1. ggatsby says

    We can not and should not depend on DOMA being struck to ensure LGBT immigration law reform.

    After a decade spent waiting I’m leery of any half measures and the gay community should be to. This issue is CRUCIAL to gay equality under the law.

  2. ratbastard says

    The president is a professional politician. He says things that are carefully vetted to both appeal [s*ck up] to certain groups, and to follow a particular narrative. What goes on behind the scenes, and what becomes reality, is what counts. You’ll notice that the issues and people that always get their way are very powerful special interest groups, and always involve $ and financial interest, such as big corporate interests, Wall St interests, big Pharma, big agriculture, the military-congressional-industrial-financial-academic complex, etc. But in order for politicians to be helpful to these powerful lobbies, they have to get elected first. That’s where gays, ‘minorities’ [the people and groups who constitute a ‘minority’ keeps on expanding, and for good reason], ‘undocumented’ immigrants, leftist fringe pernicious malcontents, all are part of the Democratic Party narrative, and they are needed for any Democratic president or federal politician to get elected, so they can then in-turn do the bidding not of the ‘rainbow coalition’ that elected them [most of these folks are just useful idiots as Lenin said] but the bidding of the true power in our society, the lobbyist I mentioned above.

    Now Republicans at the federal level do the exact same thing, they’re just more blatant about doing these lobbyist bidding. Their core voter is disaffected mostly white folks who have been demonized as the enemy by the Democratic Party machine and by leftist ‘progressive’ policy makers for the past 40-odd years.

    The Democrats and Republicans, as regards to really core economic issues [$ is the #1 issue for most people and institutions whether they like to admit it or not] they’re two sides of the same coin. They serve the same masters. We live in a soft fascist state and it’s getting more pronounced and less soft, as the people and groups who really run our country and world, become more emboldened the more they get away with outrageous things, like their bailouts. Gay issues to these people are nothing more useful distractions, a side-show. Many people will disagree with what I just wrote. I know, the truth hurts.

  3. mike says


    Once again you prove you know nothing.. So much of your post is just utter garbage it’s hard to kow just where to start.

    But I’ll just tackle one: The ‘bailouts’ were not outrageous. They were neccessary and saved this country from collapse. You wouldn’t know that, unless you actually HAD money…like the rest of us who do, who are heavily invested in America’s future. Which WE believe in.

    Morons like you, who don’t got a pot to piss in, grab your Yappin’-Points from your radio, or your tv set and think you’ve actually got something to say. But you don’t.

    So shut your ignorant mouth.

  4. ratbastard says

    And, Mike,

    Don’t flatter yourself thinking you know where I get my ‘yappin’ points, you of course are dead wrong in your baseless assertions. YOU are the shill here, not me. My post was well thought out and fairly provocative, at least I supposed for the many brainwashed true believers and useful idiots in the gay ‘community’.

    Our country, our society, is controlled by a few VERY powerful special interest groups, whose main interest is $ and power for the sake of power. Our political system is broke, at least as far as reliably representing the true interests of the average citizen. And mega corporations and institutions, private and public, the so-called ‘too big to fail’ most pronounced, rule the roost. Yes, we live in a world where the government and big corporations have seamlessly merged. This is called FASCISM, Mike.

  5. ratbastard says

    LOL…Mike, I have a pot to p*ss in. I do have $. Don’t hyperventilate, boss. AND I DON’T LIKE BEING SCREWED RELENTLESSLY by the special interest lobbyist and politicians whom I mentioned. Don’t like it one d*mn bit, Mike. Like them, I also like to keep as much of my hard earned $ [at least in my case, not theirs; they make their $ through rigging the system in their favor]. And there’s much more to life and the world than $, Mikey.

  6. XoMoDe says

    I’ll be so glad when this hippie is out of office. I can’t believe I supported his first term. Obama has turned so far left that he’s become an extreme kook.

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