Gang of Teens Attacks Gay Man in NYC’s Prospect Park in Homophobic Hate Crime

A gang of at least four teens age 13-18 who may have been drinking attacked Kevin Kiadii, a 25-year-old gay freelance make-up artist, in Brooklyn's Prospect Park on Wednesday night and were arrested at the scene, CBS2 reports.

KiadiiThe trouble began when Kiadii encountered the teens, he says:

As a gesture of kindness, Kiadii said he offered one of them a bottle of soda.

“The shortest one out of them, he was a hot head, he jumped in my face and started saying anti-gay slurs,” Kiadii said.

He said that one took on a fighting stance, and Kiadii told them they should back away.

“When I said that, the one that was really intoxicated jumped into my face and said ‘I’m going to [expletive] you up’ and do this and ‘you F and [expletive],’ and I went into my bag, and pulled out my bottle of perfume, to imitate pepper spray,” Kiadii said.

Kiadii said he received mainly bruises and cuts:

“One of the dudes tried to kick me in the face, but just missed and he got me in my shoulder,” Kiadii said.

The victim said he was able to quickly dial 911 on his phone and hand it to a bystander, but police who were nearby were already responding, taking four into custody.

Kiadii is the 10th victim of an anti-gay hate crime in NYC this month.


  1. HKfCA says

    “As a gesture of kindness, Kiadii said he offered one of them a bottle of soda.” What a creep.

    ” “and I went into my bag, and pulled out my bottle of perfume, to imitate pepper spray,” ”
    If this creep was going to carry a purse, he might as well have carried an actual can of pepper spray, but instead he carries a perfume bottle. Cry me a river.

    Also is this the same guy suing “Elmo” for sexual abuse?

  2. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    God, what a snarling bunch of troll queens. One is scoffing at liberals, as if he hasn’t benefited from their work on his behalf. So STFU. The others – check yourselves. I’m just grateful he’s ok and the cops were there. What a rotten group of people you sound like.

  3. cdubois says

    “Reach in your purse, take out Channel, in reality it’s mace… She’s Tyler Moore, she’s Mary…” I guess those lyrics were based on reality. Thanks Franklin Fuentes : )

  4. Miguel A. Mendoza says

    Ages 13-18? But…but…but…I thought young people that age were supposedly gay accepting.

    As negative as this will sound, I am always glad to hear about instances of homophobia perpetrated by young people, because it contradicts them notion that so-called “millennials” are uber gay friendly — which is an idea that too many in the gay community have very callously thrown about, thinking that utopia is upon us. I am around college aged kids every day and they are the same today as they were when I was 18…still calling people f@gs, snickering about people being gay, using “gay” as an insult, avoiding association with those who are, and sometimes violating reacting.

    Television, mass media and so-called “polling data” has snowed people into thinking other wise, in a blatant attempt to manipulate a change in tide. I know better.

  5. David says

    These gay bashing incidents are very disturbing. But what’s even more disturbing to me are some of the comments above and others I’ve been seeing for quite a while here on this site.

    The other day, Andy had to disable comments because of people spewing vitriol and I noticed today that Andy himself posted comments to clarify something about a post mainly because of the inane and uneducated opinions that were starting to populate that section.

    I’ve been an avid reader of Towleroad since its inception and I think Andy and his staff do a great job of covering diverse subjects of interest to the gay community. Guess what? Some posts are not going to be of interest to everybody. Here’s a novel idea: skip that story or don’t read it and move on to the next story. Or how about this? Write an intelligent, critical response about the post without resorting to racism or your own internalized homophobia. I love how people have a compelling urge to tell Towleroad how to be Towleroad. Sometimes Andy’s posts have nothing to do with being gay. Some posts include straight people and various celebs who may or may not be of interest to you. Shocker! By the way, I don’t work for Towleroad. Just thought I’d clear that up.

    I hesitated to even comment because I know that in many instances trolls post hateful comments to agitate and hope for a response, thus drawing attention to themselves. Kind of like Ann Coulter. What a sad, sad existence.

  6. HKfCA says

    @ David

    ” Here’s a novel idea: skip that story or don’t read it and move on to the next story. Or how about this? Write an intelligent, critical response about the post without resorting to racism or your own internalized homophobia.”

