any idea who Brian Brown OR Bryan Fischer are. They really aren’t important, we just think they are because we see their names all the time on gay news blogs, so all this “Bryan Brown Says….” reporting is much bigger than his actual influence.

  26. Caliban says

    Honestly. Go to people you know and say, “Have your heard the latest from NOM?”

    Even your gay friends are going to ask WTF you’re talking about and for those Brian Brown does ring a bell, over half of them will think it has something to do with a “Nom nom nom” caption of a cat picture!

    Brian Brown isn’t even a footnote. He’s a historical skidmark! “Snooki” will occupy a larger place in history than he does!

  27. RMc says

    The Nazi Bryan Fischer is the boy sodomizer. He is obsessed with it. He is a pedophile. FACT.

  28. JONES says

    Fischer is a primary mover in talk radio for the religious right wing. Not as huge as Limbaugh but growing. Go to Right Wing Watch and look him up. His screeds are regular talking points to his faithful followers. They enter the lexicon of anti-gay animus at levels from legislatures to the pulpits.

    I get where you’re coming from but still I wouldn’t care even if his was a one time only screed and it was posted here … I’d still want to know.

    The politics of being gay today is time consuming, frustrating, gut wrenching and lately occasionally fruitful. When you’re targeted as the enemy you have to face up to it and fight back. At least that’s how I see it. If my fighting back lends support to others or gives someone hope or makes life easier for the next generation then I’ll say it was well worth it.

  29. JONES says

    When Andy does the surveys I always recommend tabbed browsing for Towleroad. I get that the politics is alarming or boring to some and a lot of site visitors would rather skip it but it is necessary.

    No luck yet on site revamping, either browsing in categories or comments, but it’ll happen.

  30. JONES says

    We are being informed on gay issues by gay blogs. You won’t see them in any other media medium so well documented as you’ll find on a gay blog.

    How would you know that a preacher in Alabama called for beating the gay out of your children? You think NBC or Fox would report it? Or about a high school valedictorian coming out to his classmates to a standing ovation? Murdoch will be turning in his grave before that happens.

    Blogs like Towleroad are our only guaranteed medium to find and share these stories. they obviously shouldn’t be your only source of news but for info relating to gay issues they’re pretty primary.

  31. Dixon says

    I do think that this is ultimately the beginning of the end for the Boy Scouts. They were forced to compromise its longstanding morals, values and traditions by allowing these changes to be made, basically everything they stand for. Their identify has been compromised.

  32. greenfuzz says

    I hate to tell all these bigoted asswipes but there were always gay kids in the boy scouts. Now maybe they wont be afraid to be their own actulized selves.

  33. JONES says

    ‘The beginning of the end’ how many times have you heard this road to perdition forecast? Doom and fear.

    How were they ‘forced’?
    Their own member groups and delegates voted overwhelmingly to allow gay scouts.
    Who exactly did the forcing?
    Are you suggesting that the 5-10% of the country that is LGBT could somehow wield that much power on an organization that has been dominated by the Mormon & Catholic Churches for 50 years?
    The change was brought about because people with moral standards and a backbone took a look at this institutionalized bigotry against kids and said ‘no’.

  34. woodroad34d says

    Brian Fischer continually sodomizes the intelligence of all Americans. Why isn’t he arrested for this rape?

  35. daws says

    I look at these old, crusty bigots and can’t wait until I read the headline that they’ve died.

  36. Dixon says

    How WEREN’T they forced? Don’t pretend that this was just some internal request to loosen up the rules by local chapters. The gay community as a whole had been grumbling and complaining about the BSA membership policies for over a decade (while never letting anyone forget that the “evil” Mormon and Catholic churches were their biggest supporters) and when they couldn’t get the courts to intervene instead started compiling lists of BSA sponsors and pressured them (i.e. threatened to boycott) to NOT donate anymore until they allowed gays in. Celebrity were recruited to pay lip service…musical artists were pressured to pull out of paying gigs…hell even Obama was coerced to get in on this mess. Meanwhile hordes of woe-is-mine videos from poor “victimized” gay scouts were broadcast all over YouTube to try and manipulate the public opinion. Etc., Etc.

    Don’t act like this is all about letting little Johnny Gay Kid get his merit badges…this was another case of gays whining because they wanted their luxury vehicle and turning it into a political debate.

    Military, marriage, sports, scouts…you can’t convince me that religion isn’t next. Basically any time honored and socially revered institution, gays want to hone in on for gluttony.

  37. Harvey says

    This site attracts the same circle, making the same comments. Some wish death upon their enemies, and others are obsessed with shi- and sodomy. These bitches have a lot of time on their hands, and are always in attack mode. What they have to do with gay life is beyond me. They really have more to do with no life.

