1. El says

    “This content is currently unavailable”

    Andy, would you mind transcribing his/their answer for those of us that don’t live in the US of A?

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The rapid response was “Louis”.

    You haven’t missed anything by not seeing the clip. It is very dull.

  3. gregorybrown says

    The whole phenomenon of “boyband” seems dull, at least once you are beyond the age of 11.

  4. says

    David you’re correct but it’s usually the writer who gets it wrong. Bands play their own instruments (mostly) and groups don’t.

  5. Edward says

    Not about the interview, but does anyone else have a hard time actually hearing multiple singers on The Wanted’s singles? When I first heard Glad You Came I thought it was one or maybe two guys. They seem to do no harmony beyond fifths and octaves.

  6. Chris says

    Sean and David, actually the alliteration made it move into the vernacular hence we have girl groups and boy bands, but you have to look at “boy band” as its own noun, not a modifier of the word “band”. A “boy band” is a very specific thing, everyone immediately knows what you are talking about, and in all honesty isn’t that what language is supposed to do?

  7. Deeee! says

    Speak for yourselves. It’s seriously time to stop speculating about what kind of genitalia people gravitate towards. Picking out “the gay one” is juvenile, intrusive and impolite. I know a lot of you will argue that it’s harmless, but think of the reasons why they consider a person to be gay. Are they generally positive things, or things they would be embarrassed about in themselves?

  8. Michael says

    Whatever guys. We have a popular boy band who all but one have no issues with a possible dabble with another guy.

    Rock on.

    And, btw, it doesn’t take a detective to figure out One Direction is made up of 3 gay guys.

  9. jjose712 says

    David Hearne: Tue, but the curious thing is that several members of both boybands play guitars.
    And it’s nothing new, because i remember that at least two members of Take that play piano and guitars.

    The truth is not rare that at least a couple of members of a boyband have some talent, but it’s almost impossible to show that when you only do bubble gum pop with pretty generic lyrics

  10. 13 Mitred Abbots says

    It’s clearly Niall. Watch the video for “One Way Or Another.” It’s possible all or none of them are gay but he is the one that stands out as stereotypically gay. I’d like it to be him and the one that pulls back the shower curtain and shakes his head. lol

  11. Randy says

    I’m still waiting for boy bands to sing even one single to their male fans.

    The get enough press here; it’s truly the least they could do.

    And for those that actually have an out gay member, it’s the obvious thing to do. Isn’t it?

  12. Mitch says

    Seems like the real story here is: Members of two boy bands demonstrating the immaturity of high school students are resorting to homophobic name calling to bully each other.