1. Caliban says

    IMO he looks better now, though his housekeeping skills seemed to have stayed about the same!

    And if he isn’t gay he’ll do until one comes along.

  2. will says

    He can do this vid again at ages 40, 50 and 60 — we viewers can intuit the life lived and opportunites taken and missed — sort of an equivalent to Michael Apted’s 7 UP series.

  3. MikeBoston says

    Goofy. Cute. And if he ain’t gay he should ask for a refund from his therapist.

    Looks like the 29 y.o. self is spending too much time in the sun. He better scale it back or the 39 y.o. self is going to look like a dancin’ California Raisin.

  4. Mike says

    Ummm, for those who are talking about the room and the drawer…he tried to recreate the setting. I can’t believe that had to be pointed out.

  5. ripper says

    I like how his 20-year-old self is oh soooo serious, and his 30-year-old self is practically mocking the 20-year-old. Couldn’t be a more apt metaphor for leaving the twenties behind.

  6. will says

    ^^^ No, no, no! It’s a mistake to read the 20-year-old as “oh soooo serious”. A serious 20-year-old in a serious mood would probably not have done an interpretive dance like that. I NEVER thought about the older self mocking or leaving the 20s behind.

    They are pieces of the same person, reuniting, coming together. The beauty is that he’s NOT mocking his younger self, but accepting his past, embracing his history (and playing with it). It’s an epiphany — like when we find old lost photos of ourselves in junior high and try to reconcile that younger person with the current one.

  7. BitterPill says

    Don’t you morons understand he intentionally kept his dresser drawer opened to mirror the original video? Yet, all you have to say is he’s messy. Pinheads.

  8. ripper says

    No, will, the epiphany is he realizes he was a silly toolbasket when he was 20. He’s having a laugh with himself about it.

    “They are pieces of the same person, reuniting, coming together.”

    **rolls eyes**

    Let me guess… you’re in your mid twenties?

  9. ratbastard says


    LOL…that what’s called a backhanded compliment.

    Seriously, he’s managed to stay in great condition. Not east once you hit 25 or so.

  10. mike128 says

    Why does everyone here have to evaluate/critique this guy? He’s having fun and putting it out there for you to enjoy. So enjoy or move on. Why be hateful?

  11. Mark says

    This is the most narcissistic thing I’ve seen in a while. The fact that everyone is salivating over a attention wh**re is kind of repulsive. Move on people, stop feeding the monsters.

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