1. ratbastard says

    Speaking only for myself, I encounter b*tches like this in abundance everyday. There is an epidemic of them. Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Cocaine? Both? Dunno. Go to certain parts of my city and all you’ll meet are women like her. Literally.

  2. C()nt says

    I always suspected she was a real cvnt when not being interviewed. Turns out I was right.

  3. C()nt says

    I always suspected she was a real cvnt when not being interviewed. Turns out I was right.

  4. says

    I don’t get the :

    “Proud to be an American”
    “I’m an American citizen, I can say what I want to say.”

    Why is everything turned into a National Pride Performance ?

    Same with that idiot conservative pundit, Ben Shapiro,yesterday being interviewed by Piers Morgan;
    “Why do you hate America so much….that you criticise our country ?”

    Why does even the most casual sports event or casual conversation become a moment of faux patriotism, with “I love my flag”, and tears of nationalistic emotion ?…a la Boehner (Sp.?)

    Is it because everyone is indoctrinated about flags and patriotism from their first day at school ? It all sounds so false and contrived.

    If I said anything like this to a Cop he’d fall around laughing at me……I think perhaps Witherspoon only said it to her companion, not to the Cop.

  5. Runner says

    With incidents like this, I’ve never understood why wealthy celebrities (and even their spouses) insist on driving themselves–especially in a confusing, traffic-clogged city like Atlanta. Reese has to be worth at least 50 large, George Michael even more. Brittany and Lindsay, driving? Why?! For goodness sakes, for the lives and safety of people on the roads, and for your careers, hire a driver! Download the uber app. Outsource it, like you do much else in your lives. Has to be a better cost tradeoff than the publicity/damage control later.

  6. moz's says

    her brothers were arrested for breaking into a woman’s house

    her mother sued her father for bigamy

    ***banjos start playing***

    white trash is white trash

  7. Matt26 says

    One of those moments in a of Hollywood star. Carefully protected image vanishes.

  8. Latebrosus says

    To me, her behavior is completely typical of Southern women: a velvet glove covering an iron fist.

  9. ratbastard says


    I hear you and agree with you, it’s funny. But we do have an explicit Bill of Rights as part of our constitution, and police and authorities do constantly try and cross the line, see what they can get away with. Nothing wrong with people being aware of their protected rights as citizens, and what police [just use them as an example] can and can not legally do. People should stand up for themselves, and speak loudly and clearly, if they feel their constitutional rights are being violated. I don’t have any problem with that. But in her case, she wasn’t being abused by the cop, her con constitutional rights weren’t being violated. She’s just a garden variety b*tch.

  10. Mitch says

    Wow, sounds like just another trashy episode of COPS.

    As Witherspoon reveals a more accurate, non-PR-produced picture of her personality, I bet Ryan Phillippe is somewhere saying to himself, “Finally, now people can see what I had to put up with.”

  11. says

    @ Ratbastard ;

    I fully agree about standing up to the Cops…and telling them how they are wrong….I won’t bore you with examples.
    But it’s the ‘calling out’ of Patriotism and the Flag and The American Way, in the most trivial unrelated incidents of life which bugs me.
    When America was attacked I could understand the need for unity and a determined expression of the national outrage and a fierce resolve to find and destroy the perpetrators.
    Any country in such a situation would be the same.

    But Witherspoon was only told not to get out of the car; I don’t know if the Cop was within his right to tell her so or not, but in a country where guns are prolific I can understand that the Cop would not want the occupier to be at large …….he was thinking of his own safety most likely.

    But I agree overall, Cops must stay within their powers whether of arrest, detention, questioning, stopping vehicles etc. and they should not get away with abusing anyone.
    In this case, I would Miss Witherspoon was a bit overwrought.
    Case dismissed.

  12. HirsuteHeuristics says

    Still this? Move on. There’s a blind item that just came about a godzilla of a mother that abuses the nanny. Supposedly her. America’s sweetheart: only when she getting a check.

  13. Alex N says

    @Mitch: Sorry, but Ryan Philippe is as damaged and narcissistic as this little twerp. At least this latest video allows us to clearly hear that they were both extremely intoxicated. That husband of hers is slurring like he’s on his sixth tequila!

  14. Jeffrey says

    I love her husband… he is the one who is drunk, but is completely rational, humble, embarrassed and ready to pay the consequences of his behavior.

  15. johnny says

    Ah yes, entitled beeyotch gets her comeuppance.

    If only this could happen to the hordes of spoiled brats that infest my town.

  16. Paul R says

    She’s lucky to have a seemingly sane husband. Even drunk, he’s not enabling her stupid behavior. I could put up with her for about 4 minutes.

  17. Gabe R L says

    Oh, well, misogyny is alive and well at towleroad as usual.

    Reese is the mother of Ryan’s children; he3 would never gloat over an incident like this.

  18. Titanium Gladiola says

    @Latebrosus: Velvet glove? Iron fist? Have you been reading too much Steel Magnolias?

    More like a velour glove covering a bad manicure. Poor Ryan Philippe indeed.

  19. mickyflip says

    Lmao!!!! Okay, I will give Madame Witherspoon props for having the biggest pair. Obviously, she was getting upset that her husband was getting arrested. It’s human nature for people to start getting protective.

    However, officers need to protect themselves as well. Bottom line is…she shouldn’t have stepped out of the vehicle. There’s a reason for that. It’s personal safety for the officer dealing with the situation.

    I still love Reese though. It’s all good. She screwed up. I forgive her. End of story. Move on.

  20. andrew says

    It is an example of how the OVERPAID Hollywood types actually believe their sh!t don’t stink.