1. johnny says

    So, basically if you’re son or daughter is gay and you don’t like it, wait until their partner turns 18 and then have them arrested.

    Yup, that’ll teach ‘um.

  2. Edward says

    Until Florida and other states get a Romeo and Romeo or Juliet and Juliet exception on the books, LGBT outreach might do well to use this case as an educational tool. The law is here ( and there seems to be very little wiggle room in it.

    I wonder what evidence they have that the two girls actually engaged in sexual acts together. I’m guessing it’s just testimonial, so maybe if this turns into a “she said/they said” case Kaitlyn can still win.

  3. says

    If this law was enforced across the board, then a large segment of sexually active teenagers (which, let’s face it, is a majority of teenagers) would be arrested on their 18th birthday unless they were dating someone with the exact same birthdate as themselves.

  4. lumpmoose says

    brian: If Kaitlyn was a boy, he *never* would have been prosecuted, even if his girlfriend’s parents disapproved of the relationship and turned him in. There’s your “special treatment”.

    The justice system works for us and we retain rights as jurors to nullify. This BS case needs to be aired far and wide.

  5. Jack M says

    What is a fact of life in other countries is an obsession in the USA. People are way too fixated on sex and what other people are doing. Sure, she’s a minor, but kids sometimes fool around and nothing comes of it.

    Plus, shouldn’t we wonder about how much sex is protrayed in entertainment, the media, and everywhere else? And kids aren’t supposed to be influenced by that? We are a nation of hypocrites.

  6. ratbastard says


    The age of consent in the U.S. [determined state by state] is roughly the same as any other ‘advanced’ western nation. It’s 16 in most states, 17-18 in a small number. I know Arizona is 18. A small number of states [something like 6] also legally differentiate between heterosexual and homosexual, making the homosexual age of consent higher. General rule of thumb is 16-17 can legally consent to sex with a partner with no more than a 2 year age difference.

    I agree, she should not be prosecuted, especially with a felony charge. Very vindictive.

    And men 18 and over are frequently charged with statutory rape. If anything the laws favor females, not males.

  7. Joey says

    Seniors date freshman and sophmores all the time. Why don’t the police spend their time and resources chasing real criminals?

  8. TampaZeke says

    It’s ironic that I’ve heard lesbians ready to castrate 18 year old males for having sex with their 15 year old girlfriends. There are different standards being applied on BOTH sides of this argument. Some people who would have no problem with a heterosexual relationship like this are OUTRAGED over this lesbian relationship and some people who would be OUTRAGED over an 18 year old male and a 15 year old female are OUTRAGED that a lesbian is being treated the same as the 18 year old male. I think ALL of it is OUTRAGEOUS. 15 year olds know what they are doing in 2013; particularly when we are talking about a three year age difference. We have too many people on BOTH sides ready to lead witch hunts based on personal prejudices.

  9. Matt says

    First of all, though the younger girl recently turned 15, the criminal charges were brought because of sex that occurred when that younger girl was 14 but Hunt was 18 (see the CBS coverage of the case).

    While the younger girl in this case was in high school, plenty of 14-year-olds are still in middle school.

    Too many gay people are reacting like Pavlovian dogs just because Hunt’s family is claiming homophobia. Don’t you see that Hunt’s family has an incentive to claim that homophobia is behind the charges? But the fact of the matter is, Florida has a statutory rape law, and 14 is well below their age of consent. Is it really “anti-gay” to have statutory rape laws on the books?

    If you don’t want homophobes to “target” you, don’t break the law!

    Plenty of parents do not want their 14-year-olds to be sexually active, whether it’s with a man or a woman. Do we really want to fight this battle? We are going to see blowback if we act as if it’s a “gay rights” issue that a legal adult is being prosecuted for breaking a law that says you cannot be a legal adult and have sex with a 14-year-old!

  10. johnny says

    If I was the parent of that girl, I’d be pretty damned happy that she was a lesbian and not out getting pregnant with a guy before her time.

    What better birth control for a girl than her being gay?

    Meanwhile, 18 yr. old guys still in highschool are getting thousands upon thousands of girls pregnant with zero prosecutions happening.

    Bias, much?

  11. Matt says

    Yeah, let’s get one thing straight — the ages of the participants at the time the sex occurred were 18 and 14, not 18 and 15. The police report clearly states that.

    I assume most of the commenters here are repeating the inaccurate numbers out of ignorance, not out of a deliberate attempt to distort. I am less convinced that that’s the case with regards to the people who are reporting on the issue.