  38. Bill Michael says

    So turning their backs on boys who are already highly motivated to learn and pursue good things makes it crystal clear that, for some people, working with the Boy Scouts is more about indoctrination into a mindset of bigotry than about helping boys mature and develop into the young men who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

  39. desmond says

    If he’s upset about the gays getting in to BSA, he’ll be really upset when the atheists get in.

    The Republican Apologist is just someone who hates liberal Democrats so much that he bends over backwards to justify his stance, but actually he’s bending over frontwards and grabbing his ankles.

  40. billmiller says

    How is it that some of the commenters here still seem to think that we gay folk got our ‘gay’ from collecting box tops or using a comic book coupon??!! I was a gay scout before gay was a name or description for me! I was in the cubs and boy scouts back in the 60’s and 70’s I was attracted to men then, and I still am. I never had or caused any problems. Are you fearful commenters all morons??

  41. Richard says

    My have to stop obsessing about these trolls. Our attention gives them energy and life. Gay media, more positive stories, please. We can fight our battles without exaggerating the importance of our enemies and repeating every slur they hurl at us.

  42. JONES says

    Feeling the foundations of your privileged world starting to crumble?
    That’s because your world of privilege is built on bigotry.

    You think marriage, or sports, or the military, or the Scouts are isolated from each other? That’s shows your ignorance in understanding what this fight is about. This fight is for equality under civil law for all LGBT citizens. In any and all walks of civil society where LGBT civil rights are denied.

    A decade of struggle so ‘Johnny gay kid can get his badges’. Something you can trivialize from your privileged perch.
    Know this, it’s a fight that we’ll take on every time.

  43. anon says

    BF and his BFF’s never put their money where their mouths are. If they don’t like the BSA anymore, they should fund their own organization. However, no, they want others to do all the work for them.

  44. Bill says

    @rroberts (item 2): Also, when a Bible thumper starts thumping, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find if you check his source. In the passage in
    question, the following text said that if your
    “brother or sister” (in one translation) sinned against you 7 times in a single day and repented, you should forgive that person 7 times. A footnote indicated that “brother or sister” was the translation of a word that referred to fellow disciples. The passage was clearly directed at people who would have some sort of religious authority.

    The truth in the millstone quote probably has more to do with the Catholic priest sex-abuse scandals than with two horny boys “experimenting”, to use the popular euphemism. After the judge read them their sentences, I image some priests would have opted for the millstone if they had it to do over again.

  45. EJC says

    Well it was so nice of Jesus to deliver his personal messaged to the B C of A, all that wonderful time just to pass the word along! Next we need to hear from Moses and all the “other” big thinkers of the past.

    God protect us from idiots like this, and that is the last word . . .Amen !

  46. Jerry6 says

    What has been obvious from most of the comments opposed to Gays in the Scouts is that the writers were obviously not Scouts themselves, or were Scouts only during the recent period when Church groups like the Moron Church took them over. From its founding, the Boy Scouts of America always had Gay Scouts and Gay Scoutmasters. When I was a Scout in the 1930-1940 period our Scout Master was a known Homosexual (I never heard the word “GAY” until years later), and I was in the “Queer” Patrol. There were six of us. The three other Patrols were the made up of the “Straits” (“Normals” in those days).

    At 86, I have a little more knowledge of what Scouting was before the Bigots took them over. Are there other commenters in my age bracket that tell these Bigots what Scouting was before the Moron Church, etc took them over? If so, let us hear from you.

  47. mmike1969 says

    Notice how “boy” and “Sodomizers” sounded out of his mouth easily… I think he’s trying to tell us something.

  48. andrew says

    I totally agree with Caliban’s comments about Bryan Fischer. It seems to me that Towleroad has a tendency to concentrate on the negative news too much. Yes we should know our enemies. However, excessive reporting about often inconsequential enemies is depressing. Mix it up. Celebrate the positive more. Go out of your way to find happy and positive things that are happening in the LGBT and LGBT friendly world.

  49. Homer says

    “Boy Sodomizers of America” – I thought that label was already taken by the catholic church?

  50. Jerry6 says

    I have not seen any comments by any of the TV pundits that is OLD ENOUGH to know that the Scouts have had Gay Members and Gay Leaders since its founding until the MORON CHURCH and other Christan BIGOTS took them over a few years ago. Why did they take them over? Simple! Religions are losing dues paying members because of their bigotry and hate. So, taking over the Scouts gives them control of thousands of children’s minds in the hope that they can con them into believing their nonsense about a nonexistent GOD and put money into collection plates so the leaders do not have to go out and get real; Productive; Jobs like the rest of us.

  51. robertL says

    Good – the religious right is turning on themselves.
    At all times these religious bigots have to have a “point man” – somebody to blame. After the furor of gay marriage dies down they will go after left handed people – after all that worked wonders in medieval times.