1. Anthony says

    Maybe Anthony Kennedy will see stuff like this and decide we go need heightened scrutiny after all.

  2. Jim Elliott says

    Very sad, but if they don’t have the votes it is better to postpone the vote than to loose now. If the vote had failed they would have had to start all over again with a new bill. This way they will hopefully have the votes in November to pass the bill.

  3. Howard says

    Let’s not forget that we have huge decisions pending from SCOTUS regarding Prop 8 and DOMA. Sometimes its two steps forward and one step back, but the overall movement is always forward. It may seem like slow motion, but change is happening at an incredibly fast pace.

  4. candideinnc says

    What is the most important vote coming up that the Democratic Black Caucus of Illinois is supporting? It is my understanding that only two of the Caucus supported marriage equality, and ALL of them are Democrats in name. It is time to fight back. Find their Achilles heel and stomp the hell out of it!

  5. Brent says

    Wow, Obama couldn’t even get his own home state to vote in favor of gay civil marriage. His influence is waning.

    I wonder how many of the anti-gay politicians in Illinois were black Democrats.

  6. KC says

    Greg Harris assumed the weight of responsibility for passing this legislation and now must accept the consequences for its shameful failure to pass, embarrassing the State of Illinois and the gay community which he serves in front of the entire nation. I hope his constituents remember the indignity he has inflicted upon them and ride him out on a rail come election time.

  7. Craig says

    The same thing happened here in New Jersey. We were assured they had the votes to pass marriage equality. Then my now husband (thanks Connecticut!) and I sat in the gallery and watched them vote it down. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life. And now it’s happened again in Illinois. My heart goes out to the LGBT community there.

  8. Tool says

    Well. If Supreme court rules correctly, this will be passed between 2013-2014. Just put the hope in the end of June since DOMA and Pro 8 will influence the direction of battles till next generation for sure.

  9. Tool says

    The ruling of striking down sodomy has caused the shift in a decade since 2003.

  10. Ken says

    We fail to even get a vote which means we have no idea who to target in the next election. This was a total failure by the leadership in the Illinois House.

  11. Anthony says

    Exactly. I read the (illogical) pro-DOMA briefs that said Lawrence helped gay people, so you should rule in favor of us still!

  12. candideinnc says

    Do the legislators in Illinois think they can milk the gay community forever, promising them marriage equality, then pulling the rug from beneath them? I will never vote Rethug, but damned if they are going to get support from me when they keep failing our community.

  13. White Supremacist says

    LOL that’s right…screw the Black Caucus!!!!!! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigers











    Good job darkies….screw those filthy marriage destroying queers!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  14. candideinnc says

    Is there anyone to watch out for racist crap on this site? I can oppose the Black caucus of Illinois, but I can’t stomach the White Supremacist.

  15. Gestly says

    We won’t win votes by hateing black people. We need to build bridges and understand what they are afraid of. Deep down blacks know what oppression is more than anybody. Its common for one minority group to oppress another and unfortunately religion has made this acceptable.

  16. Gestly says

    We won’t win votes by hateing black people. We need to build bridges and understand what they are afraid of. Deep down blacks know what oppression is more than anybody. Its common for one minority group to oppress another and unfortunately religion has made this acceptable.

  17. Gerry says

    Like I said in an earlier post… what a bunch of cowards and drama queens. They’re just kicking the can, waiting for SCOTUS to make a move.

  18. Michael says

    Then every marriage equality supporter in the Illinois House should send out a press release stating that they will vote no on every Black Caucus endorsed bill until marriage equality passes.

