1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Good comments from both, but I especially liked Letterman offering to hold Dr. Phil’s wallet for him while he…..himself. I’m not a fan.

  2. Paul R says

    Clearly Dr. Phil has had a change of heart. I still don’t love him, but he does influence a lot more people than reason would suggest. So, no complaints.

  3. TV viewer says

    Dave, also, used to regularly indulge in jokes where “someone is gay” was the joke itself. I likewise thought Dr. Phil didn’t exactly have a record on gay issues to be proud of.

    They’ve apparently learned some things over time.

    So congrats and thanks to both dudes. They are using their positions in the public eye to do some good.

  4. trg says

    Dr. Phil. Well, well, well. Eleven years on the air, and you’ve never ever, once had program on children/teens suffering anti-gay bigotry, abuse and rejection from their Southern Baptist (a la Dr. Phil), football loving (a la Dr. Phil) mainstream acting (Dr. Phil) parents.

    You’ve had: hetero spouses who cheat with opposite sex partners, hetero children/teens who sleep with the opposite sex, hetero parents who abuse or neglect their hetero children, vice-versa, drugs, prostitution…you name it.

    Oh, except for a child being rejected by his/her parents for their inborn sexual orientation. Yeah, that would just put a damper on ya’lls southern accent, and obvious love of football.

    Well welcome to the Pleasure Dome – or, in your case – the bandwagon. Don’t expect any respect from many of us.

  5. Carter says

    Haven’t encountered Dr Phil in various settings, he does more good than evil. It’s hard for me to get over his years of Texass Bush worshipping. That being said, the exchange was very funny!

  6. Francis #1 says

    Awesome! Very enlightened conversation. Haven’t liked Dr. Phil at all but he did a great job in not just saying that homophobia is wrong, but why it is, and why being gay is OK. Important; hopefully he changed some minds. Probably not but it was a wonderful segment anyway.

  7. says

    If I’m not mistaken, Dr. Phil did have an episode of his show where he focused it on bullying and spotlighted bullying of LGBT youth. He also had a whole episode dedicated to Prop 8 and had those for and against it to debate their positions. At one point someone on the pro side asked a woman in the audience who was against it, how gay marriage would affect her marriage and she was lost for words because she couldn’t provide any reason. He may not have always been for gay rights or whatever but he has had the conversation going for some time.

    That being said I still think the guy is a quack.

  8. anon says

    “Dr.” Phil never has anything of value to say to anyone. He’s really “Mr. Platitudes”. At least in this case the platitudes are working for gay rights. Otherwise, arrrgh.

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