    If you really want to fight this battle, the first step is actually getting the numbers right.

  12. Gigi says

    @brian — This law was not designed to prosecute and penalize a consensual relationship between two teenagers, which is the reason that the ROMEO law exists in Florida and other states. It recognizes that fact that sometimes a teen will date another teen and as long as the difference in their ages isn’t larger that “X” number of years [it differs between states] then it’s not considered statutory rape. Kaitlyn Hunt’s relationship with her girlfriend is not the same as Jerry Sandusky’s relationship with the young boys that the r@ped and then threatened to kill if they told anyone about it. You get that, right?

  13. Ryan says

    If we are going to argue that 18 year old high school kids should not be having relationships with 14/15 year old high school kids, then the solution is simple: Don’t let 18 year old kids go to school with 14/15 year old kids.

    You cannot put kids in the same classes, on the same sports teams, and allow them to fraternize and hang out, and then expect them not to be friends (or more, as in this case). It never crossed my mind as a high school senior that I shouldn’t flirt with 9th or 10th grade boys because they were on my baseball team, in my gym class, and at my lunch table in the cafeteria. I didn’t stop to consider that it was illegal — they weren’t “minors” and I wasn’t an “adult” in my mind, we were just schoolmates and friends.

    I realize that the law says otherwise, but not many teens ever step back to view it from that perspective.

  14. Gigi says

    @lumpmoose — I don’t mean to contradict you, especially since you were responding to brian, but boys are prosecuted for this all of the time. That being said, it’s not right. If it IS statutory rape, as in the older teen coerced or forced the younger teen into having him with him/her, then it should be prosecuted as such. But this is not the case [from the facts we’ve been given] is this instance. Trying a child – Kaitlyn is 18 but she’s still in school – for a crime committed by the likes of Jerry Sandusky is cruel and unnecessary. The laws should be changed to reflect the many nuances of the different scenarios.

  15. Walter says

    The thing people seem to be missing is this started when they were both minors. It is not like she was a 18 year old who just started the relationship with a 15yo. I know a lot of friends who would have been prosecuted for this.

  16. Matt says

    “If it IS statutory rape, as in the older teen coerced or forced the younger teen into having him with him/her, then it should be prosecuted as such.”

    Jesus Christ, Gigi. Statutory rape is based on the idea that below a certain age, sex CANNOT be consented to! You don’t grasp that???

    Do you think it’s only statutory rape when a 6 year old is “forced” or “coerced” into sex, but not when the 6 year old “consents”?

    People can and do differ about where the age cutoff should be, but you are writing as if the very concept of statutory rape doesn’t exist!

  17. Karen says

    The fact is that most boy/girl relationships of this nature are indeed prosecuted in Indian River county but are pled down to misdemeanor charges. Kaitlyn has agreed to do so but the prosecutor and the family of the “alleged victim” have refused so this case is being treated differently.

    Also I find it rather ironic that this county in Florida has a 14 year old behind bars being prosecuted as an adult for armed robbery because he was mature enough to make the decision to commit the crime but this 14 year old girl is considered a child that can’t legally consent to sex. Hypocritical much?

  18. Caliban says

    I’m a little *iffy* about this one. There is a huge developmental difference between a 14/soon to be 15 year old and an 18 year old. It’s in no way comparable to a 30 year old dating a 26 year old person, for example.

    And, yes, whenever I hear of an 18 year old male “dating” a 14/15 year old warning bells go off in my head, wondering what’s “wrong” or stunted about the boy that he wants someone so much less physically/emotionally mature than himself, even if it might not be an early expression of pedophilic urges.

    I am not suggesting Kaitlyn is a potential pedophile or deserves to be called a “sex offender.” Her parents have made the point that the younger girl was taking advanced classes with older students and was on the same team with Kaitlyn so they were more like peers. I just know that if I had a 14 or 15 year old daughter and an 18 year old guy wanted to date her my reaction would be, “Oh, HELL no!” There are some issues here that are not all black and white, and not all of it has to do with homophobia.

  19. Not that Rob says

    14 and 18?? uhh, that 18 year old should have known better. felony is extreme but very bad judgement on her part.

  20. Walter says

    Another thing that bothers me is I am seeing some report the girlfriend of Kate was 14 and some saying 15. Can someone set the record right.

