NYC Gay Couple Attacked in Daylight Hate Crime Outside Knicks Game

Nick Porto and his partner Kevin Atkins were attacked near Madison Square Garden on Sunday after they had enjoyed an afternoon brunch, DNA Info's Matthew Katz reports:

GaycrimeThe pair were assaulted on Eighth Avenue, between West 34th and West 35th Street about 5 p.m., cops said — as the Indiana Pacers played the Knicks on Sunday.

Police said could not say whether the attack was a hate crime, as it was still under investigation, but Porto, who was left with a broken nose and severe headaches, said there was no doubt in his mind…

…Porto said that he and Atkins, 22, were walking arm-in-arm down Eighth Avenue after a leisurely brunch when a group of men he said were in their early-to-mid 20s and wearing Knicks jerseys started shouting slurs at the couple.

"They called us f—-ts," said Porto, a clothing designer. "They made fun of my jeans — I made the jeans myself, for that day."

When Porto turned around asked why they were shouting at him, the group of men knocked the pair to the ground and began to violently kick and punch them, he said.

Their attackers are unlikely to be identified, police say, as there were so many people in the area wearing Knicks jerseys. Atkins suffered a broken right wrist and lost his bag with iPad and cell phone in the attack.


  1. says

    ‘Their attackers are unlikely to be identified, police say, as there were so many people in the area wearing Knicks jerseys.’ *TRANSLATION* Unlikely to be identified because in all reality, we can’t be bothered putting the effort into to find these people, and make an example of them. Rather, we’re going to let them get away with it, and send the message to other thugs in NYC that its OK to incite violence and hate crimes whenever, however, and against whomever, they feel. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR NYPD.

    Are you going to seriously try and tell us all, that in NYC in the middle of the afternoon, no witnesses, no cctv, NO ONE saw anything that would identify these people? I smell BS.

  2. Adam says

    Liberal New York City is a very dangerous place for gay men. It’s because liberalism, by definition, is a very permissive ideology. It permits cruelty. It permits not just good but also bad.

    New York’s gay men can only truly feel comfortable in a very small part of New York City that is segregated from everything else.

  3. HirsuteHeuristics says

    If the lost the iPad could he use the tracking feature to possibly narrow down suspects? Assuming he had that app set up and enabled?

  4. grego says

    This so sucks! :( How could there be no no surveillance cameras or witnesses? in NYC?

  5. says

    B.S. they can’t identify these animals – there are cameras all over the area – businesses in the area all have cameras – I hope pressure is put on the NYPD to solve this – these hate-mongers cannot feel free to do this – let me know what I can do Nick and Kevin as I am sure you are reading this.

  6. ED says

    The real world is not a gay blog. Be on guard. Be careful. Our “exposure” has set us up to be targets of violence.

  7. says

    Seriously? NYC is much like London. There are cameras EVERYWHERE. It is the same in Boston-that is how the Boston Police found the bombers. Trust me..if NYPD wanted to..they could identify them. Sad.

  8. Francis #1 says

    I can’t believe that there aren’t any witnesses. The NYPD better get on the ball and do the necessary work to entice witnesses to speak out. If they don’t do so, it’s another incident that makes the NYPD look like a bunch of homophobes. Yet another one.

    My heart breaks for Nick and Kevin. This fight for equality really is about stories like this—not being able to even exist as openly gay in NYC of all places without being beaten and harassed. Hate crimes have been rising in San Francisco and Seattle. There aren’t many places in our society where it’s safe to be openly gay. We must not forget social climate changes while we fight for legal changes.

    I hope Nick and Kevin recover fully, physically and emotionally.

  9. Billy Crytical says

    Words may change. We might hear “we’re ok with gays.” However, the reality is nothing has changed fundamentally. The hetero cops will brush this off because they understand the mind of these criminals, they likely did stuff like this too. So it’s not a big thing to hetero cops. Gay people need to make it a big thing.

  10. MateoM says

    Adam, aka Rick/Jason/David Hearne/Ratbastard, is a fool and should be ignored.

