1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    It seems more an act of war than a “terrorist” attack. People forget we have been at war with radical Islamic enemies for over ten years. The consulate was attacked by our enemies, hence “act of war”.

    This wasn’t an attack meant to strike fear in the general American population, which is what a “terrorist act” would have been designed to do.

  2. Leo says

    ARGH this pisses me off…

    Tens of thousands died for a false premise in Iraq, abetting Cheney’s oil and Halliburton prospects.

    Paul Ryan was behind decreased funding for embassy/consulate security.

    Democrats need to point this out EVERYDAY to the Rethugs, who need to fix the cracks in the glass house about to shatter around them.

  3. disgusted american says

    Im sooo TIRED of hearing about Benghaziiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! ..maybe the GOP can find another “controversy”???

  4. Leo says

    Semantics of ‘act of terror’ vs. ‘terrorist attack’? On live television?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or scream.
    We’ve officially reached a new low.

    Who the **** does this child think he’s fooling? **** you Issa.

  5. Paul R says

    This story really needs to die, but it make the GOP look ever crazier. So it’s awful that 4 people died. How many have died in our wars over the past 10 years? This “investigation” is why people hate Congress, with good reason.

  6. leprechaunvict says

    Let the Republicans keep flogging this dead horse, it will only help retain their ongoing irrelevance to the lives of most ordinary voters.

  7. Bill says

    @disgusted american: if you really want something to be disgusted about, check out the recent New York Times editorial on the subject regarding the Republicans current interest about Benghazi: “It is a level of interest they did not show during George W. Bush’s administration when there were 64 attacks on American diplomatic targets or in the years they spent cutting back diplomatic security budgets.”

  8. GB says

    Was Boston an act of terror? Obama will avoid using the word at all costs. The second term always poses problems for incumbent presidents. The Republicans, although we question their methods, have single handedly rendered this president impotent. Now they’re going after Hillary with unfounded attacks. It’s regrettable how she sold out to Obama. She should have been the President in 2008.

  9. DVDINORL says

    Never give any politician or political party your full support, ever.

    No matter who is in any office, politicians are always more focused on power than telling you the truth.

    So I suggest that just maybe, there is some fire coming from all of the smoke that surrounds this administration.

    The last thing this, or any any administration wants is folks from their own party questioning them. And when they see folks blindly supporting them no matter what – they take them for granted.

    It’s OK to question those you support….

  10. PAUL B. says

    How do Republicans dig themselves out of a hole? They jump in and start shoveling. haha.

  11. Leo says

    GB —

    How exactly is Obama avoiding the word?
    How is Obama impotent?
    How did Hillary “sell out” to Obama?

    Please refrain from empty platitudes and non sequiturs. Thanks.

  12. JONES says

    ‘single handedly’ ???

    How about thru organized entrenched party filibustering, media assisted obstructionism? Faux News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Wallace, ALEC, Heritage included.

  13. Chris says

    What exactly is the “cover-up” here?

    That they made a mistake on the culprit/purpose identification that they later admitted too?

    It’s a tragedy, but the reaction’s puzzling compared to essentially the nothingness following the countless atrocities of the Bush years.

    If someone did try to say something then, they’d be called “un-American”.

  14. JONES says

    Birth certificate / Benghazi
    Do you really think ‘validity’ plays a part in the mindset of these hacks?

    They really are terrified of Hillary for 2016.

    We call out our own all the time.
    LGBT, Dems, GOProud, Log Cabin. Nobody is immune.

  15. MIke says

    I just watched Chris Matthews’ Hardball where he was arguing with a Republican representative. They agreed that Susan Rice went on six Sunday talkshows and lied. Lied. That was Matthews’ term. Matthews big contention was “well, WHO made her do that!!? You don’t know!”

    It’s a shame both parties have their political hacks willing to go stupid over anything.

    Susan Rice worked for Hillary who worked for Obama. But if it means saving their asses, just chop off her head. SHe’s just a black woman. I’m sure she’ll take the fall, when she was probably (and you f-cking know it) was just saying what she was TOLD to say.

  16. GB says

    Terror is reserved for Al Queda. Obama can’t get legislation passed. Gun control as a glaring failure. The Republicans will make sure Benghazi follows Hillary to 2016. Leo, I’m not a Republican. The Obama years will fade in history as do all administrations. As will you.

  17. GB says

    Terror is reserved for Al Queda. Obama can’t get legislation passed. Gun control as a glaring failure. The Republicans will make sure Benghazi follows Hillary to 2016. Leo, I’m not a Republican. The Obama years will fade in history as do all administrations. As will you.

  18. JONES says

    Obama administration sucks at getting legislation passed, cabinets filled, judges approved. Part of that blame is Harry Reid. Part is the gerrymandered House.
    Part is on him. I don’t always agree with his views (Gay marriage is a states rights issue, chief of staff William Daley) and I disagree with him out loud in the media where I can.

    And yet for all that Obama is ten times the president Bush was.

    If Hillary doesn’t run in 2016 I want her to be on the SCOTUS.

  19. emjayay says

    Obama should spend more time being direct about what is going on, like he more or less did here. He just should have added that Darryl Issa and his crew oughta STFU and spend some time doing something useful.

  20. UCRYBABIES says

    Well. Well. Well. Seems a LOT of people are being made aware of King Barack Hussein Obama’s foibles and weakness, no matter how hard he tries to distract, finger-point and blame others. First, this whole pesky Benghazi thingy just won’t quite go away, will it (STRANGE ain’t it how it appears that he tried to “tamp it down” until after the election…)? THEN this ugly bit about the King’s minions having the IRS target the King’s supposed enemies, OUCH! And now, whew, his administration being linked to unprecedented spying on the Associated Press, right after “Mr Transparent” has a closed-door meeting with CERTAIN journalists, but not others? GOSH, “Mr Transparent” wouldn’t try to manipulate the press, now would he? Wouldn’t you just LOATHE being Jay Carney right now? Having to get up there time and time again to concoct some half brained fib? Don’t you just KNOW he’s dying to quit that lying reptile-in-chief?

  21. DC Arnold says

    When a white was president nothing could get people to make impeachable offenses to stick and they got away with it. Now that a black is president repugs are using any and everything to make sure the 2nd term is a failure at the cost of a nation. When all is said and done and a white regains the white house watch how fast cooperation returns.

  22. ratbastard says

    Was it handled badly in Benghazi? Yes, of course. Is the government lying about what really happened, why and who effed up? Yes, absolutely. Did similar things happen in ‘conservative’ Republican administrations? Yes, of course. Does POTUS and Ms. Clinton deserve a pass? NO, THEY DO NOT.

  23. ratbastard says


    That’s retarded and B.S. Why do some people absolutely refuse to ever criticize POTUS , presumably because he’s a black [1/2 black, raised by the white side of his family] man and a ‘progressive’?

    GW was crucified by the media, ‘progressives’ and late night comedy shows. Yes, he was a sh*tty POTUS and deserved it. Clinton was impeached by congress, Nixon was forced to resign, LBJ had to quit after 1 term. Obama is far from what he claimed he would be, too, and has done and continues to do many highly questionable things. But he can do no wrong among black Americans and ‘queers’.