1. Richard says

    It’s so refreshing to see witness a break in the “whole lotta ugly comin’ at you from a never ending parade of stupid”. (Hairspray)

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    TALK TALK TALK. How about some WALK, Mr. President? Back up telling them what THEY should do by doing more YOURSELF such as keeping YOUR four-years overdue promise to order the some 3000 federal contractors not to discriminate against LGBTs the way FDR ordered federal contractors not to discriminate against blacks—AND the way YOU ordered federal government agencies in 2009 not to discriminate against those transgendered. Stop gutlessly hiding behind the phony excuse that “ENDA would be better.” Of course it would, but that didn’t stop FDR from waiting for a federal law. Should YOUR OWN PEOPLE have been content to be discriminated against for 21 more years until the 1964 Civil Rights Act could be passed. Hell, you’re not even doing anything to keep another promise to BACK UP your second term excuse about not signing such a order:

    “As President, I will place the weight of my administration behind the enactment of a fully inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act to outlaw workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.” The issue is NOT whether this Congress WOULD pass ENDA [it wouldn’t], but that you’ve done nothing to help turn to soil for a future harvest. It’s bad enough that you’re not doing anything to help ENDA advance—you’re that it hasn’t as a shameless excuse NOT to do something YOU can do WITHOUT Congressional approval.

    And how about that TALK in your second inaugural speech in January about honoring gay couples when you still haven’t kept your promise from your FIRST campaign to order gay nondiscrimination policies IN the military post repeal? NOTHING about DOMA bans a gay couple from living in military family housing, but yet YOUR Defense Department still arbitrarily forbids it just as they do the right of the civilian spouse of a gay or lesbian soldier from being buried in a national cemetery as any heterosexual spouse can.

    What were your words again here? Ah, yes—”empathy” and “a sense of compassion.”

  3. Mike Ryan says

    I listened to the whole speech from another room and when I heard those words “be the best husband you can be to your wife …” I took a short breath of disappointment but he followed it with “… your boyfriend, your partner …” and I was overwhelmed with emotion. In my whole life I never thought I would hear such words from a sitting President. My respect for him (and Michelle) is enormous.

  4. sundayboy says

    He’s the best president of the modern era, he’s the Democrat’s Reagan. But he’s more effective and his legacy will endure longer.

  5. Mike in nyc says

    Can anyone imagine Mitt saying that?!? Much less Mitt even finding his way on to that Campus?? Not likely.

    I think we would all enjoy hearing the thoughts of GOProud and Log Cabin crowd on this one….

  6. Mike in nyc says

    Can anyone imagine Mitt saying that?!? Much less Mitt even finding his way on to that Campus?? Not likely.

    I think we would all enjoy hearing the thoughts of GOProud and Log Cabin crowd on this one….

  7. taxpayer says

    This is called leadership.

    (Very, very, very different from a certain extremely shallow, privileged jerk who probably did, in fact, forceably cut that gay kid’s hair.)

  8. Lars says

    Wow. Thank you President Obama. In both word and deed, this president has worked for my rights more than any other president in history. While I will always advocate for more to be done where it can be done, I’m also mindful of the importance of recognizing progress when it exists. And here it clearly does.

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    “The Democrat’s Reagan”???? Hell’s bells, as critical as I am of him, what a horrible thought. And unless Obama finds a cure for AIDS nothing else we can imagine him doing will last as long as Reagan’s legacy: tens of millions of deaths from AIDS and tens of millions of HIV infections because he and his thugs did virtually nothing while it exploded around the world.

  10. will says

    This is beautiful to watch. I do try to live in the moment and I’m grateful for the salient changes in the culture. THIS is how it should be. We aren’t looking for special treatment, just to be included as part of the whole. But still I have this nagging dread it all comes to an end when the next republican is elected. It’s strange how we live in this cusp time where we can have a President so adamently gay-friendly on the one hand and also in the same week conservatives who run adamently against our interests.

