1. Linda says

    Gorgeous voices. And I love Jessie J and Adam’s graciousness toward Angie. Lovely and classy.

  2. NE1 says

    I miss Adam, I hope he gets another album and more radio hits. I’m sick of the fact that gay singers don’t get radio hits, every song is an over sexed Rihanna type song that a gay person couldn’t get away with singing, which is unfortunate since we’re the biggest fans. but there has to be something for him.

  3. jjose712 says

    Talking about Rihanna, what Adam needs is song like Stay.
    He needs to tone down a bit for the first single, he has the best reactions on idol for his ballads, and he needs to release a good ballad as first single on his next album.
    If you have a hit, the run for the following singles is a lot easier.

    And i have to say he was very generous with Angie, instead of oversinging her like a lot of pros do when they sing with idol contestants, he connect with her. It was a gread duet and a good version of the song.

    In the first auditions i thought Angie would be the female version of her obnoxious friend Colton Dixon, but the truth is she is more talented and a lot more likeable

  4. Chadd says

    As nice as the Angie / Adam duet was, the Jennifer Hudson / Candice Glover duet blew the roof off of the place. It would have been criminal if Candice hadn’t one – It’s almost criminal that Angie didn’t come in second.

  5. says

    I disagree, the Hudson and Glover duet was both trying to outsing the other, Adam and Angie was a harmonizing masterpiece, Adam really is quite amazing, that I am certain of!

  6. formerplanetpluto says

    the Angie and Adam duet was the best performance of the night by far. A shame she didn’t win the whole thing. On another note, how bad was Mariah’s lip sync medley?

  7. jjose712 says

    I agree with Jason, Candice and Jennifer duet was good individually but not as duet. Both are great singers but i get the vibe the Jennifer was trying to eclipse Candice all the time.
    I think there was a lot more chemistry between Angie and Adam.

    I love Kree’s voice, but in my opinion Angie deserved to end second a lot more. Sometime in the way to the final Kree lost her faith in winning, and she didn’t recover it even when she reach the final two.

    Next year they need to chose better male contestants. They can sing, but the only one who has the potential to compete was Paul, and for some reason that i don’t understand the judges hated him and sent him under the bus really soon

  8. jl says

    This duet was much better than the other duets. No one was trying to out-sing or upstage the other; they complemented each other out of respect to THE MUSIC. There was artistry, nuance, and pace…something that seems unattainable by Hudson/Glover.

  9. glamity58 says

    Adam and Angie were the only reason I even tuned in. I really loved Jennifer in Dreamgirls, but she is just too screeching for me. Adam is the best IDOL has put out….he is unique and no one sounds quite like him. So many cookie cutters in the music world and no one appreciates our boy like they should. Thanks for the article.

  10. Luz says

    I missed a lot of the Idol finale since I have been so dissapointed with the show the last couple of years. Clay did not win, then Adam was robbed of the season 8 win. Please understand that No one can outsing Adam, so what happened? The last Judges especially Minaj are horrible. They should have chosen Adam as a Judge because he has a lot of fans like me who will follow him where ever he goes. If the producers of the show do not start making changes, the show will crumble and disappear.I did like Paul from this year but the judges got rid of him rapidly.Then all of the boys were gone. I did not like the girls. Candice sings everything like she was participating in a church choir and I hate that music. I predict that the winner will sell less than Dewyze and not make it. She seems to be stuck in choir music type songs and a lot of people do not like that kind of music. Adam really let his duet partner shine and that is classy. He could have overpowered her easily But Adam is the best male singer and he does not need to shout just how good he is for people are beginning to see just how great he is,.