    ” I love how people have a compelling urge to tell Towleroad how to be Towleroad.”

  7. VT says

    Pity you can’t control the world David. The beauty of this site is the diversity of thought. Good or bad. If you want everyone to agree respond to yourself. And stop throwing Andy’s name around l like you’re old Army buddies. I’m sorry gay life isn’t the oil painting you have painted. That one dried long ago. No one elected you spokesperson of anything.

  8. gwynethcornrow says

    Frankly, Andy, I don’t see the point of opening comments on many of your posts. It really just invites trolling. What dignified comment could anyone offer on a story like this other than, “I hope the person who suffered is recovering” or “I hope justice is served.” You might like to check out the Guardian and other reliable European news outlets. They disable comments on many of their news stories, but open moderated comments. The posters are generally much more thoughtful than some of the posters that have taken to posting racist and self-loathing comments on your blog. Of course, if your aim is to have the blog equivalent of a tabloid talk show, by all means keep the posts open. Reading the trolls is about as entertaining as watching Jerry Springer.

  9. Quaseem Shabazz Farrakhan-WrigleyField says

    Aham Lambert of Emerican Edol fame, used to attacked his boifiend. Ghay on Ghay violence efexx us all! ARREST GHAYS ON HATE CRIMES! Don’t seen those hetors to jail! When dos kweers act af fools, and **** KANWAY WEST IN THE BEHIND! p i t t y the f o o ls as Meester Tea say!

  10. Tool says

    Some comments are extremely disturbing. I am a college student, and what Miguel A. Mendoza is totally a lie. We are more tolerant than those so called greater generations. What a stupid way to smear millennial.

  11. Tool says

    “Television, mass media and so-called “polling data” has snowed people into thinking other wise, in a blatant attempt to manipulate a change in tide”
    Where do you see the polling that shows older generations are more tolerant? None. Go back to closet,Miguel A. Mendoza.

  12. FakeOutrage says

    Is there actual video of him saying “I reached into my bag and took out my perfume?” If not, I think we need to give him the benefit of the doubt, because I highly doubt anyone with an ounce of self-reflection would fail to realize how ridiculous that would sound.
    And I agree with the posters who find it odd that a gay man is handing out soda (candy) to such young boys.

  13. Scott says

    I hate people blaming the victim. I don’t care if he took out his magic sparkly sequined fairy wand to change them into day-glo unicorns, he didn’t deserve this.

  14. David Hearne says

    “Here’s a novel idea:”


    Here’s a novel idea- be honest with yourself and figure out that the reality doesn’t match your philosophy and never has. We gave Flower Power a try. “Come on people now, smile at your brother…” well that’s not my brother out there, it’s an animal and it wants to rob and/or kill me.

  15. VT says

    And why must we become the “victims” of our own posts? Last I heard this was the United States, and we have Freedom of Speech. If you can’t handle comments, you’ll be needing a much a stronger spine to survive what could be ahead.

  16. Devon says

    It really does seem like LGBT organizations and leaders are doing NOTHING to keep LGBT safe in the city.
    And LGBT aren’t engaged at all either. It’s your safety. Your welfare. Demand justice and a city wide campaign taking place to focus on this issue!

  17. MooreOak says

    Don’t expect any commitment to address this by NYC elected officials as it relates to the gay community. And GLBT leaders sadly let them get away with not acknowledging our concerns, while the city makes millions off it’s GLBT residents.

  18. A.J says

    Gay queens like this give us all a bad name! Truly. His appearance is shameful and instead of us gays combating homophobia so much, how about we start calling out these sick overtly feminine gay clowns who make all gays look so bad.

  19. Salseedo says

    Maybe if he didn’t wear so much makeup he wouldn’t be a target to get attacked. Not trying to be mean, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for fem gays who often bring this upon themselves.

    It’s interesting none of the “str8 acting” gay men are bashed. I don’t think that’s by coincidence. Just sayin’

  20. Kyle says

    Has towleroad gotten more hateful in the comments section or is it just me? It seems like every thread is polluted by 70% trolls.

    Would Andy ever consider forcing folks to login in order to comment, like every other blog?