  21. guynyc says

    TONS of senior guys (and girls) in my high school dated freshman. A lot of them are married today and the seniors were for sure 18 and they all had their relationships out in the open for everyone to see, at dances, etc. Seems like the family is attacking because she’s gay – it could happen if the family wanted to attack an older male – but this girl is NOT sick just because she’s dating a younger girl. We all went to high school and we’ve all seen it…

  22. Matt says

    Walter, if you read through the comments to this piece you’ll see links to the police report. The police report clearly states that Kaitlyn Hunt was 18 and the younger girl was 14 when the sex occurred. The younger girl has since turned 15, and Hunt and her family, as well as the news outlets who want to push a pro-Hunt angle, are using 15 instead, because it sounds better for their case and is more useful for the “this is about homophobia” angle.

    Here’s a link to the police report:

  23. ratbastard says

    Didn’t realize she was 14 in the beginning. Yes, that does make a difference. She will probably plea bargain down.

  24. helen says

    This nasty pedo-in-training needs to be put in prison. Why do sodomites and their sick female counter-parts believe that children exists for their sexual pleasure? This nasty woman(she is 18) needs some spiritual counseling, maybe she can be delivered up to repentance since she is still so young. If sodomites and their female counter-parts wish to submit to the will of Satan the least they could do is stay away from little children. If I found out that my 14 year old daughter was being sexually seduced by a sick female adult, I would definitely call the police. May God bless the little children because in this brave new world we have a new morality where their main purpose will be to satisfy the lascivious desires of depraved men and women. The Whore of Babylon in Rome had led the way, and the rest of society is following. Please Lord Jesus come soon!

    And now we have a trend of white sodomites adopting little minority children and using them for sexual deviancy. They are adopting these brown-skinned angels because they know that in this society they are the least valued and their abuse will go unnoticed. Again, Lord Jesus please come soon and save these children from moral and physical destruction!

  25. gregorybrown says

    See this in context with stories of 2nd graders being sent away from school for hugging or kissing other–opposite sex classmates–or making affectionate but not explicitly sexual compliments to teachers. Americans’ obsession with sex leads to both corporate manipulation of consumers and the antics of anti-sexual/sensual religious fanatics, and not a few “feminists”.

  26. Michaelandfred says

    Yes Helen, we all can’t wait for Jesus to come and gather you up as well. Hurry please.

  27. Steven says

    Except the older girl was 17 when the relationship started. So we have a 17 and a 14 year old — both legally “children” — having a relationship, then, bam, on her birthday, the 17 year old goes to bed at night with the 14 year old and wakes up to be 18 and now, suddenly, a predator. A short while later, the 14 year old turns 15 and we’re right back where we started.

    This whole case is ridiculous. It’s not homophobia at work, it’s sexphobia.

  28. Karen says

    If I didn’t know their names I would think Helen was the parent of the younger girl in the relationship

  29. mary says

    Florida has a Romeo & Juliet law which says as long as there’s consent and the younger one is at least 14 years old and there’s no more than a 4 year difference in age, then this would not be considered a sex offense crime. It does make you wonder why in this case then, she’s being given a harsh punishment. I think the parents want it reduced to a misdemeanor while they want to give her a felony and 2 years house arrest.

    Consider this 2004 case where they had the same Romeo & Juliet style law in Kansas where a 17 year old boy, Matthew Limon had consensual sex with a 14 year old boy. Because the law only covered opposite sex couples not same sex parties, Matthew was sentenced to 17 years in prison. So the courts have a history of treating same sex cases differently than other cases.

  30. mary says

    I should correct for the case of Matthew Limon he was convicted in 2000 and served 5 years until the courts finally decided this was discriminatory interpretation of the law. His case was fought by the ACLU.

  31. ratbastard says


    Interesting. I didn’t know about this law.

    “In some states an 18 or 19 year old cannot be charged with statutory felony rape of a consenting partner who is within a few years of his or her age.”

    “It provides for less harsher penalties (sentence max. up to 15 months) when a teen younger than 19 engages in voluntary sexual intercourse, sodomy or lewd touching with a teen between the ages of 14 and 16, provided the teens are of the opposite sex. ”

    Some states have silly anti-gay laws regarding age of consent, even the legal age you can view porn. In some states it’s illegal for anyone under 21 to view or buy gay porn!

  32. Zell says

    This is not a good case for the gay community to champion. If it were an older boy being prosecuted for having sex with a younger girl, and there are plenty of people prosecuted for this, we wouldn’t even be hearing about it. I actually think she shouldn’t be charged with a felony, but… The relationship is not appropriate, due solely to their respective ages.

