Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Would Welcome a Gay Player

KraftNew England Patriots owner Robert Kraft indicated to reporters over the weekend that he would welcome a gay player to the team:

"We’re about winning, and [if] someone can come in here and help us win. I don’t care what ethnic background, what racial background, what gender preference they have, if they can help us win and they’re about team then I’ll be happy to have them here."

Of Jason Collins, Kraft said: "My hearty congratulations to him."


  1. Francis #1 says

    Robert Kraft has been a long time ally of the community. Hats off to him for being a supporter of LGBT rights and prospective gay players. Not many owners/coaches have spoken on this issue so it’s important to hear of at least one that would be completely supportive.

  2. says

    Anyone else cring whenever you see the word choice or preferences when referencing sexuality? I just wish people would say orientation and just leave it at that.

  3. Francis #1 says

    Chris isn’t going to be signed by the Patriots. They have a better punter in Mesko than Kluwe is.

  4. northalabama says

    welcome a gay player??? there are already gay players in the nfl, and the pats probably have at least one already.

    what they should be asking: why are existing gay players remaining in the closet? one possible answer: they fear being openly gay because of resistance they would face from fans, attacks they might face from closed minded players, possible retaliation by bigoted members of local management, and the demonstrated overall resistance by discriminatory members in the national organization, all of which would destroy an open players career.

    until a supportive environment is created where gay players feel safe to make their sexuality known, without overwhelmingly negative consequences to a career almost surely to follow, not much will change.

    why would any gay player willingly submit themselves to such a potentially hostile environment? how much more difficult would it be for them to perform at a satisfactory level in order to maintain their career?

    start asking the right questions, and if you are serious, change the hostile environment that forces your players to stay in the closet.