1. Josh says

    Of course it’s perfect. It’s all been pre-screened. You can find a perfect example of anything in this country. I did this in the ’70’s without the fanfare. This one’s for the trophy case.

  2. Adam says

    Let’s not underestimate the importance of Jason Collins’ coming out. He ought to be respected.

    Women have been coming out in professional sports for decades. Why has it taken much longer for men? I truly believe that women have it easier. Women benefit from the double standard.

  3. GM says

    Okay. First I have to say that Jason Collins is great. He is talented and smart and articulate. Second, I’m a little shocked by some of the mean-spirited comments from a few of the folks here on this website. Those people need to take a good look in the mirror. I don’t think they like themselves very much, and I feel sorry for them.

  4. Joe in SF says

    This man did something important and courageous, advancing the LGBT movement more in 5 days than his detractors here have probably done in their lives. Show some grace and respect!

  5. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui says

    Homosexuality is not deserving of the approbation of man. We can not overlook condemning those, who, through their own bad use of their faculties, are vicious to the good and perfection of the human system.

  6. says

    “Deep in my heart I do believe that we shall overcome the evil myth of heterosexual-supremacy!” ~The Reverend Timmy

    Video: Where is The Evil Myth of Heterosexual-Supremacy Alive and Sick? You Might Not Believe It!

    Video: What exactly is The Evil Myth of Heterosexual-Supremacy?

    Rev. Timmy Videos:

    Rev. Timmy Video Blog – Surviving and thriving on Planet Heterosexual-Supremacy:

    Video: When did the evil myth of heterosexual-supremacy actually begin targeting folk born non-heterosexual?

  7. Joe in SF says

    Those who deny the divinity and perfection of the LGBT are separating themselves from the Oneness of all and revealing their deep fear.

  8. Jake says

    I think Joe and GM read the same psychology paperback from the supermarket. Thank the media for the remarkable five day blitz.
    Think about the “divinity” of sucking and f—-ing. You’ve gone over the deep end.

  9. says

    videos and stories of openly-gay people and their supportive families always bring out the bitter jealousy and hilarious dismissal of closeted gay conservatives.

    will any of the complainers post a video of themselves and THEIR families?

    of course. not. because they can’t.

    and that’s why this story of a black man who is openly gay with his black family who are OPENLY SUPPORTIVE irks them so much.

    because their own white conservative familes sit each day wishing they’d been pro-Choice, all those years ago.

    oh well.


  10. Rob says

    I salute Jason Collins. I must say, however, that it’s not a stretch to suppose that he might be gay when you hear him speak. I can only imagine the discomfort around him for many years. Moms always know. (Mine sure as hell did.)

    It’s still groundbreaking to say it out loud- a real Christopher Columbus moment to leave behind Black Culture, Religious Culture, and Sports Culture and set out on your own, trusting that the world is not flat. Go Jason! If you need comfort, or a great massage, you call me.

  11. Tom Cardellino says

    At times like this, I wish I could “fix” all of the broken souls out there who can’t see good when it’s staring them in the face. Jason Collins did great good by coming out, and I thank him for that. In addition, I think there are innumerable young LGBT kids out there who will reassess their lives for the better because of brave folks like Jason Collins. That is indeed a great legacy for any one person to leave behind as they forge through their lives in this conflicted world.

  12. Tom Cardellino says

    Thank you, millerbeach! Aside from all of the self-interested irons in the fire, foremost in our thoughts must always be those frightened kids who are not taught that what is naturally happening to their bodies is normal. Because of ancient and useless prejudices against what has been perfectly normal for 1,000’s of years, we as modern citizens must become forever exempt from criticism and denigration by those who also find their orientation “straight” without decision or self-righteousness. Our diverse birthright orientations are normal beyond criticism, and the sooner we adults teach that simple yet fundamental truth to our children, the sooner all children will learn that all of creation is in the same basket, succeeding together or horribly failing to each other’s detriment! Let’s embrace success as a unified people who could not care less about whom one loves, except to say “Congratulations!” upon finding one soul with whom you feel complete!

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