  11. PAUL B. says

    @Mike Ryan…I thought exactly the same thing.
    For me, at my ripe old age, this is nothing short of a miracle. To be here today, listening to our president say these words is delicious. I can’t express what it feels like to me…to have lived to see & hear this about who I am & was born to be.

  12. LJAY says

    LOL @ the guy even mentioning the idea of Mitt ever going to Morehouse. No way in HELL he would have gone there, and rest assured he’d have nothing supportive to say about gays at all.
    One thing about Obama is that you can tell he truly sees gays as human beings. Even some gay men themselves can’t see it that way.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “Ballsy quote by Obama. I’m sure it didn’t go over well. ”

    Sean, you are the most Black-hating Korean I’ve ever come across. We have 4 Korean professors where I work and I get along well with all of them. Not to mention my lottery man–he seems to like me a lot (I wish he was Vietnamese, Laotian or Thai–I think they’re extra sexy).

    You certainly hate Blacks. What did we do to you, honey? Or what didn’t we do :-)

  14. EB says

    He’s clinging to the only issue he thinks people are in solid agreement with. There are so many scandals brewing, it’s insulting that he use gays as pawns. It’s all politics. Can’t wait for the “community organizer” to go.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    @”Can’t wait for the “community organizer” to go.”

    Can’t help but hope the next 3 years are the longest of your life.

  16. Caliban says

    Like there are no gays at Morehouse, JDE97? If you think that you’re a fvcking fool. There have been several articles in just the past few years about growing acceptance of gays at “traditionally black colleges,” in fact one of the gay wedding videos featured her not long ago was of two black men, surrounded by their classmates from a TBC.

    Newsflash, darlin’, you’re not immune from “the gay” and as Obama said, you’re not the only victims of prejudice. Get over it.

  17. Paul R says

    I’m honestly curious. Are so many people trolls just to get attention, or do they think they have actual points to make or think they sound wise? I know the answer, but still.

    I wish that Andy had designed the site so that posters’ names came before their comments. (Plenty of sites do.) It would save me 3 precious seconds, given that the second I start reading I know exactly who it is and skip ahead. Seeing the name would save me half a precious second. Those 2.5 seconds add up!

  18. Krajci says

    All this tacky homosexual-propaganda Obama has been pushing over this past year is clearly an attempt to divert attention away from the many other issue he’s been failing at. Instead of addressing how these college graduates are most likely going to have a hard time finding a job, despite their degrees, Obama goes on some silly little spiel about being nice to homosexuals. Very disingenuous. But I guess pandering to the emotionally needy homosexual is easier than having to hear what people think about Benghazi.

  19. Kieran says

    It would have been great if instead of stunned silence and murmuring at the President’s historic and enlightened words, the Morehouse audience had erupted in thunderous cheers. But then, this is still 2013—not 2031.

  20. says

    Unless you’re a troll, there is no down side to Obama making a pro-equality statement at Morehouse.

    As for the so-called scandals, the only people who care about them are on FOX News or watching it. Behind the scenes, the Republicans are searching desperately for the next “scandal,” because the ones they’ve manufactured aren’t sticking. They’ll still be trying to impeach Obama in 2017.

  21. will says

    Krajci (or Krackerjack):

    If you’d bothered to really look at the video, Obama did not go “on some silly little spiel about being nice to homosexuals.” This was a speech about about taking responsibility, about “setting an example of what it means to be a man. Be the best husband to your wife. Or your boyfriend or your partner. Be the best father you can be to your children.”

    This was a speech to the whole of the school, with Obama realizing a segment of the college men listening were gay — and then being inclusive. This is precisely addressing “the whole” and not singling gay men out for “special attention”. Please get a grip and stop whining about gays taking over. We’re just here to take our rightful seat at the common table.

  22. dh says

    This is not the first time he’s addressed homophobia in the black community. Even when he was campaigning for his first term, he made a statement–in a black church no less–about how “we haven’t always treated our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters with fairness.” Pretty gutsy, even then.

