1. says

    He’s quite the phenom. He’s all over the place with al sorts of projects yet hasn’t Gone James Franco (ie. annoying) on us.

    He’s been acting since he was knee-high to a doormat. Before Third Rock there was A River Runs Through It and the last nighttime version of Dark Shadows in which he co-starred with Jean Simmons and Barbara Steele.

    Al that plus his grandfather directed Pillow Talk

  2. Cd in DC says

    seems like a more talented version of Neil Patrick harris, you rock, Jo Gordon Levitt.

  3. Mike says

    Perhaps Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be STILL be most widely known as Tommy Solomon from the television sitcom “3rd rock from the sun”. Starting as a child star at only the age of four he has shown his acting talent in a growing variety of motion pictures. The films are as diverse as “Mysterious Skin”, “Looper” and “Lincoln” and ALREADY many others. Think that my favorite is probably his triumph in the notable gay romantic comedy “Latter Days” by the upcoming C. Jay Cox who really shows a deep feel for the subject, being both gay and a former Mormon himself. In this motion picture Gordon- Levitt quite convincingly plays a young and thus judgemental Mormon missionary. Seemingly just by quoting the unexamined Church of Latter Day Saints doctrine that he has been so chocked full of he quite brilliantly shows how out of touch, unfeeling and LAME their beliefs truly are! Apparently I am not alone in my feelings for this film. Among others, Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times was also most positive, saying, [that it is] “at once romantic, earthy and socially critical, “Latter Days” is a dynamic film filled with humor and pathos.”
    The Toronto Sun critic Liz Braun, said that “Latter Days” was “the most important gay male movie of the past few years.” Gary Booher, an editor for the LGBT Mormon organization Affirmation, declared that “It was so REALISTIC that it was SCARY! I felt exposed as the particulars of my experience and of others I know was brazenly spread across the big screen for all to behold.” This last statement was in no small part due to Gordon-Levitt’s exceptional performance. Am looking forward to this latest film. Will be interested to see “Jon Juan”. While this latest effort of his is a mainstream and not a gay interest film, the word from Sundance where it opened this last January seems to be quite good as it was received with considerable enthusiasm. It is the first film that he has written and directed let alone acted in. Clearly the gifted Joseph Gordon-Levitt is someone to keep an eye on in the future . . .

  4. Bobby says

    He is probably one of the most talented actors around. Not only does he act, but he also runs the artistic collective known as He started it with his late brother and the group is working on the annual TINY BOOK OF TINY STORIES right now that will be out later this year!

  5. andrew says

    I’m a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is one of the best dramatic actors working today. He is also a talented song and dance man which he showed us in one of the most outstanding and energetic opening numbers on SNL. The fact that he is so sexy looking also doesn’t hurt.

  6. tiko says

    Love JGL. Amazing actor, super smart and total hottie. I hate to see him buff out though – like him better in his normal build. It’s way more appealing.