1. Francis #1 says

    It’s being said that the amendment that would explicitly label this bill a civil marriage bill would without doubt lead to passage of marriage equality in Minnesota and Minnesotans United is pushing for it. Undecided legislators said they’d vote for the marriage bill if that provision was added.

  2. Kevin says

    Guy up now is trying to introduce a bill that will make all marriages civil unions.
    It has no shot but he’s made it clear he’s a no vote on the marriage bill.

  3. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @Francis #1: And that’s what infuriates and maddens me about this whole affair. Marriage is and has ALWAYS been a civil issue. It predates religious wedding ceremonies by centuries. People are constantly confusing the MARRIAGE (the union of two consenting adults’ financial and legal interests, including mutual care and childcare) with the WEDDING (aka the “Princess Perfect Costumed Theme Party”).

    The churches only got into it when couples would use church services to announce their wedding (and let a large number of fellow citizens know about the subsequent union of two FAMILIES’ mutual economic interests). Of course, the churches REALLY got into the “sanctity of marriage” business when they figured out that they could CHARGE for the officiant’s blessing of their union.

    If the states would cut off the convention of giving religious wedding officiants the temporary notary powers to execute the marriage license, couples would have to go the the Justice of the Peace to get married, and the whole confusion would end.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: The officiant at our wedding executed the marriage license, so technically I’m a hypocrite. A happily married hypocrite, but still…!

    Everything else I write here stands. And GO MINNESOTA! You can bring Marriage Equality to the Midwest! Show EVERYBODY that famous Minnesota Nice!

  4. Kevin says

    Sadly,we are seeing some swing voters that will vote yes on this (including Kim Norton Democrat) that will most likely vote no on gay marriage.
    And that was the whole point of this amendment.
    He knows it won’t pass but by doing this,he can say he tried to comprimise and they wouldn’t have it,therefore they will vote no on the other ones.
    It’s basically the cowards way out.

  5. bandanajack says

    if it makes them happy to call it civil marriages, they can have it. i know and you know that that is all we are asking for anyway.

  6. Kevin says

    BTw,the federal government won’t acknowledge these.
    So no go to the civil unions route. A route which by the way the amendment that failed wanted to block.

  7. JONES says

    Rep Kelly’s bill is not a for ‘civil marriage’ but for civil union.
    Treacherous ground for all married Minnesotans.

    He’s hoping to force the Federal Gov to give the word marriage to religious institutions.

  8. Kevin says

    Gee,why wasn’t this bill offered last year?
    Oh wait,that’s because they were trying to ban civil unions and domestic partnerships as well.
    This is a smokescreen and nothing more.

  9. JONES says

    Rep Kelly (civil union advocate) says his marriage is between him, his wife, his church, and God.’

    No. No. No.

    You don’t get to force domain for the word ‘marriage’ to religious institutions.

    Legally your marriage is a civil contract. Your church ceremony is a celebration within a chosen group. Has nothing to do with your civil liberty to marry the one you choose.

  10. Francis #1 says

    @One of the CA 36,000, exactly. The amendment is completely unnecessary. But I’m guessing it was necessary to bring in the final votes or bring in some Republican votes.

    Tim Kelly’s civil union amendment failed so I expect marriage equality to pass now.

  11. Francis #1 says

    Four Democrats voted for the civil unions bill. We’ll see if they defect and don’t vote for the actual marriage bill, but I think they will.

  12. Owen says

    Ugh, I know it’s often worth it for the prize at the end, but is anyone else bothered with how these votes on ssm are ALWAYS, INVARIABLY so utterly long and drawn out?

    It feels like such a no-brainer issue, yet there has to be this absurd pretense of this being so “tough” and how “debate is necessary.” It’s equal rights! There shouldn’t be a need to dally!

  13. Kevin says

    Using the latest person’s argument,divorce should be banned as well and any person who loses their spouse should be forced to remarry.

  14. Kevin says

    Using the latest person’s argument,divorce should be banned as well and any person who loses their spouse should be forced to remarry.

  15. Anthony says

    Marriage has always been a civil institution. People couldn’t separate the simple fact that there has always been civil marriage as opposed to religious marriage. They instantly think of marriage being in a church and freak out

  16. JONES says

    Rep Faust

    ‘The Bible’ is the source of objection.
    ‘Imposing our religious beliefs on others.’
    ‘The courage to make this struggle’

    He made me tear up.

    I’m loving most of the Minn supporter stories.

  17. says

    The pro-equality speeches have been so beautiful and heartfelt, many from people who probably or certainly would not have been equality supporters not long ago. Very moving.

    Too bad we have to suffer through the religious zealots and blond bimbos to hear the good ones!

  18. JONES says

    ‘Big blond hair’ used every scare tactic story line from the AFA playbook. Marriage will become genderless. NO.
    Marriage will now be available (under law) to all those who desire it.

    11 year old ….
    Nobody says you have to give up either a Mom or a Dad.

  19. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Good people on both sides”

    Yeah, well, there sure are some cold-hearted anti-gay schmucks on the opposition side too. The things things they say, while claiming to be respectful.

  20. JONES says

    Radinovich needs to tell his constituents that he cannot in good conscience deny a minority group their civil rights even if they want him to. They shouldn’t even have to be voted on at all. Get them to understand that it is about civil rights.

    To Daudt … those gay friends of yours … et tu Brute?

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