1. Alex says

    So in that first clip, did her husband say at the end, “I had nothing to do with that?” in response to Reese’s actions? Boy, talk about trying to cover your butt and not stepping up to protect your spouse!

  2. says

    I had read rumors that she was a diva and that was part of the reason her and Ryan split, but I never thought of her that way until now! Whoa!!

  3. BreckRoy says

    The reason shouting at, an especially getting out of a car to approach, a cop during a traffic stop or while he is trying to interact with or arrest someone else is obstruction is very simple: it increases the risk to the cop, splits his focus, risks escslating the situation for the party in trouble, and generally impedes the cop’s ability to do his job. In this case, it seems like overkill because we know Reese wasnt packing heat, never ended up assaulting him, and that her husband didn’t attempt tl make a bream for it while she was shouting back and forth with the cop. But as a matter of procedure, he should assume anything could happen, the drunkenness could be drugs, the shouting woman could be causing a distraction, she could be getting out of the car to rush at him, she could be putting herself at risk by being drunm on the side of a road–further splitting the cops attention amd distracting from his ability to focus on assessing and arresting her husband. So when he shut her down, harshly, there was a reason…he has no time to explain, defend, or convince her. She was the drunk wife of a drunk driver and needed to sit quietly in ths car until he could get to her. When she started arguing and got out of the car, she moved clearly into obstruction territory and as he warned her, she was arrested accordingly. The diva crap and lies about being pregnant were actually the least of it all.

  4. RHR IN TN says

    Richard, if she were truly concerned about her husband’s best interest, she would have called a cab. She was throwing her name around in an attempt to circumvent the legal process.

  5. Gigi says

    @JOE — Perhaps you could GET A CLUE before you post in the future. Little Miss Prissy Pants did not follow the police officer’s orders. She was arrested for obstruction of justice. There is no SCANDAL here. Tammy Tinybladder thinks she’s ALL THAT. She’s not. End of. Go back to sleep.

  6. Jay says

    The press and blogs are blowing this non-story out of proportion. Minus the “do you know who I am?” I’d have tried to defend those I love, just like she did.

  7. Lars says

    She should have sat on her damn butt and listened to the officers. Drunk driving is no joke, and the officer was just doing his job, trying to get a dangerous driver off the street. But she felt the need to get all up in his business, get in his way, and he was absolutely right to restrain her. These guys do a tough and often thankless job. Dealing with drunk and belligerent people is a complete pain in the @ss but they do it for the sake of our safety.

    That said, she was properly remorseful when she sobered up, and at a certain point people should stop rubbing her nose in this.

  8. James says

    I don’t think Reese was being a diva at all. I think a lot of people would do the same thing: They see their loved being arrested and walk up to see what’s going on.

    As for calling out being American, she wasn’t being obnoxious. She was standing up for herself in the (mis)belief that she had a right to stand on the street and fight out what was going on.

    Too many Americans bow to the police.

    The flip side is that police officers do have reason to fear when an angry alleged criminal’s family gets to close to them during an arrest.

    I think the cop could have released her after placing Reese’s husband in the car.

    Calling Reese a diva is ridiculous. She’s a strong woman who was concerned about her loved one.

  9. Lars says

    @Alex, yeah I caught that too. Hilarious. I hope she gave him hell for that later. Apparently she can dish, so she probably did.

    And honestly, I don’t think she was trying to ‘protect’ her husband. She was probably trying to protect herself from being splashed on all the tabloid websites. But instead of diffusing the situation she just escalated it.

  10. Chrisme says

    @ Gigi, perhaps YOU should be more polite.

    Why try and shut down Joe? Police behavior/powers is a discussion that should be had.

    When you post in the future, try not to come off as so close-minded and intolerant.

  11. Davelandia says

    Not that I’m defending her, but this video is police business and should never have been released to the public. Thats just wrong.

  12. Ken says

    She looks like a nice person who got carried away trying to protect her husband, and obviously doesn’t understand aspects of the law such as obstruction of justice.

  13. billypollina says

    Oh please. The only bad thing this video shows is her husband allegedly drunk and driving. If he was drunk and driving he should have to pay for that like anyone else. But her actions are hardly news worthy. She was just being protective. And anyone on here who says they wouldn’t try and use their name as influence if they could is a liar. As for the cop, he appears to be very patient in these videos.

  14. Caliban says

    According to a friend in the film industry who worked on one of her films Reese Witherspoon is a b*tch from hell and no one who has ever worked with her was shocked in the least by this. Her “America’s sweetheart” act is switched off the moment the cameras stop filming.

    There’s a big difference between being a “strong woman” and a deeply unpleasant person.

  15. Mark C. says

    Never, ever, get out of a car especially when a police officer tells you to stay put. I went through a similar situation in the 80s, however, in my case I was arrested and beaten up. The police officer was shoving the driver of the car I was in and the driver wasn’t resisting or giving him a hard time. When I opened my mouth & got out of the car I was wrong and consequently became the target of his unhinged abuse. The officer was a bully and I paid dearly for trying to defend my friend.. I only wish there was a dash cam that night.. Moral to the story: No matter how right or wrong its best to just keep put. I am sure Reese realized that the very next morning over a nice hangover. Ugh.