  23. MateoM says

    So many anti-Obama homocon trolls on the site today. I guess it’s easier to vilify one of our most prominent and influential supporters than it is to accept the fact that you belong to a party that actively opposes granting you your equal rights.

  24. Dax says

    Immigrants, muslims & gays…oh my!! You see what he’s doing, don’t you? Obama’s approval rating amongst the general middle class is & always has been low (and he only scored 39% of the so-called “white vote” during this past election)…so instead BO brown noses any & every “minority” he can to counter his overall questionable approval. I’m sure that audience appreciated being condescended to by the president, which is why instead of applauding they sat stunned by his remarks.

  25. Derrick from Philly says

    “(and he only scored 39% of the so-called “white vote” during this past election)…”

    That’s all any Democrat needs to win the presidency (and a few state wide races also). That’s what Hillary will get 3 years from and she’ll win :-)

  26. Matt says

    How many of you pro-Obama supporters have any kind of gay life? Politics first, outrage second, rights third and boyfriends–sex life? Well, at least the straight boys featured on this site give you something to fantasize about.

  27. EB says

    At the rate Obama gets legislation passed, the three years will fly. Obama may like gays but violence against us is rising. Which is the real barometer of acceptance?

  28. rocky says

    This guy has BALLS! (no pun intended).

    Let’s enjoy all this while it lasts because we may never have this opportunity again. I don’t foresee Hillary Clinton name dropping gays at high school and college graduations.

  29. Francis #1 says

    Thank you, President Obama. You could hear the crowd was stunned, with some laughing. They never expected the President to say that but I’m so happy that he did. This is a big deal for many reasons.

  30. EB says

    Stunned is not accepting. You can’t preach sexuality. He was in dire need of a diversionary topic. I wonder if his words will give a gay basher a revelation?

  31. James says

    As much as The president likes to talk about black people and their homophobia I with someone would talk about the racism in the gay community.

  32. Bob says

    @James —
    Do you have a way to make people cleansed of their flaws on the day they come out?
    Do you have a way to remove the cultural differences in people so that they disappear when you walk into a Gay bar?
    Do you realize that it is self-defeating to label people who are not turned on by members of Race A or B as racists?

  33. Taxpaying American says

    I’ve noticed that there tends to be a correlation between intensity and frequency of troll activity and the laudability of the action of someone they just don’t like. The more laudable, the more threatening it is to the point of view in which the troll is invested.

    Obama did something fantastic here — something he didn’t have to do, at all, something honorable, something meaningful, and something that will be noted in history books. It’s a big deal, as another commenter wrote.

    I consider the troll activity spike for this post to be confirmation that Obama did something particularly good.

  34. Ziemba says

    Obama bringing this rhetoric to Morehouse is frankly distasteful and I’m not the least bit surprised that the audience were more aghast than appreciative. Play the gay card at USC, NYU or some other more vanilla university; don’t bring that to a school like Morehouse.

  35. Jersey says

    You all know ever one of the trollish comments are from the same pasty fat cottage cheese resembling white guy no woman or man would touch with a 25 foot long pole right.

  36. Nate says

    Obama is a liberal anarchist at heart, He loves this subject because he knows how much people hate it, and how it might disrupt society. He’s looking for a legacy and we are it.

  37. NY2.0 says

    Scandals? What scandals? Did any of you see the polls? Obama is still very popular, republicans not so much. Only republicans and those on the right see a scandal, the rest of America doesn’t care. Back to the topic at hand, well said Mr. President!

  38. James says

    By your logic do you have a way to make a person stop believing being gay is wrong if thats what they were taught?Racism is learned and can be unlearned just like homophobia if you try alot of gays see nothing wrong with being racist.And fyi I’m not some snowqueen chasing white guys,that’s not what I’m talking about.

  39. Ren says

    This is just sheer cockiness on Obama’s part. He KNOWS that he has the black community in his pocket and can get away with virtually anything where they’re concerned, and so he cockily makes these provocative & controversial pronouncements to them simply because he can. He knows that even if they disagree (as obvious by their “stunned silence”) that he won’t lose favorability with them.

