1. Matt26 says

    Yes a bit odd, but wonderful. And seeing James and Ed kissing a guy and pretending to get married with another man, brilliant!
    James keeps playing around his sexuality – and I like it and I like him.

  2. Bill says

    Not sure this reflects acceptance. To me, it’s the same as many bad SNL skits about gays over the years: look at us, bold and outrageous, taking on this hot topic. Gay=funny. Male actor willing to kiss another man=hip. Not really advancing the cause, in my opinion…

  3. JohnP says

    James is just a little out there. LOL! Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s bisexual. Whatever. His brother is kind of whacky too (and pretty cute).

  4. will says

    It’s pretty much harmless. Both James and Zach have a dadaist sense of humor and enjoy flouting convention. I don’t think we need to read sinister or anti-gay motives into what is just intended as surreal, breezy nonsense.

  5. johnny says

    I don’t see it as necessarily anti-gay, but it does seem to poke fun at marriage equality in a way that does not necessarily help us out.

    Marriage is serious and powerful. Getting acceptance is serious and powerful.

    Using it as a gag to be laughed at or shocked by seems like an attempt to reduce it’s power or at the very least, that’s the unintended by-product.

    For younger minds who are trying to formulate an opinion on this stuff, it says “Yeah, kissing a guy is no big deal, being gay is OK, but neither one is that amazing.”

    Sorry, but I think kissing another guy is a huge privilege and an honor. Especially when you can get killed in another country for it. I don’t like seeing it used this way.

  6. e.c. says

    Am I the only one who saw the subversively pro-gay message here? Given that religious fundies are alway equating homosex with the second coming of Sodom and Gomorah I thought the juxtaposition of all those “normal” straight boys on a debauched spring break against the gay couples commiting to each other quite effective.

  7. GCS says

    Will James Franco ever stop with his insane obsession with everything gay while maintaining an essentially heterosexual status? That, or finally come out.

  8. Jols says

    Obviously this is a very pro-gay marriage video and statement. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what to say.

    The “frat boys” culture is ridiculed, juxtaposed with lovely, beautiful pictures of three gay male couples getting married.

    And ultimate irony: It’s a “spring break anthem” that, while taking all the genre’s codes (easy music, lyrics about sex and booze…) will never be taken up by the frat crowd since half the lyrics are about gay marriage.

    I loved it, and the set up is perfect.

  9. Zipper666 says

    Sodom. Okay..

    But, what exactly were they up to (down to..) in Gomorrah?

    What is Gomorrahmy? What sex bits are used, between whom and is there S&M involved?

    Concerned citizens want to know :)

  10. says

    LOL…okay, the mind of the Straight Boy can be mysterious; but this is clearly, enthusiastically supportive in that mysterious and oblique way…

    My favorite line, “I don’t consider what you did at the Oscars, ‘hosting’.”

  11. will says

    Zach: “Of all the art projects that you’ve done, what has made peeple roll their eyes the hardest?”

    My vote is: “Interior. Leather. Bar.”

  12. Sam says

    EC and Bill both make good points. This could be seen as anti-gay or subversively pro-gay.

    One thing that bothers me is that Samberg is constantly using homosexuality as the subject of his humor. At a certain point, it comes off as homophobic even if the intent is otherwise.

  13. JONES says


    “Sodom. Okay..
    But, what exactly were they up to (down to..) in Gomorrah?
    What is Gomorrahmy?”

    Lots of laughs today on Towleroad. ‘Gomorrahmy’ love it.
    I’m game I’ll offer first stab.

    Gomorrahmy is the sins committed in the mind.
    Like a aged village queen who has forsaken her mirror.

    Sodom … the flesh was willing
    Gomorrah … the mind was willing but the flesh was weak

  14. Caliban says

    “Of all the art projects that you’ve done, what has made people roll their eyes the hardest?”

    That really made me laugh. Mainly because I’ve done a fair amount of eye rolling myself about some of Franco’s “art projects.”

  15. Hank says

    Not sure if the video has as much of a a thought-out pro-gay POV as some of you are saying , or if it’s just gay-as-a-punchline frattiness. . Either way it help, though, by putting the once-taboo visual image of men kissing (and marrying) out there, and helping desensitize the shock reaction.

    I have heard from a good source James Franco is actually gay. Not sure why he doesn’t want to totally come out- maybe he’ s protecting some idea of bankability as a leading man. I give him some props for pushing the envelope with all his gay-themed personal projects.

    Also, I want to marry Andy Samberg…

  16. UFFDA says

    Fanco isn’t gay, he’s just incorrigibly naughty in a really dull way. He struggles everyday with a lethargy like asthma deep in his chest. Thing is he wishes he could get a hard on like everyone else, but he can’t. So he tries lots of things. Just being weird helps some, but he’s still close to zero inside.

    If he married Johnny Depp their kid would be Woody Alien…I mean Allan.

  17. mikeflower says

    Bless them for their “progressive” additude. However in many parts of America, the publishing of your wedding notice could get you fired & wreck your marriage before it taks off. Lets start pushing for ENDA

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