1. Larry McD says

    Ah, yes. Once agin them outside agitators is astirring up trubble like they did back in mah daddy’s day when our happy colored folks was fooled intuh believin’ they needed a vote and a seat at the lunch counter.

  2. TampaZeke says

    I’m becoming more convinced by the day that I’m the ONLY good and sane thing that EVER came out of the state of Mississippi!

  3. e.c. says

    Look, if the Boy Scouts want to become a fully church-funded organization and give up all the various public monies and accommodations they receive then they can stand on whatever “moral” principals they want. Until then they need to stop acting like they are somehow being victimized for being called out for discriminating.

  4. Kevin_BGFH says

    @TampaZeke – Perhaps the key here is that you made it OUT. The sane ones leave, the kooks stay and make is worse for everyone left.

  5. Christophe says

    No. Religion, is that which is being crammed down everyone’s throat, not orientation.

  6. snt says

    the guys does have a point we are forcing our sexuality on them and forcing them to accept us..

  7. disgusted american says

    I say Phuk the BSA- IGNORE THEM…….letm go the way of the Dinosaur

  8. Alex Parrish says

    @snt — your comment is beyond ridiculous. No one is forcing sexuality on anyone. If you think that’s how sexuality works, you need some professional help. As for forcing them to accept us — they have no trouble accepting our financial support and they have for many years. If they can accept my gay dollars they can accept my gay children. Period. They are perfectly free to forgo any government funding or financial breaks (which are the same as funding) and then discriminate against anyone they chose; they just can’t do it with government support.

  9. terry says

    We should all stop bullying the scouts along with the Klan, the skin heads and those folks who want to put up the “whites only” signs. Not to mention the “no Irish” signs of old. Next thing you know we’ll stop them from selling their children into slavery.

  10. Bill says

    Steve Palazzo comes across as a real hypocrite. He complains that the Boy Scouts are being “bullied” while that organization recently refused to give a kid in our area his Eagle Scout award after he fulfilled all the requirements, simply because he was gay. They wouldn’t even give him the award he earned before kicking him out. So, it seems Palazzo has no problem with adults pushing around kids in their teens but whines when adults find such behavior on the part of the Boy Scouts to be unseemly.

  11. SFshawn says

    They will be bending over soon enough.
    Including this a**hat who’s too stupid to make the distinction between following the law and breaking the law! The Church and the Boyscouts have the same idiot problem—wanting their cake and eating it too. They want the public funds and all the freebies that go with it AND they want to play in politics without PAYING ANY TAXES!
    Get a clue Mr. Palazzo(Church,BS,etc.) and get prepared to bend over and understand when it’s time to take it like a real man. lol.

  12. Mark says

    what is his email so we can tell him how hi “culture” has been crammed down our throats forever

  13. ToThePoint says

    No one is forcing anything down anyone’s throat. The BSA is welcome to continue to discriminate and treat their gay members like the unclean filth we have been labeled to be. Just don’t expect nice people to like you any more. And be prepared to support youselves more, maybe thru sufficiently high membership dues so you can remain the special privleged citizens you THINK you are. If you want to be bigoted, then you shall pay for the bigotry.

  14. Bernie says

    another brain trust moron speaks! his lack of logic and rationality is scary!

  15. GeoffreyPS says

    Does anyone else find the metaphors used by the anti crowd to be so funny? They cram it down out throats. It’ll blow up in our faces. Bwahahaha…..

  16. says

    If they don’t want to honor people’s rights, then the boy scouts should stop taking taxpayer money and give up its tax exemptions.