1. Kevin LS says

    Pablo is so hot, i don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Me want Pablo !

  2. david says

    He is very cute. Why would you be so hateful and say otherwise? Maybe if you got off your computer and hit the gym you would feel good enough about yourself that you wouldn’t feel the need to trash someone that is OBVIOUSLY VERY ATTRACTIVE. Not to mention, there’s a good chance he might see your comment and that is NOT cool.

  3. David says

    Funny, the first model they’ve featured who sounds quite articulate and intelligent, and so many of you rush to trash his appearance, where you normally trash the intelligence of the hot guy? Hypocrisy much?

  4. Seattle Mike says

    How do you say “Hubba hubba” in Spanish? Love love love the chest hair. Would love it more if it were longer. (That’s what she said.) And who wouldn’t kill for a thick head of hair like that? And what a gorgeous smile!

  5. andrew says

    Good looking guy. I was kinda distracted by the way he filled out that banana hammock. It looks like the gods have been good to him.