1. Tony says

    I wait with baited breath to hear the accumulated wisdom of this guy who takes his clothes off for money. Thanks, Towleroad, for easing my ignorance by exposing me to the thinkers of our era.

  2. Dave in NYC says

    An underwear model without an eight pack? Crazy.

    Even so, this guy has clearly never eaten dessert.

    And I don’t care one whit about his opinions. But this isn’t about that. This is about a cute-ish guy in his underwear.

  3. Joseph Singer says

    Does anyone really think underwear models have something important to tell us? It’s really much better when they don’t speak.

  4. Dean says

    Why exactly do people obliviating on a gossip blog assume that they are smarter, wiser or more interesting than underwear models.

  5. dumbnhung says

    I haven’t photographed Derek yet but I have photographed a lot of underwear models you guys have seen and a lot of them form thoughts and express opinions like the rest of us – maybe more so than some of you.

  6. Brett says

    I go to the worst gym in the world, and there are dozens of guys there that would be hotter underwear models then him. Seriously, I don’t get it, a 1-pack?