    If he were speaking before a group of conservative white business men, or even a group of legal immigrants, he wouldn’t be as bold about grandstanding.

  40. says

    @Ren, it’s called a bully pulpit. President Obama has one, as all presidents do, and good presidents know when to use it effectively–for instance, before an audience whose views may be changed by what you have to say because that audience supports you. That’s not grandstanding. It’s what presidents are supposed to do.

  41. Francis #1 says

    The fact there’s any controversy in what Obama said at all highlights a) how far we, as a society, have to go where recognition of persons/groups/families/etc. non-heterosexual is treated as NORMAL, and b) how ignorant people are to find scandal in anything. Oh, and c) how bitter some are that Barack Obama is the President of the United States. With he being black adding to the bitterness.

    We’re not invisible and that’s what Obama’s recognition of us in this speech makes people realize, whether they want to confront that FACT or not.

  42. LCR Jay says

    Agree w/Ren. Obama views black folks as his sheep who will go where he leads them. No way would he get on his gay soap box to a group of Mormons or white southern baptists and attempt to dictate to them how they should think about this issue.

  43. emjayay says

    I do wish this site had an up and down voting for comments, as a lot of sites do. Even YouTube. Then after some number of down votes, the comment is deleted. I’m talking about comments from Krajci, Matt, JDE97, LCR, and EB etc.

    The other day a Talking Points Memo post apparently got linked to some right wing site and needless to say the comments were mainly not the insightful and amusing discussion you usually find there. More like a parade of knuckle dragging ignorance.

  44. John Sheets says

    What a great man.
    I don’t know what it is that that makes me tear up every time I hear this President speak. I feel so lucky to be alive when a man like this is President.

    It seems the more daggers the republicans throw against him…the more gracious he gets. I pray I’m around long enough to see him enjoy his legacy. He will go down as one of Americas Greatest ever. I fear we will not see another like him for many many years again. God Bless you Mr President.

  45. Polyboy says

    Obama does not “pass” legislation. Congress does. Executive orders just create massive disappointment when a new President comes because they are vulnerable.

    Congress is as much fault as anyone. There is NOTHING empty about this. There is nothing encouraging a minority within a minority to embrace themselves and learn to love themselves so they can learn something else.

    The “idealists” posting here talking about action are memetic predators at best, trying to leech this moment in order to make yourself feel superior when you are making yourselves seen as shrill and divisive.

    Politics is a constant battle and dismissing this is not going to win you a damn thing.

  46. Tom Cardellino says

    This man Barack Obama may not be “the first gay President,” he may not be Superman, and yes, he has disappointed many progressives like myself on many civil rights issues in these United States of America and inour military reach overseas; but he is the most inspirational thinker in politics I have ever had the emotionally moving pleasure to have witnessed in my 60 years on this Earth. When I was a pre-teen, my Mom made sure I saw the actions and listened to the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. and for that early education into the “more-than-mere-words” importance of heartfelt and well thought-out oratory, I’ll thank my long-deceased mother until the day I die. More than a mere chance group of bipeds born within certain artificially drawn borders, we as Americans have a serious responsibility to do for our fellow citizens and our fellow humankind worldwide whatever we can to actually promote democratic principles, not merely bomb our way to victory in a then-ravished nation and expect democracy to emerge from the ground like long-hibernating cicadas, fully equipped to take on the complexities of self-governance and statehood. One of the many lessons I drew from this densely eloquent speech, is that the world can’t wait for any of us to get to work as soon as we are able to better humanity’s plight in this world. Bravo, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, sir. You are this one gay man’s President of the USA, and of that I am, dare I say, proud!

  47. Markt says

    The President’s comments made the trolls say what they actually think here – rather than throwing out the usual manipulative hyperbole to get a rise. And the responsive comments were great. It was really empowering to me to see so many thoughtful and intelligent comments in response. This time the system worked.

  48. Chuck Mielke says

    What a necessary idea: that being a good spouse, no matter the sex of your partner, is a definition of manhood. The unstated assumption of equality is electrifying.

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