1. Bill says

    I know these NOH8 pics are notorious for their airbrushing, but come on guys. Minnelli’s 67 years old. Stop trying to make her look like she did in Cabaret.

  2. MFinBH says

    C’mon, guys, it’s called high contrast lighting. It’s done everywhere, because it reduces the need for retouching. And frankly, in the video snippet where she isn’t overly-lighted, she still looks damn good.

    Show some respect to a great lady who’s always been on our side.

  3. Mike says

    How brave! Having given zero dollars to No on 8, zero dollars to AFER to fight Prop 8 in court, and zero dollars to any other marriage equality fight, and a mere 4 and a half years after Prop 8 passed, she does a photo shoot.

    What an icon!

  4. graphicjack says

    Mike… shut up. Her “photo shoot” can actually do more to convince her fan base, who is older, to maybe rethink their views on the gahys. That, in my opinion, can do more than an anonymous cheque to a charity… Obviously, the charities can use the green, too, but this can actually have a bigger impact when people’s hearts and minds can be changed by visible signs of support from people they know and admire.

    Since America seems doomed to have this put to a vote in every freakin’ state, it’s going to be a long uphill battle to get oldsters, who are the ones who actually vote, to change their minds and for the majority of voters, not just Americans, to accept and vote for equal marriage.

  5. GCS says

    It’s always pretty hilarious to see heterosexuals say “hey you yeah you be who YOU are!!”.

    I mean, yeah, ok, as if you would know anything about what it is to be gay.

  6. says

    @CGS: Liza’s grandfather, father, and husbands were gay, as well as most of her friends and fans. I’m sure she knows more about what it is to be gay than you do.

  7. Joseph L. says

    To the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” camp of gays…. screw you. Really. Someone does a good thing, and all your whiny arse can say is that they could have done it earlier, and with better lighting. Just say thanks, this is pretty cool, and move the f*** on.

  8. GCS says

    FuryOfFirestorm: Yes, I am sure she sure knows much better about what it means to be gay than me, an actual gay person. Give me a break. The only way someone can “know” what it means to be LGBT is when they are actually LGBT. Allies will never “know”.

  9. GCS says

    Your argument reminds me of those people who claim that children of LGBT couples are by proxy part of the “LGBT community”, even if they are themselves heterosexual and cisgender. After all, it sure makes a lot of sense to take association to the next level, no?

    Being “close” to LGBT people doesn’t make you LGBT, in much the same way that a black couple raising a white child will not make the child any less white.

    Diva fans will of course pretend that I am personally attacking Liza Minnelli and her continuous support, likely calling me “bitter” or “cynical”, completely disregarding my original point.

  10. GEB says

    Of course she’s airbrushed. She’s being used for her image. I bet she’d tell you she had much more fun with Halston, and Andy Warhol at Studio 54. This face painting is what today’s gays are doing. It makes such a statement. It’s ego effective– with emphasis on the ego. Love you Lisa– Way before they dressed you up in “equality” drag in 2013.

  11. says

    @GCS: Also, speaking of missed points, you missed my original point about Liza and her association with gays. I said that “she knows more about being gay than you do” – that does not mean that it makes her a gay person by proxy. It does mean that she has seen up-close and personal what gay people have gone through over the past few decades and has a better understanding of the gay experience than you do. She is more than qualified to speak out on our behalf. If you don’t like it, deal with it.

  12. GCS says

    FuryOfFirestorm: Yet again you continue to treat Liza Minnelli as a gay person and continue to make a fool out of yourself. I must repeat myself: it is completely irrelevant how “up-close” you are with a minority community. You will -never- know what it is like unless you experience it 24/7. Liza Minnelli is not gay. She will never understand the struggles that gay people face, no matter how many gay husbands, brothers, cousins, friends and dogs she has.

    I am a gay person and I automatically know more about what it’s like to “be gay” than a heterosexual woman. It is completely absurd that you can’t see how insane and blind you are being. Lay off your Liza Best Of CDs for once and see how asinine you are being.

  13. EB says

    GCS: So tell us what it “really” feels like to be gay. You’re such an expert. It’s different for everyone. I think you’re closer to what is called a bitchy queen. And not too bright I might add…

  14. says

    @GCS: Where did I say Liza is a gay person? I just said that her decades of living with and knowing gay people has lent her an understanding of the gay struggle that most other people do not. Please learn how to use reading comprehension. “Understanding” and “Being” are not the same thing.

    Also, I don’t own anything by Mrs. Minneli. She’s a great singer, but her music is not my cup of tea. My tastes run from The Police and Prince to ABBA and Queen. Not all gay people listen exclusively to showtunes.

  15. kode says

    I respect her, always have. Even when she’s been seen a bit ridiculous character in the media I’ve thought that she seems to be a very nice person. And that is a true compliment that you can say only of very very few people.