1. gregorybrown says

    Now this is more like it: a Xtian hair woman following the lead of her husband. I won’t presume to know anything about the kids, but that portrait is eerily like something from 1935 Germany, The Hitler Youth uniforms were classier.

  2. BearlyBob says

    Such sturm and drang. If it weren’t for Boy Scouts and camp outs and tents, I never would have learned about puberty, masturbation and the differences in penis size. Not from the male leaders but from the other boys. We were a horny bunch and I’m sure nothing has changed!

  3. says

    oh for the love of GOD, you have TEN children and think none are gonna be gay? the law of numbers won’t apply to your family?

    talk about playing russian roulette with your own children’s lives, eh?

    this family is in for a world of terrible awful grief….

  4. John in Houston says

    The odds are good that at least one of their seven boys won’t turn out to be Kinsey zeroes. And is it just me, or does the second boy from the right bear a resemblance to Paul Ryan?

  5. anonymous says

    “How do we handle his needs? Suddenly it’s becoming unfair to all the other boys to have to change.”

    What the hell are they talking about? What “needs” does a gay boy in scouts have that are different than the needs of a straight boy? What changes do the straight boys have to make because another boy is gay?

  6. Kevin says

    The sad thing is one of their children is most likely gay and is most likely keeping it a secret for fear he/she will be disowned or forced into therapy.

  7. Joe Blow says

    Why are these people being called bigoted? They have an outlook and opinion that I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t make them evil, just different. Moreover why is there a push to CHANGE the Boy Scouts position on gay members? Why not just start another youth organization which has a philosophical position that is supportive of gay rights??
    This is the real model of religious freedom in the U.S. (remember there’s no such thing separation of church and state in the Constitution). The founders of the Mormon church didn’t agree with the theology of any then-existing churches so they started their own religion. I happen to think Mormons are nuts, but that doesn’t make them bad people.
    So if you don’t like the Boy Scouts position on gay rights, start your own group.

  8. Lars says

    Heart breaks for those kids, but especially for whichever one turns out to be gay. They are brainwashed, of course, and it will be a painful and difficult process to break free. Whether gay or straight.

  9. Gry says

    1 in 10. Those are the odds.

    Apparently, the poor kid has to be quarantined like he’s a leper.

    You can also tell someone’s a die-hard fundy because he or she will use weird medieval colloquialisms and terminologies relating to weaponry.

    They don’t just have sons — they have a “quiver full” of little warrior-boys.

  10. Neil says

    These “Christians” seem to have not processed the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:40: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

    So, they should really be more concerned with that one gay kid than the rest of the troop.

  11. JONES says

    @Joe Blow
    Insert the word Jew, black, Asian, instead of ‘gay’ in their diatribe and then tell me why they aren’t bigots.

    And the reason for pushing the Boy Scouts to change, it’s not about philosophical differences. This is a quasi-public institution that gets tax payer money to fund their bigotry and hatred.

    Do you think separation of church and state is reason enough to not speak up to discredit this kind of hate? Tell that to the thousands of LGBT youth who are homeless or have ended their lives because of their families vitriol. Private hate is still hate.

  12. JONES says

    ‘We’re Christians and our religion is being attacked.’

    That translates into we’re using our ‘freedom of religion’ card to complain about being called out in public over our hatred.

    Your religion is no longer in a vacuum and when you do harm to helpless gay kids you damn well are going to be called out on it.

  13. MikeBoston says

    @ Joe Blow – You are correct that the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ or similar does not appear in the constitution. It is, however, a basic tenet of American beliefs, cited by Jefferson as the rationale behind the Establishment Clause, and is quoted by the Supreme Court in more than 1,200 decisions. I feel it is a de facto fact of law in these United States.

    The Supreme Court has agreed with the BSA that they are a private organization and can set their own policies so we shouldn’t even be asking the BSA to change their discriminatory practices.

    The issue becomes contentious when the BSA receives any public financing in any form. Virtually every local group receives public financing in the form of subsidized meeting space, tax breaks, and sometimes direct aid. Many localities have policies that forbid the discrimination outlined in the BSA policy and, therefore, should stop providing subsidies to the organization.

    Many corporations have non-discrimination policies that should prevent donations to the BSA.

    I feel it is our job (and right) to make governmental entities and corporations aware of the discrimination – which has only become well known in the last few years. And then we must hold them accountable for their funding decisions when it comes to any group that discriminates.

