News: Boy George, Tel Aviv, The Abbey, Nintendo, David Bowie

RoadBoy George to perform greatest hits in Cannes.

DarbyRoadGay couple celebrates 54th anniversary.

RoadVideo: 105-year-old attributes long life to love of bacon.

RoadCNN fail: Nancy Grace and Ashley Banfield talk "via satellite" from the same parking lot.

RoadMichelangelo Signorile on the first AIDS generation: "So many had seen their lives transformed by AIDS activism, fighting on the front lines and changing the world, only to see the world move on once the most horrible part of the epidemic had passed, as they tried to put their lives back together."

RoadMadonna's MDNA tour to air on EPIX next month.

RoadGay man running for mayor of Tel Aviv: "Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) on Monday announced his intention to run in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipal elections, due to take place on October 22. Horowitz, a second-term MK and former journalist for Channel 10 News, will be challenging former Labor member Ron Huldai, who has served as Tel Aviv’s mayor since 1998. If he wins, Horowitz (49) would be Tel Aviv’s first openly gay mayor, and the first in any Israeli city."

RoadTom Daley hits the practice pool.

HauptmanRoadGay campaign manager has had enough and is not going to take it anymore.

RoadSlain gay Mississippi mayoral candidate Marco McMillian's family demands answers: "McMillian's parents are planning a news conference Thursday with the National Black Justice Coalition and the law firm of Parks & Crump."

RoadReport: Nintendo "correcting bug" that allows gay marriage in recently released Tomodachi Collection: New Life.

RoadAs we predicted, Bill Donohue took the bait, rips Bowie video: "David Bowie is back, but hopefully not for long. The switch-hitting, bisexual, senior citizen from London has resurfaced, this time playing a Jesus-like character who hangs out in a nightclub dump frequented by priests, cardinals and half-naked women."

RoadZac Efron lays in Dave Franco's lap, works out with giant balls.

EnnisRoadABC News producer comes out as transgender. GLAAD: "Now, there is some shock value in this story, but it has nothing to do with Ennis or her gender identity; it has to do with the New York Post's respectful coverage of her transition and the support she's received."

RoadEric Cantor rips the media for ignoring Republicans: "The media has done a great job of sort of shoving us in the corner..."

RoadDavid Cooley, owner of L.A.'s Abbey Nightclub and Restaurant, is opening a companion business almost next door: "According to a press release received this afternoon, Cooley has taken over 10,000 square feet of retail space at 8936 Santa Monica Boulevard to develop a new restaurant and bar concept. 'Cooley is working with his management team at The Abbey to develop a restaurant and bar, designed to compliment The Abbey, making use of indoor and outdoor space facing both the world-famous Santa Monica Boulevard and the recently re-developed West Hollywood Park,' says the release. 'The new space will integrate a 3,000-square-foot patio overlooking Santa Monica Boulevard and a large terrace overlooking the West Hollywood Park.'"

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  1. Really, Bill. Everyone knows that priests and cardinals would be hanging out with half naked boys.

    500 priests imprisoned for child sex abuse, 3 billion in payouts...

    Posted by: rick scatorum | May 9, 2013 2:58:30 PM

  2. Really, Bill. Everyone knows that priests and cardinals would be hanging out with half naked boys.

    500 priests imprisoned for child sex abuse, 3 billion in payouts...

    Posted by: rick scatorum | May 9, 2013 2:58:34 PM

  3. The couple, who celebrates their 54th anniversary (wow!), hope you'll have many happy years to come!
    I'd like some anti-gay-marriage person tell us now, what s/he thinks about the LOVE those two men have shared.

    Posted by: Matt26 | May 9, 2013 3:05:16 PM

  4. Yes, "one" example of gay longevity proves it works. Leave David Bowie alone, his music is timeless, but obviously not from your time. I'm surprised Dave Franco doesn't melt around Zac's beauty. Glad the Abbey is expanding to further accomodate the attitude.