  21. USC Trojans Fan says

    This site gets linked to the NOM site and FRC site. So it gets exposed to many homophobes, who come here and troll. Andy could curb this by having either a membership or twitter facebook account to post commentary, but he seems to enjoy all the trolling in different posts.
    An overwhelming amount of trolling is coming from conservatives from NOM. Know that.

  22. Reggie says

    Thank you David for saying so precisely what I’ve been thinking about some of the posters on this site. I used to frequent this site many times a day. But over the years, some of the uber posters border on bullying. So, I just watch from the wings now.

    It amazes me how some seem to dislike Andy, and what is on his site. It’s as if they have to final approval of content. All they have to do is leave it if they are unhappy with content. Maybe they can start their own site, and all their followers can go with them. No one forces them to come back and make it nasty for us all. And I’m sure everyone knows the usual suspects.

    I consider myself a guest in Andy’s site. And as such, my mother used to say… You’re a guest in their house… don’t spit on the floor.

  23. BearDude says

    Gee, you walk out in public swishing, with full on eye makeup, and blush, and acting like a bad gay stereotype then you wonder why you get negative attention?
    This isn’t a story of a gay couple randomly getting bashed. It’s the story of some swishy gay looking for attention.
    Swishy gays make us all look bad.

  24. chris says

    What is wrong with you people? “Swishy gays make us all look bad.”??? Seriously? Do you even know who started the battle at Stonewall? It wasn’t a bunch of butch guys.
    “Gay queens like this give us all a bad name”??? What a sad world it would be if there were no queens in our community. I’ll take the queens over boring people like you any day. Assholes who just want to fit in give us all a worse name.

  25. Kev C says

    Registered usage always decreases the amount of input of comments and discussion, including legitimate comments, which lowers readership for the entire site, which is bad for advertisers and bad for the site. When will site owners learn this fact?

    But back on topic: A bottle of perfume is not an effective weapon. We need to get these gay men some guns so they can enjoy America’s freedom.

  26. Alex says

    Which area of the park did this take place? There will always be teenagers that are itching for a chance to show how tough they are, but its curious to see what triggered this.

    I’m sure alcohol may have played a part, but it usually takes a little more.

  27. Vera says

    I agree that the comments section on this site is among the worst in the gay blogosphere. It has been this way for a long time.

    If you make people register, many fewer people will participate. Queerty probably gets 5% of its prior comment volume and I assume that this has impacted overall traffic.

    I think the solution is a rating system like they have on some blogs. If a comment gets a certain number of negative votes, it is hidden and readers have to click on it to see it. This makes it easy to push the trolls into a dark corner where no one has to hear them while at the same time doesn’t hinder traffic.

  28. HKfCA says

    @ chris |

    Exactly! Its takes bigger balls to flaunt your flame then to try to hide and repress it. And then to insult feminine men on anonymous blog posts is just cowardly.

    @ close minded, conformist, like you give humanity a bad name. Its because of people like you, cowards, that people get bashed to begin with. Do you hate women too? Because any of them are alos prissy and girly.

    People can be as loud and proud as they want to, but they should also be prepared for the backlash. Instead of carrying perfume in you designer bag, how about a pepper spray, a taser gun, or, god forbid, a real gun. To kill another to defend your life is a natural right. Pity, gay men never seem to use it.

  29. GB says

    I agree. Let’s make membership on this site like a Republican Country Club. Then we can filter out undesirables, and share the same message. See what Andy thinks. Who ever Andy is. I’ve seen some pictures and I’d say he’s a “straight looking gay.” Mustn’t have things too gay on here We have that “good name” to defend. Right Chris? If that is your name…

  30. Francis #1 says

    Damn at some of these comments. USC Trojans is right, of course, that these commenters that are hateful buffoons are about 80% trolls. Then you have you several deranged, disaffected, self-loathing gays. Unfortunately the comments on the site have disintegrated into more trolling than real commentary.

    My heart goes out to Kevin, I’m happy he wasn’t too badly hurt. Hopefully his spirits aren’t too down. There’s no such thing as straight acting and most gay men can’t and won’t “act” stereotypically straight male. That’s just how it is. Gay men are gay. We’re not straight so to expect us to behave as if we were is ridiculous. And considering we are ALL gay, masculine, feminine and in-between, and one of our own has been bashed, in yet another hate attack, we need to do our part to rally together as a community instead of divide. We really only have each other.