  16. Grant says

    I think the officer has impeccable comic timing…and as far as being a “hillbilly?” I think he’s adorable. He’ll probably get offered a reality show.

  17. steve says

    the officer as he stated was- conducting a dui investigation and therefore she was obstructing that investigation by not listening as instructed.

  18. David says

    I am an American on American soil and I have an Oscar!

    It’s just so silly. I hope she has a sense of humor about it…maybe after a year or so she can go on SNL and laugh about it.

  19. David says

    I am an American on American soil and I have an Oscar!

    It’s just so silly. I hope she has a sense of humor about it…maybe after a year or so she can go on SNL and laugh about it.

  20. Paul R says

    Everyone who’s saying she’s trying to protect her husband…protect him from what? A breathalyzer? They were both drunk. She was acting drunk and difficult. She ignored the orders of a police officer when she was already in the wrong. If they were going out drinking, they should have hired a cab or a driver. So many celebrities fail to understand that simple rule.

  21. it happens to the best of us says

    well, obstruction is a term to ensure compliance with investigation.

    She clearly never has been arrested before. Or even watched the tv show cops.

    Any time you are a passenger in the car, you have to stay inside. There has been incidents of other criminals being pulled over, who were being checked for DUI or speeding, and their car passengers ganged up on the cop.

  22. Houndentenor says

    Agreeing with Davelandia. She apologized. She should take whatever punishment is required by law. But there’s no reason to release this publicly.

  23. it happens to the best of us says

    The dash cams serve in to capacities, to ensure that the incident is captured on tape if their is a cop fatality and to ensure the officer is following protocol.

    The tape was damage control, because they are ensuring that the celebrity doesn’t claim police brutality or excessive force.

    She was a ranting drunk, and he did her a favor taking her off the road. She could have killed someone–like Hallie Berry did, who walked away from it unscathed publicly.

  24. anon says

    And to think she almost married Jakey G!

    My advice to bigwigs and traffic stops: don’t say anything to the cops on the scene, or protest–they are only issuing a summons. Get a proper lawyer and deal with the ticket in the courts where there are many ways to get a charge dropped or reduced.

  25. HirsuteHeuristics says

    Elle Woods should have just put on her lawyer glasses and told the cop that due to subject matter jurisdiction and habeas corpus he had no grounds to detain her.

  26. Patrick says

    She was being obnoxious. She wasn’t ‘defending’ her husband from anything. A routine stop and a police officer trying to do his job? Her husband wasn’t being pushed/taunted by the officer. There was no reason for her to stick her pointy chin into the matter.

    For all those ‘stick it to the man’ types; the entire police force is not corrupt or out to getcha. This officer was doing his job which involves following standard procedures. People may question the legality of it but in situations like this it is for HIS own protection. He is dealing with two intoxicated individuals, who often don’t think/behave rationally, regardless of who they are.

    She messed up, we all have.

  27. says

    It’s pretty simple; a cop tells you to do something, you’d best to it OR be prepared to handle the consequences. She was way out of line. And, yes, interrupting a cop when he’s in the middle of ANYTHING is obstruction. The guy said ‘stay in the car,’ y’stay in the frackin’ car.

    Watching her throw herself around like a haughty little diva is so disappointing. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since “Man in the Moon.” Seeing this side of her gives cred to the rumours of her being difficult to work – and live – with…

  28. Buster says

    To those of you saying this tape shouldn’t have been released, I would point out that tapes of police activity are tapes of PUBLIC officers engaged in PUBLIC business and should generally ALWAYS be released to anyone interested. That is one important way that we, the Public, can monitor and help keep the police or other public officials using their substantial powers properly and not abusively.

  29. Buster says

    That being said, Witherspoon was being a drunk ass and was interfering with the officer doing his job and deserved to be arrested. But she probably doesn’t deserve to be pilloried for the next month in the media about it.

  30. HirsuteHeuristics says

    @Chrisme appears to be related to Reese with the same sense of entitlement and sanctimonious attitude.

    Now, do what the good cop tells you and blowblowblowblowblowblowblowblowblowblow.

  31. jaragon says

    The patrolman was doing his job- Reese should have shut up and stay in the car.

  32. Armando says

    In what scenario would arguing with an officer ever result in the officer not arresting someone? It could work if you provide them information that makes a difference to the law. Unfortunately being a famous, and apparently obnoxious, movie star does not exempt you from arrest. This is America and we all should be treated equally under the law. The officer was just doing his job, she knew she was wrong and already apologized for the incident. There is no defending behavior that even she realizes was wrong.

  33. Betty Treacle says

    I’m not an American citizen and I’m not writing this on American soil, and for that reason I find this story absolutely hilarious, rather than an embarrassing indictment of what happens when an already over-entitled country gets forcefed too much nationalistic claptrap.