    It won’t take long for the BSA to realize they can’t replace the funding and they will either adapt or fade away (to be replaced by a more inclusive organization).

  14. Bryan says

    Well, the Goode family ain’t so damn good, as far as I’m concerned. The parents are just plain evil. And I’m pretty sure that at least one of their 10 children is gay, so if that child comes out, where will the Goodes “tent” him or her…the back yard?

    I’m sick and tired of this bigoted crap.

  15. steve says

    first of all, his use of the word “schizophrenic” is incorrect – he’s confusing that with multiple-personality disorder. Second, the fact that they have ten children reinforces that idea that I have that so much of the anti-gay rights people are obsessed with BREEDING. And, so much of it is about reproduction and breeding – and so many religions are obsessed with sex and they almost all universally have rules and laws about sex. In that respect, I think religions are involved with competitive breeding – they want to outcompete other relgions for members by ‘outbreeding’ them.

  16. steve says

    I also meant to say that…they’re obsession with breeding is why they don’t like gay people…because we can’t breed naturally with each other…that’s really what it’s about ultimately I think.

  17. Will says

    Why do nut jobs always have so many kids? Also, I don’t think the word ‘straight’ in the Boy Scouts code or what ever it is has anything to do with someone’s sexual orientation…why do these idiots always bring that up?

  18. Caliban says

    Because, Joe Blow, you twit, there ALREADY ARE gays in the Boy Scouts! Like every other kid who joins the organization they probably started as Cub Scouts in the 2nd or 3rd grade, when nobody (or very few) has an inkling of their eventual sexual orientation. In scientific circles it is widely accepted that sexuality is inborn, thus it’s unfair to kick gay youth out of the Scouts when the haven’t done anything wrong.

    And the claim that the BSA is a “religious organization” is rather ridiculous given the WIDE variety of religions and denominations that make up their membership. The two religions most involved in the BSA are Mormons and Catholics. What do those 2 religions have in common? Next to nothing. Are ALL Scouts supposed to believe that Jesus lived in the US and you get to rule your own planet when you die, as the Mormons do? Are they supposed to venerate the Saints and believe the Pope is infallible as Catholics do? No on both counts. And about the Goodes and their evangelical Christianity, plus their “Quiverful” beliefs which holds that wives should OBEY their husbands and pump out babies to be warriors in the “culture war”? How about we put THAT little bit of religious dogma to a vote and see how it fares?

    The BSA as an organization does NOT have a cohesive religious POV. It also includes other denominations which now allow gay clergy, so why is it the fanatics who exclusively get to define the rules? The BSA didn’t really define themselves as a religious organization until they got in front of the Supreme Court a few decades ago, as their reasoning for why they could exclude gays, and it was just an convenient excuse.

    Personally I’d prefer that another organization grow to take the BSA’s place but the fact of the matter is that for now the Scouts are the only game in town for much of the country. As such they need to bend to current cultural mores and stop bowing down to the fundamentalist schmucks of every half-baked religion that happens to be part of it.

  19. jeff says

    They have pounded homophobia into them so much that it’s done more damage than camp with a gay person could ever do. Their kids would probably cause more problems for the camp than a gay person. If they do have a gay child in that ‘quiver’, he probably would live in shame and mental anguish before he could come out to them.

  20. TheDrDonna says

    It’s interesting, that same language about “making everyone else adapt so that the (insert LGBT person here) can be included” is the same kind of rationale behind keeping trans folks out of bathrooms. I guess it’s a basic belief among these people that they should never experience a moment’s disquiet or discomfort even if doing so will substantially improve someone else’s life.

  21. robert says

    so what will they do when they enter the real world…you know the one with gay people in it. since the FRC and BSA have joined forces I consider them just another bigoted organization. It won’t be long before they trade in those cute little uniforms form some white sheets and swastikas.

  22. Mayor McCheese says

    This is quite simple to me. Change the timeline going back 50 years, and they might be saying blacks. Fast forward 20 years and they could be saying Mexicans or any illegal alien they don’t like. Fast forward 20 more years and they can say Muslims or Islamists. What they get angry about is being uncomfortable with anyone who isn’t exactly like them. White, christian and middle class. And when I was in scouts, I knew I was gay, and I didn’t need a different tent. I was a kid, and i didn’t make sexual advances on anyone at the ripe age of 7. The tent metaphor is wonderful…they only want straight white Christians in their tent, why can’t the world understand that? Why can’t we all just understand that all they want to do is wrap themselves in the cloak of religion, but in all reality, they don’t want us to mistake that for the real intolerance we all can see from outside that very ugly tent.