  19. kay says

    The fact this this bill didn’t come up for a vote is because gay marriage is not as popular or accepted as people may like to think. Wanting to blame failure of the bill on the African American community won’t change anything… Especially because they were clear that there are racist homosexuals out there and one can’t tell who they are simply by looking at them… Also the idea that the injustice that gays experience were the same as Black in civil rights movement were basically insulting…. After all it’s nothing compared to dealing with the KKK, fire bombs, dogs, water hoses and being arrested… All this anger towards the Black community just shows them to continue to stay away from racist white folks who pretend to be liberal…

  20. CAnaivePeter says

    This was a step back. DOMA will be struck down but Prop 8 will not be the other one of those two steps forward we’d like to see. If the Supremes dismiss the case on lack of standing of the proponents, doesn’t that affect their standing in the lower decisions as well, casting a cloud over all of it? Marriage Equality in CA should have just gone back on the ballot in the last election and not solely relied on the courts. So foolish was the CA strategy the first time and now. But we now know that with many black churches, equal rights are a one-way street. These blacks made the difference in passing Prop 8 and apparently the black caucus made the difference in denying marriage equality in otherwise strongly democratic districts in Illinois. This is shameful. But this knowledge is also power assuming gays can remember it.

  21. MateoM says

    What the f*ck, Mr. Towle?

    How dare you keep up comments such as “n*gggggggggggers” and “Gays don’t wanna go to war with the black community…”?!

    Honestly this crap has to stop.

  22. PA. Native. says

    Madigan, not Harris, is the person who needs to be blamed here. Madigan is the Speaker of the House and even if Harris was the sponsor of the bill, Madigan has the most power by far of anyone. It is paramount that he is voted out. Many rumors have said that he had no intention of ever calling the bill; I would not be surprised (sister is running to be next governor of Illinois).

    Also, the race issue is being brought up way too much in these responses (even though it played a role in the specific case of Illinois). Other factors such as the fact that most legislatures in the country are Republican majority are not being talked about. 99% of Republicans will REFUSE to listen to, much less vote for any marriage equality bill. Just a fact.

  23. says

    “We won’t win votes by hateing black people. We need to build bridges and understand what they are afraid of.”

    Funny. When its black people WE need to ‘build bridges'; but when its angry white baggers ‘burn THEIR bridges.’

    The real racism is thinking that blacks are immune from political consequences because of the color of their skin. Clearly these blacks lack character and they and their enablers will no doubt use race card to defend their bigotry. It is leftist political correctness gone wild to the point it is actually HURTING the ‘constituents’ it vows to ‘protect.’

  24. says


    The real racists are blacks. They think that only white people are gay. They think that anything white people do is gay, even going to school.

    And don’t pull the ‘religious’ excuse. Slave owners were VERY religious too and used the Bible to justify their world view. This goes beyond religion,… it is about culture.

    Ever heard Black Atheists of Atlanta? Google them.

  25. Jeremy says

    Black people only care about black issues.

    They are vehemently against immigration rights (talk to them! read their sites!) anti semites, anti gay. Anti anything that isn’t part of the black agenda. Fact! and today proved it.

  26. ThrillSeeker says

    Are we supposed to really pretend black constituents in Chicago didn’t massively call their reps and demand gay rights not be passed?

    Are we still having to pretend homophobia isn’t a huge issue within the black community?

    Let’s keep it really real right now. Marriage equality passed easily in Minesotta and Iowa because there wasn’t a huge, powerful black caucus. It barely passed in Maryland after rounds, upon rounds of promising trades with the black caucus there. And it wasn’t a pretty road there either.

    Reverse the roles and if gays were voting against any issue front & center for the black community and we’d never, ever hear the end of it. Yet they consistently organize and mobilize to vote against our rights and we’re supposed to be silent about it? Nope. Go police someone else’s thoughts.

  27. J.J says

    How come so many Latino lawmakers in so many states are accepting of gay rights? I as a Latino have no trouble calling out those who aren’t. Especially the few latino lawmakers who fight furiously for immigration rights but against gay rights. But luckily, those are a very rare minority and most Latino lawmakers get it. They get it because we as a Latino LGBT put serious pressure on them, educated them, and talked to them.
    From where I sit, black LGBT are so busy calling everyone who refuses to overlook the hypocrisy of black lawmakers a racist that they don’t have any time left to actually address the homophobic black lawmakers whom they could make some inroads with.

  28. Shelly says

    I’m a straight ally of the community and I find it troubling seeing the treatment of of the African American community toward the gay population, and it’s almost done in a hurtful manner. I can somewhat understand the gay communities resentment, although disagreeing with some of the choice words expressed.