    Posted by: GB | May 9, 2013 3:40:53 PM

  5. Sorry Mr. Cantor, you Repugs put yourselves into that corner by spewing your ignorance for way too long. Now turn around and face the wall.

    Posted by: Jack M | May 9, 2013 3:44:04 PM

  6. I think it is unfair to say Nintendo is "correcting" the bug when they haven't made an official announcement about it yet.

    Posted by: Robert | May 9, 2013 3:47:00 PM

  7. Congrats and good wishes to the 54 year couple. They managed that without popular support and probably against some good-sized barriers. THEY are the kinds of folks who will benefit from Marriage Equality, more than the newbies choosing marriage because it's a current "thing", hitched today and feeding divorce lawyers in a few years. And that's fine, it's what Marriage Equality must be about for so many couples. We can't expect gay couples to be more successful than their hetero counterparts--unless, ofcourse, they have the particular qualities that nurture love for a half century.

    Posted by: gregorybrown | May 9, 2013 3:52:10 PM

  8. Is something finally going into the long-empty Java Detour space in WeHo? That would be rad, even if it's Abbey II.

    More congrats and best wishes to the couple celebrating their 54th together. So marvelous.

    Hahahah, Republicans are being painted with their own tar, not any feathering by the media. Whiners!

    Posted by: Zlick | May 9, 2013 3:57:42 PM

  9. that transgendered person looks like she could be stockard channings sister....

    Posted by: disgusted american | May 9, 2013 4:03:26 PM

  10. Bill is disappointed the video didn't show more half naked men.

    Posted by: EchtKultig | May 9, 2013 4:08:35 PM

  11. Congrats to the couple celebrating their 54th anniversary, and the best line of the day:

    "Asking a gay couple which one is the wife is like asking chopsticks which is the fork," he said. "We just work together. We went from being friends to dating; became partners and became spouses. Not husband and wife."

    Posted by: Rexford | May 9, 2013 4:11:53 PM

  12. Like the couple celebrating 54 years, we are almost 72 & 62 and just passed our 42nd anniversary. It will be 3 years since the "official" wedding in Washington DC - where we met so many years ago. Still love my precious Tom.

    Posted by: stephen stillwell | May 9, 2013 5:29:39 PM

  13. Beautiful, Stephen. The best to you and Tom for many more years together.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | May 9, 2013 5:38:55 PM

  14. Re: "CNN interview over satellite from the same parking lot" Um... Nancy Grace appears to be in front of a green screen in a studio... not standing outside in a parking lot.

    Posted by: jexer | May 9, 2013 5:46:45 PM

  15. David Cooley doesn't own the Abbey, he sold it many years ago to a straight club owner and is paid to manage it now...and he already tried opening a restaurant on advantage Monica blvd called Prey that over-utilized animal prints in the decor and failed 5 months after it opened. The man is deeply in love with himself and horrible and doesn't deserve any press.

    Posted by: John | May 9, 2013 8:29:48 PM

  16. Nobody puts Cantor in a corner-to paraphrase Johnny Castle

    Posted by: Grover Underwood | May 9, 2013 10:33:19 PM

  17. The media folks at SBE need to learn how to spell complement. The Abbey peaked years ago and has gone downhill since SBE took it over.

    Posted by: PeteP | May 10, 2013 12:53:15 AM

  18. 105 year old says long life has to do with eating bacon regularly? Excellent. Choke on that,organic vegans. I'm now going to have some bacon, eggs, potato salad and wash it down with a hefeweizen. Cheers.

    Posted by: ratbastard | May 10, 2013 9:58:02 AM

  19. It's not (unfortunately) the Java Detour site in Weho but the space two doors up from the Mother Lode where the dance studio used to be. Whoever builds there, taking advantage of the view toward the significantly improved park is a good idea.

    Posted by: Will | May 10, 2013 12:56:19 PM

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