  23. Henry Holland says

    I knew I was a guy-lovin’ guy when I was 6. I was in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts because my parents thought I should get some fresh air and do some physical activities instead of staying in my room reading, drawing and listening to music. Wrong!

    I went on a few camping trips and I hated the experience except for, of course, all the sex I had in my tent after lights out. Hell, if you listened closely, you could hear giggling and moaning coming from other tents.

    “Too late, lady. Your kid, third from the right. I’d be willing to bet on it”

    Hahaha, Vegas should do the odds on that.

  24. john patrick says

    I noticed they used that NOM doctored scene from a state legislature that has the boy scout logo instead of the state motto on the wall.

  25. m says

    I joined cub scouts at 8. I wanted to be like the other boys. Only I wasn’t and surprise I had my first gay crush soon after joining. I stayed a few years but I sucked at sports and didn’t have that much in common and dropped out. At 13 I got into a theater group and loved it.

    Scouting should be more about finding your interests and following them. Why does it matter if a kid is gay or straight. The group isn’t promoting sex of any kind. The ranting adults like the freak couple in the video should just shut up already. Its about the kids. Its not about them. Will someone please tell them.

  26. Adam says

    I’m so sick of these homophobic women that keep popping up. Katherine is a ghastly baby-dispenser.

    If she lacked ovaries, the world would have less of her ugly genes in it.

  27. JT says

    I wonder if their kids are going to look back at this and be embarrassed at their parents’ actions or if they’ll just subscribe to the same beliefs. I remember growing up, I was swimming at a community pool and my grandmother, who had dementia, was noticeably agitated and finally told my mom: “I didn’t raise you to go swimming with negroes”.

    I was 8 at the time, and loved my grandmother, but she was a bigot; she’s since passed. It was one of those life defining moments where I had to decide what was right and what was wrong and deciding what I thought was right meant seeing someone I loved in a new negative light. I wonder if these children will have a similar experience.

  28. JONES says

    For their sake I hope so.

    How utterly reprehensible would it be having to live in that family if you were a young gay boy. Loving a Mom or Dad that thought of you as defective, broken, or diseased.
    Wonder if this ‘loving’ Mom or Dad ever stopped to consider how their voices could negatively impact other young gay boys.
    And people still ask why do we make this fight.

  29. m says


    how do you “force homosexuality” on anyone? we do know that forcing heterosexuality on anyone doesn’t work. you are what you are. does anyone have control of that?

  30. Krajci says

    In this scenario, it is trying to force homosexuality on this family when people make arbitrary claims that one of their sons is gay — based on some subjective and very faulty statistic. Every one of their kids could be straight.

  31. Tony says

    I agree that the 3rd from the right does have that “dear caught in the headlights” nervous smile that I’ve seen on MANY gay kids have in my time. In 5 years I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s another Matt Salmon Jr. I hope these people know what they’re doing.

  32. NE1 says

    I shudder to say this, and I saw this video before and didn’t say anything, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video that could more directly cause a gay youth to commit suicide. “We don’t even want to put you in a tent gay teens”. Terrible. These are children this man is talking about.

  33. Pauly says

    Steve, I think you hit the nail on the head.

    I have always assumed that the churches objections with gay sex, birth control,and abortion stem from the idea that they all interfere with procreation. The church has a vested interest in the future offspring of its flock to both increase the churches numbers and, most importantly, more tithes/donations from the potential offspring.$$=power.

  34. Bill says

    @MikeBoston: Regarding “The Supreme Court has agreed with the BSA that they are a private organization and can set their own policies so we shouldn’t even be asking the BSA to change their discriminatory practices,” …..

    We can ask. What the Supreme Court ruled is that we can’t legally order the BSA to do what we ask. The Supreme Court did not rule against merely criticizing the BSA either.

  35. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Isn’t scouting about giving kids the skills to cope and be successful in an adult life? What about preparing them to live in this world with the different kinds of people who will be sharing it with them? Gay people exist, are becoming more visible and are not going anywhere. These kids will eventually live and work among gay people, and their parents are just preparing them to malfunction when ultimately faced with it.