  11. ED says

    But Lance Dustin Black is giving a performance of “8” in Phoenix tomorrow. Any chicken establishments to boycott? What’s the Boy Scout status? Apparently violence hasn’t become part of our dialogue just yet — even in broad daylight.

  12. kravitz says

    Urban Bear was happening about this time, but winding down. (Not in this area.) Hells Kitchen is a little north. But if the area involved is MSG, it’s also a major Amtrak / LIRR / NJ Transit hub. And any kind of attack is a big deal. Can’t imagine it’s not on a cam.

  13. HkFca says

    I’ve been advocating gay gun ownership for a long time. A couple bullets would’ve resolved the issue without a broken nose or wrist.

  14. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Okay Texas-bashers: In which state is New York City situated?

    I blame basketball.

  15. scooternva says

    Hey idiots @ NYPD: Put down the doughnuts and find those bastards with the GPS tracking features built into the iPad and that cellphone, morons.

  16. Lars says

    Read the actual article: the iPad was not stolen, it was ‘destroyed’ in the attack. And police did not say that they could not identify the attackers. They said it would be more difficult, since so many people were dressed similarly. Those two statements are hardly the same.

    Small corrections. But since so many guys are flipping out in the comments here, it’s worth remembering that an article summary should be faithful to the original.

  17. Mark says

    How many times do we have to hear the police go, “Gee, I know they were calling you faggots as they were beating you and we know they approached you because you were walking arm in arm with your boyfriend but, um, we’re not sure if this is a hate crime.”

    And, yeah, at MSG, where I used to work, there are a tons of cameras around. If the management at MSG is any indication of what was taking place outside then I’m not surprised at all things went nowhere.

  18. Kev C says

    The word “F@ggot” got started in New York City. The first authored use of it as a homosexual slur was by Claude McKay, a black communist of Harlem. Before that, it was used during prohibition by jewish and italian gangsters of NYC. It was so closely associated with jews of NYC that many believe it comes from the yiddish word word F@gala (it doesn’t).

    Welcome to New York City. We invented F@g Bashing.

  19. Adam says

    New York City is one of the most homophobic cities in America. I have a gay friend who says that New York City is where he experiences the most fear for his life.

  20. Mike Ryan says

    Amazing we can find two terrorist brothers through the use of security cameras and cell phones but police can’t find hate crime terrorists.

  21. Whynot? says

    I hate that in this day and age crap like this still happens. I think ED is right. All the talking points and complaining in the world aren’t gonna change the fact that there are a-holes out there looking to do damage to people they perceive as weaker. But what if the guys who were attacked had been responsible, trained gun owners who happened to be armed at the time??? Just asking.

  22. Jeff says

    No one is going to protect us. We H A V E to protect ourselves at all levels and in all ways. When we show we REALLY care about ourselves AND EACH OTHER then they will take notice.

  23. johnny says

    I might go down with brain damage or a coma or even death, but there’s no way I’d let these f*ckers beat me up without taking a piece out of one of them, even if I had to literally bite it out.

    Gay men:


  24. ratbastard says


    I am a real human being and poster, and post as ratbastard. I am not the other posters you mentioned.


    Get a dog. A guard dog that knows how to brawl. Put a pink collar or rainbow doggie sweater on him, I don’t care [although the other dogs will laugh at him], but it would detract from his deterrent potential.

    Learn how to fight and defend yourself. Carry a weapon or some kind [many everyday items make great and perfectly legal weapons]. If it’s easy to do where you live [it isn’t in NYC unless you’re rich, a politician, a celebrity, corporate exec…], get a firearm. I’d suggest a 9mm pistol.

  25. says

    If the two were black then it would have been a racial issue, and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the whole lot of them would be out in arms calling for justice. And the police would have the dirt-bags in an instant. Also thugs like those pick on gays they perceive as weak and unlikely to fight back and they also roam around in packs just like animals.