    Just last week I was listening to an NPR segment devoted on the issue of gay rights and a number of black callers started calling in the show to express how they resent gays even talking about equal rights. That they didn’t suffer enough. It was all so abrupt and random considering no one during the segment made comparisons between their struggles, but did say gays did and do struggle in their own right. Then another caller said how being black is skin, being gay is a sin.

    I think, and I’m not attempting to speak on behalf of the gay community, but what irks gays is that black people feel they have monopoly on the words equal rights, civil rights and human rights…and well, frankly they don’t. The human race has monopoly on those terms. No one group does. So the litmus test of “well, you haven’t struggled nearly as much as we have” imposed by many black people to gay people, and that being the measure stick to if gays can attain rights is insulting at best, and truly bigoted at worst.

  29. LGBT Chick says

    Thank you, Shelly.
    And don’t worry, we know by now who has helped us get here and who has been the most vocal opposition voices and forces, and we’ll never forget it.

  30. GregV says

    I agree, Shelly. And the notion that homosexuality is offends some vlergy’s notion of “sin” and “morality” doesn’t make it “different” from the struggle for black civil rights; that point is exactly the same.

    Racial integration was a moral outrage against Christianity, according to millions of the Evangelical Christians in previous decades who kept blacks down.
    They would go on about how the Bible supports white supremacy and slavery and separation. White integrationists would have the stories of the Tower of Babel and The Curse of Ham thrown in their face and were told they were not true Christians (and often threatened) if they suggested the “outrage” against morality that Blacks should be allowed into restaurants and schools and drinking fountains with everyone else.

    All the true heroes in the civil rights movement have supported fair treatment for ALL people not just selfishly for their own traits. Those who do that are no different than any other type of supremacist.

  31. Belthazar says

    Since we are talking about blocks of groups, how many republicans were voting for SB10 – 2 of 47? The vast majority, if not all, republicans in the Illinois Congress are White. Yet, although they are voting en mass against SB10, there hasn’t been the least bit of outrage at an entire block of white individuals (republicans).

    If people are going to make it a “Black” issue, then I can make it a “White” issue.

    Whites make up approximately 99-members of the Illinois House; it was within ‘whites’ hands to pass SB10 in a landslide. Yet it did not happen. With that being said, doesn’t this fall squarely in the lap of these legislators and their constituents? Consequently, I’m curious as to why whites (in this instance) are not considered cowardly and homophobic.

    The above is a mirror of the purposely simplistic thinking that is going on in this thread — excluding the obvious trolls. People are looking for a scapegoat with never the thought of practical solutions.

  32. JONES says

    ‘I’m curious as to why whites (in this instance) are not considered cowardly and homophobic.’

    They are. With Republicans it’s a given. They get called out daily.
    Getting it from the ‘Black CLERGY’ is ‘et tu Brute’. We feel backstabbed because they are DEMOCRATS. We expect any elected Democrat to understand equality and never hold it susceptible to a color chart. A ‘no’ vote on equality from a Dem hurts twice as bad as from a Republican.

    And it is the black ‘CLERGY’ that is the problem. NOT the black community.
    And here we are yet again seeing that it comes back to the problem of religion in politics.

  33. says

    “If people are going to make it a “Black” issue, then I can make it a “White” issue.”

    We’ve already been there done that. We know repukes are against gays, thats a given. But it is ironic that a minority that has for decades demanded for equal rights is now demanding that another minority sit at the back of the bus. If we fail to address this obvious defect of the Left, there is NO point harping on White Teabaggers if the Left can’t even get their act together.

  34. Robert says

    Look, we in the latino community saw how the black community ditched us and slammed undocumented immigrants as “illegal stealers of the black man’s job and being able to provide for their families” and let’s not pretend for one second that didn’t happen.
    so what happened in Illinois with black caucus comes as no surprise. that is one group who is allll about me, me, me and calling everyone racist who says “wait, who the hell have you all ever helped except for yourselves? WHO?!”