  36. Vint says

    Two points:
    1) The video contains the doctored photo which purports that it was taken at a BSA policy meeting (but wasn’t)
    2) The father wonders aloud why anyone would make his sexuality the basis of his identity, but fails to add, “…by reproducing like a rabbit.”

  37. jamal49 says

    You know, sometimes the ignorance and bigotry of people like these reactionary “christians” is too much to bear. The “Quiverfull” movement has been gaining adherents in the past decade. It is another example of christian reaction and christian Dominionism that continues to corrupt American society.

  38. says

    I am one out of 10 kids (7 boys). I’m number 8 out of the 10 and I’m gay. I also have another brother on the younger side who is gay.

    Certainly at least one of those kids is going to end up being gay. And the things these parents are saying right now is doing permanent emotional damage to him.. shame on them.

  39. says

    I am one out of 10 kids (7 boys). I’m number 8 out of the 10 and I’m gay. I also have another brother on the younger side who is gay.

    Certainly at least one of those kids is going to end up being gay. And the things these parents are saying right now is doing permanent emotional damage to him.. shame on them.

  40. johnny says

    Two things…

    One: Yes, statistically speaking, one of those boys will definitely be gay. He may not self-identify as such, but we all know what kind of toe-tapping that leads to.

    Two: The “quiver” movement is a xenophobic, male-run movement to enlarge their religious org’s numbers to the point where they can out-vote, out-legislate, out-whatever the rest of us. But the sad part is that most of them cannot really afford to breed like rabbits. For every child born, it actually takes away from the others which already exist. While it would make more sense to have 4 kids who are financially, mentally and spiritually stable, they’d rather have 10 and make sure a few of them don’t get their needs met. The homophobia stuff is just a typical by-product of hateful breeders.

    Thankfully, not all heteros are like this and we STILL have numbers on our side.

    Seeing this reminds me of a Kliban cartoon that shows a totally nerded-up kid in a scouting uniform and the cutline is “Another teen for Jesus.”

  41. steven says

    to think that one of their kids wouldnt be gay would be denial. let’s hope when that happens that they deal with it correctly. you know what they say, the ones that brag or complain loudest about gay folks are the queer ones. its true, as you can tell by the many preachers and congressmen that were busted with hookers or in bathrooms

  42. Randy* says

    I remember that some of those arguments were applied to women in the military and to blacks (during the times of segregation) in whatever situation whites wanted to retain exclusivity.

    The Boy Scouts is not about sexuality in the first place, but that is what all this boils down to. And as in most of society, people are assumed straight until proven guilty (gay).

    This man’s argument has reduced the Boy Scout’s policy to one of sexuality as well. It perpetuates the myth that gay people are pedophiles and sexual predators with no self-control, that we have only one agenda, to convert the rest of the world to our orientation (which we all know is true, but the rest of the world isn’t supposed to know that). Sarcasm Sign Held Up Here.

    He referred several times to the part of the oath that said “morally straight;” and I had the feeling that he was trying to imply that only straight people can be moral, as if gays are morally corrupt by nature and therefore unable to meet the challenges of the oath by default.

    Sometimes the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

  43. Bob says

    I love the way the father opens his remarks talking about having 10 children, but then dismisses someone defining themselves by their sexuality. Obviously thought processes are turned off.

  44. Bob says

    I love the way the father opens his remarks talking about having 10 children, but then dismisses someone defining themselves by their sexuality. Obviously thought processes are turned off.

  45. DC Arnold says

    Hell in a handbasket comes to mind and 2 of the 5 I glanced at are future homosexuals who will be burden on our community because of what these dim bulbs drilled into them.

  46. Jerry6 says

    It appears that many of the comments are by people who have never been Boy Scouts, or only became familiar with them after the Moron Church started to take them over in the past few years. For OVER 100 YEARS the Boy Scouts had Gay Scoutmasters, GAY Scout Patrol Leaders, Gay Scouts, and Gay Eagle Scouts. I know because I was a Gay Scout in the 1930’s and our Scout Master was a known Homosexual. And, I was the Troop Treasurer for my two Boy Scout sons’ Troop in the 1960’s. (One of the Sons was Gay.)

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