1. thrutch says

    I think the song is great, but the video is rightly not on canadian television. There are laws banning the depiction of what is considered raunch, aka the boys peeing on him. Without that one bit, it probably would have been allowed to be aired. Even than though powerful, it didnt feel like a music video.
    The other issue is with arts receiving less and less funding from the federal government, this video is going to be used as an example of a waster of taxpayer funding.

  2. Mike says

    This should be shown at every evangelical southern baptist church in the country.
    Of course, they wouldn’t understand the symbolism displayed here.
    Sadly, their words are just as harmful as the kids in the playground.

  3. Caliban says

    The shooting struck me as a bit much, but otherwise I thought it was powerful. (The gunfire distracts from the Christ/religious imagery IMO.) The blindfolds were a nice touch. I suspect that the “controversy” has more to do with holding a mirror up to (French) Catholic homophobia in the news as it does with the violence though. God forbid, literally, they have their own actions shoved in their face.

  4. Rafa says

    Wow… Powerful video. Like the film Jesus of Montreal, this video reminds me of both Quebec’s abundant artistic heft, and their keen experience with the catholic church. Well done.

  5. Jack M says

    Many young people are bullied and physically harmed by their peers all the time, and crucifixions were a common form of punishment long ago, and that’s exactly how they were done. It’s reality, it’s horrible, and we really can’t deal with it yet, can we?

  6. Charles WmWell says

    I suppose it would have been over the top to have a papal
    procession passing by, with the Pope blessing the faithful,
    totally unaware of the crucifixion. At least there were Nuns
    scurrying about, yet they are the least likely to condone
    intolerance or harbor homophobia. They are of the devalued
    gender, and are victims as well. I think the video is the best
    statement about bulling I have seen. I would like to see it
    receive the highest award possible in its classification.

  7. Onnyjay says

    I share the sentiment that Roman prelates need to see this, along with protestant bible junkies. But it’s water-duck’s back: these are the friendly, persuadable folks that brought us the Inquisition and lynching in the Southern US, and they aren’t about to admit error or blame.

  8. AriesMatt says

    Amazing song and video. Powerful message. The fact that it was banned will probably make this video more viral than it would have been otherwise. Kind of reminds me of a modern day Pink Floyd clip. Beautifully done. Wow.

  9. Randy says

    Xavier Dolan is one of my favourite actors and directors.

    He starred in the short Miroirs d’été (2007), and wrote & directed J’ai tué ma mère (2009), Les amours imaginaires (2010), and Laurence Anyways (2012). Each film was better than the one before.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Tom à la ferme (2013).

  10. says

    Banned ?
    Doesn’t this need to be compulsory viewing in all schools and to all religious nut cases who tell us we are “defective” ?

    But I keep remembering Romney and the other guys at school holding down the boy with the long hair and cutting it…..bully bastards.

    What a shameful piece of $hit Romney is.
    Please someone send the loser this vid or send it to his clone sons who must have their own bullying skeletons in the closet.

  11. Canadian Observer says


    I totally disagree with what you posted above, it is unrealistic to claim that any part of this video would violate the community standards test here in Canada that would govern whether or not this video COULD be aired. MusiquePlus is simply being gutless. Personally I think it should be on heavy rotation.

  12. Bill says

    What a powerful piece. I have to feel sad for those commenting on the music. They wear the blindfold; also those who are mulling over whether this is appropriate for Canadian television. Let’s talk about whether the behavioral concept is appropriate. Even the teacher keeps her back to the classroom abomination. The idea of uniforms relates to regimented thinking. Let’s think like we’re taught, you know, by those adults wearing the blindfolds. Of course everyone should see this. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil……you know how that works….

  13. Bill Michael says

    I just don’t understand the Catholic Church. Not just the Catholic Church but churches in general are, and have been, guilty of the most hideous crimes against humanity and yet people still clamour to kiss the ring of a mass-murderer.

  14. DaveY says

    @thrutch Disagree. Being urinated on is a symbol of the humiliation bullied people go through every day — in this video it was not obscene or raunch. At the very least the video could get late night airplay like other provocative music videos of the past.

    @Caliban The shooting was the modern day version of the Romans piercing Jesus in the side with a sword. It was appropriate to the context and symbolism of the video.

  15. Caliban says

    “@Caliban The shooting was the modern day version of the Romans piercing Jesus in the side with a sword. It was appropriate to the context and symbolism of the video.”

    Yeah, you’re probably right but it struck me as OTT, especially shooting him so many times. Just my take on it of course.

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