  26. Fenrox says

    This is the worst. I live in NYC and you always want to believe that people will help if they see something but they rarely do. I would have kicked up a ruckus for you guys! I’m sorry nobody did the same.

  27. Michael says

    Unlikely to be identified. Nice thought. These ignoramuses will brag to someone. “Someone” needs to do the job the police don’t feel they have the time to do. Pass the info on. It isn’t just two guys that got beat. It’s everyone that walks the streets, who can become a victim just as easily.

  28. Book says

    NY1 News is showing a pic of one of the attackers, so it’s been narrowed down. Someone will squeal on him.
    And, how can the cops even hesitate to call it a hate crime? They have the two witnesses’ testimony, and why else would a gay couple be randomly attacked in a crowd in the middle of the afternoon? They even mocked the guy’s jeans, ffs!

  29. David Hearne says

    The attacker would be a lot easier to ID if he had a 380 bullet in him.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to look up the Ruger LCP or Ruger LC9. The LCP is so light that I can carry it in the pocket of my sweatpants without too much sag.

  30. Bollux says

    @Kev C There is absolutely no linguistic evidence that Claude McKay was the first to employ the term “faggot” as a slur. From as early as the 16th C., the word was a term of abuse or contempt applied to women and even children. Most etymological theories point to the semantic extension of “effeminate men” as coming from within the gay community – in the same manner that “queen” and “Mary” were repurposed internally by gays to describe other gays. By superficially citing Wikipedia and erroneously espousing that the term originated with black New York leftists, you have provided us with some keen insight into the mental capacity of the undereducated.

  31. Derrick from Philly says

    They’re cowardly punk-azz gay-bashing thugs who need to be arrested and pay for what they did. We all agree, right? But I don’t need to be schooled on the physical characteristics of Dominicans as opposed to whatever.

    @ “Fenrox that lying PC schtick makes honest people want to puke.”

    Honest people? Right-wingers are so damn pompous–especially Gay ones. They need to get beaten by drag queens.

    “Honest people”…more bullsh.t

  32. Kev C says

    @Bullox. The modern usage of the word as a homosexual slur is surprisingly modern. You won’t find anything earlier than 1919. Claude McKay is the first named author to use it, but he picked it up from mobsters and communists. The word wasn’t known by mainstream America until the 1970s. The words for homosexual by WASP Americans of the 50s and 60s were Queer, Fairy, Fruit, Pervert, Sodomite, etc .. but not F@ggot. It’s a New York City word. It really is.

  33. truth says

    LOL at Derrick from Philly fantasizing that anyone who isn’t a racially obsessive loon must be a “right winger.”

  34. GB says

    Gays have usually been good at avoiding violence. Akin to “gaydar” gays could always sense groups of people to avoid. Places not to walk. It’s called “street sense.” I was all over NYC in my early 20’s and never had a problem. Maybe I knew what to dodge.– and I was often alone. It was a skill.– I fear for the coming marriage climate. The anger will be accelerated.

  35. Bill says

    @Lars: Aside from them now having released a video showing a “person of interest” (hopefully that means a suspect), being dressed distinctively really does make it easier to find someone – you can ask (for example) if anyone saw someone get on a bus or train and at what time, and possibly trace that person’s route, finding out approximately where he lives.

    @Mark: the police said they would not yet state if it was a hate crime because it was still under investigation (according the original article – see the link above). There is probably a policy not to say something is a hate crime until the investigation is complete. Name calling alone does not constitute a hate crime, although it may be used as supporting evidence.

  36. Queer Supremacist says

    Enough is enough. I am sick of hearing about gay people being attacked, but I’m even sicker of hearing about the pusillanimous, ineffective responses. The time for a worldwide transracial Queer Militia is NOW. Gay men and women must take up arms to defend themselves against these genocidal breeder thugs by any means necessary. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    If someone is physically attacking you without provocation, you have the right to fight back in order to defend yourself. Use it.

    If gay men were as bitchy and hateful to our enemies as we are capable of being to one another, we’d have had equality 20 years ago.