Bigoted Family Wants the Boy Scouts to Remain Anti-Gay: VIDEO


Keith and Katherine Goode have been "blessed" with a "quiver full" of 10 children.

Five of their seven boys are in Boy Scouts. The rest of them, while not in the Scouts, have been dragged into a heinous video for the Family Research Council demanding the Boy Scouts uphold its pledge to be "morally straight" by not allowing gay scouts and leaders.

Says Keith: "It's not fair. If we have one openly homosexual boy, where do we tent him? Who has to sleep in his tent? How do we handle his needs? Suddenly it's becoming unfair to all the other boys to have to change.

Says Katherine: "I'm not going to put my boys in that situation to have to deal with those decisions."


And, supposing studies that suggest famlies with a large number of brothers and sisters make it more likely that one of the younger brothers is gay are correct, what are the odds that at least one of those kids in Goode's "quiver" is gay? Probably pretty good.