  33. Anonymous says

    Florida already has a Romeo and Juliet law, which allows ages 16-23 to have relations. Unfortunately, ALL sex with and between under-16s is lewd and lascivious.

    HOWEVER, the R&J was updated last year to allow offenders aged within 4 years of the minor victim aged 14-15 to petition to remove the requirement to register as a sex offender. So, she already can move on with her life!

    Take the generous plea deal of house arrest and probation and stop whining. I’ll bet there are hundreds of MEN in Florida who wish they were given THAT opportunity.

  34. Prudery says


    “The age of consent in the U.S. [determined state by state] is roughly the same as any other ‘advanced’ western nation.”
    Not really.
    It’s 14-15 in the majority of Europe, with 16 in most of the outliers.

    “It’s 16 in most states, 17-18 in a small number.”
    It is 16 in most states, but 17-18 in 20 states from the information I could find. That’s not a “small number”.

    “The relationship is not appropriate, due solely to their respective ages.”
    In your opinion. So many people in the US seem incredibly sex-negative, especially with regards to teenagers, who they regard as “children”, when they’re clearly not.
    (And if you shoot someone at 15, then you may well be tried as an adult, but sleep with your 18yo boyfriend and suddenly you’re an innocent child being corrupted by an evil predator…)
    Total hypocrisy.

    Teenage sexuality is entirely natural, and appropriate. We should be helping these kids express themselves safely, and teaching them how to interact with others. Not heading for the fainting couch when two teenagers have a quick kiss by the lockers in school (OMG Inappropriate PDA!)

    And above all, nothing not involving violence or coercion should be criminal.

    We should teach kids that sexting is not a good idea, and point out the ramifications. But we should also change the law so that it is more a parental “I can’t believe you did that! You are so grounded mister!” matter, rather than a criminal one, putting kids on the sex offender register for some hotheaded hijinks.

  35. Cal says

    I wonder exactly what it is sexually that they did for it to be considered “statutory rape.” Not to be lascivious, but because most laws are all about “real sex” being P-I-V and “sodomy” is P-I-A. Since we can be fairly certain there was none of that, what exactly are they protesting?

  36. Christina says

    House of arrest is what she should be punished with, no computer excess, switch school people seem to forget she is a child herself. Though I don’t think she should have had a sexual relationship with the girl, I agree on that but she should have only received a warning of jail time but those pathetic parents want her to suffer. Pathetic, ruining a girls life because you don’t agree with their life style, get over it. There are actual pedophiles out there. R-Kelly, Roman Polanski, Mary Kay Latourneau, Debra Lafave and many more. Again don’t agree with the age of the girlfriend but she should have only gotten a warning not a criminal record. They attend school together, they are kids. The only thing that bother me was the girlfriend is my little cousins age and yeah I would be upset if she were dating a 18 yr old and I would warn the kid that I would not hesitate to call the cops if he continues to see my cousin but the fact that the girlfriends parents waited until Kaitlyn turned the age that would classify being illegal means they wanted to torture her. They should be punished for allowing it in the first place.

  37. sofldoug says

    The parents of the girl said in an interview that going to the law was their only and last option. The parents appear to have lost their daughter to this alternative lifesyyle lesbian kate,who the other girls parents despise.
    It is their right to do that! if she was my daughter, i would have stopped the relationship or done the same thing. This 14 year old hormone filled girl, is not being lead on the right track from this senior, my opinion.
    In any event this kate girl should have taken the plea deal,then had the record expunged, if that was an option, she is crazy not to take that and go on her little lesbo escapades. Case closed. There is just as much hate against the girls parents from these pro gay people. So at this point, let the cards fall where they will.

  38. jriddle73 says

    The age record set straight: the two girls in the case are slightly more than 3 years apart. The relationship in question began when Kaitlyn Hunt was 17 and the other girl 14. It continued through Kaitlyn turning 18 and further through the other girl turning 15 (which is where they both are now). Kaitlyn can’t be charged for anything that happened in the earlier part of the relationship–she can only be charged for what happened after she turned 18 (which gets to the fundamental bullsh$t of the case having ever even been brought).

  39. jriddle73 says

    (Actually, she COULD be charged with a different crime for the stuff that happened before she was 18–statute mix-up–but not with the same crime.)

  40. says

    Girls aren’t the ‘precious angels’ that they are made out to be. Not just Kaitlyn Hunt. But the girl in the included link was even worse than Kaitlyn Hunt.