1. Jim Brown says

    Great interview. It is an interesting twist that the predominant twin is now the Gay one, and the somewhat secondary one is now the Straight one. Times have changed.

  2. RONTEX says

    OMG, they are so funny and handsome. I would watch a reality show of them both living in the same house and all the chaos that could erupt ; )

  3. David Hearne says

    These gentlemen are wonderful role models for GLBT youth and the rest of us. I only wish my own brother could support me like this. *le sigh*

  4. Mike Ryan says

    Yes, it was – a fine interview and one to make all gay people proud. It is really nice to see this kind of acceptance and humor – as it should be.

    Yes *Chip, I did cringe a bit when Kimmel, the oaf, used the word homosexuals, which came off as a bit of a put down because you know he would not have used the ‘heterosexual’ word. It was insensitive and a bit cruel but all in all, the interview was handled very well and there is nothing better than having your brother having your back.

  5. Josh M. says

    It’s becoming a better world. This was done with a light touch–too light. Jimmy may be “cool with it” but he’s also an insensitive and shallow interviewer. Let’s jump right to the potential shower jokes instead of dealing with the fact that a 34 yr. old man is just now living life on his terms.
    It took me a good 2 years after coming out to work through my rage at a society that encouraged me to closet myself. Did Jason just skip all that?

  6. Greg says

    “It took me a good 2 years after coming out to work through my rage at a society that encouraged me to closet myself. Did Jason just skip all that”

    Josh M. so ironic to read that. Im an older gay man and came out in the 80’s. I went through that ‘mad as hell I had to keep quiet’ phase too after I came out. But its a different time now.

    Im glad he doesnt have the rage and pain of being held back. So much of a better time we live in now, to come out and be accepted. There are more role models. HE himself now, is a role model.

    When I came out in 1984 there was only Boy George and Paul Lind LOL.

  7. Kim says

    @Josh Jason came out to a friend in 2011 so maybe he worked out those feelings.He came out to family in 2012.He didnt just come out last month.Last month was out to the world

  8. Andrew says

    It’s strange to hear the word ‘homosexual’ used so much in American English; is this the norm? To me it just sounds like a fake, psychological illness from the 1940s and the anti-gay groups say it with such venom.

  9. Krishnan says

    Has Jason Collins ever discussed his personal experiences with men? I have seen many interviews with him. But most focus on his historical coming out as a pro athlete. I have never seen him discuss if/ how he had personal relationships as a pro athlete. Did he ever visit gay bars or clubs and have any gay friends? Was he frightened to be seen? It would be pretty obvious if a 7 foot African American walked into a gay dance club or bar.

  10. guest says

    Letterman did use homosexual and the straight guest said, “first off, I don’t think they like that”
    Letterman: Ok what should I say.
    Guest: Gay
    Letterman then repeats the exact same sentence but uses gay and then continues on.

    Who know if he’ll keep to it, but he handled being corrected and corrected himself flawlessly.

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