  31. SpeedThriller says

    Heterosexuals would be more inclined to support us if the feminine gays would tone it down. When I came out, I still played sports, still went to the gym, still actively played football. Being fem is a choice. Being gay is not.

    I don’t think anyone should be beat for being effeminate but I agree with others who commented that it makes respectable normal gays look negative.

  32. Andypet says

    He has every right to dress and act in whatever manner he chooses. Physically attacking someone for their appearance can never be justified and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.
    I do feel, however, that we don’t have the full picture on this story. Offering one bottle of soda to four boys seems a very strange act for any adult to perform and leads me to think there must be more to this.



  34. ratbastard says

    And most teenage boys don’t take kindly to be sprayed with Chanel #5. If they were stoked before, they’re going to be really P.O.ed now.

  35. r says

    I guess swishy women make themselves targets as well. or do butch women? because there is a standard for how someone should behave in the “normal” world?

    he should be able to represent himself however he likes and the gay community should be willing to stand behind him masc, femmes and anyone in between.

    while some people may put on effeminacy for attention the same can be said of masculinity and people need to over emphasize the fact that they maintained their “manliness” through sports, going to the gym, making women cook for them, etc

    side note:
    where is lilkiwi!? maybe hes sick of these comments.

  36. Arkark says

    I’ve watched comments here on Towleroad go from a little trolling to, well, the sad state it is now. BearDude is yet another example of the human trash who feel the need to disparage effeminate men. I could care less if a guy wears makeup and swishes down the street. No that is not right, I welcome it. Have at it. It is almost funny to even hear comments about the way this guy looks. Lol why on earth would you trolls care? It says more about you really. It truly does.

    BearDude, you need to get help. You clearly still have issues about being gay and you need to get help. Seriously, you need to call someone. It is men like you who give the bear world a bad name. I’ve run into your type in the bear world and we masculine bears who support gay men of ALL types are more than happy to escort you out of our world until you grow up.

    Andy, you need to figure out a better commenting system. Until then, you just lost a reader.

  37. David Hearne says

    If you want to be in a politically correct echo chamber, then I encourage you to go visit Democratic Underground. Of course, they might ban you if you didn’t read the memo on the latest banned words or ideas, but you’ll enjoy it for a day or two while you imagine that you have truly found the enlightened and intelligent people.

  38. David says

    It looks like my comment struck a nerve with VT (vapid troll) and some others.

    Keep posting guys because you’re just strengthening my original argument. Thanks!

  39. Arrant says

    “Has towleroad gotten more hateful in the comments section or is it just me? It seems like every thread is polluted by 70% trolls.”

    I took a break from Towleroad for some weeks and recently returned, and yes, this is my impression too. It’s not limited to Towleroad however–the comments section of most unmoderated websites are the “there be monsters” area of the internet. I’m thinking of just reading the stories on the sites I frequent and passing on over the comments altogether. There are informed, intelligent, compassionate commenters here on Towleroad but they are so few and far between, and you have to absorb so much vitriol and unprocessed internalized homophobia from the trolls in order to find those needles in the hate-stack, that it’s just not worth it.

    And no, Andy is not going to start moderating comments. The longer people stay on his site the more profitable it is, and he is in a business to a profit. It’s that simple and it’s his site and his right. Look at this thread and count up the hours all these commenters spent reading and responding. Each one of us has to make the decision whether the time we spend reading/posting comments adds to our experience of the site, or detracts from it. For me, increasingly, it’s the latter.

  40. Palmer says

    It always amazes me when someone misuses the “Freedom of Speech” argument. They seem to think it means they can say anything they want, anywhere they want, anytime they want and not suffer any consequences.

    “Freedom of Speech” means the the GOVERNMENT (Federal, State and Local) can’t control what you say except in certain defined perimeters, such as yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre, or making death threats.

    BUT (and here’s where these people get tripped up) Andy is not the government! This is his site and if he wants to limit what can and can’t be said here, that’s HIS right! You don’t like it? Then start your own news site. He can leave it open for all to say whatever they want, or turn it into an echo chamber like Free Republic!

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