1. Ian says

    This is the worst fear of the homophobes coming true. Gay men coming out that totally contradict all the femme, nelly stereotypes carefully foisted for generations to make gay men ashamed to be gay. Tear down the stereotypes!

  2. UFFDA says

    I’m with Ian. The stereotypes have hurt us far more than anything, they are a self-inflicted kind of AIDS.
    This sweet and wholesome man, like Collins, is the best form of antidote in the world.

  3. Terry says

    good for him… this sends a much stronger message to LGBT youth, you don’t have to leave sports to come out you can be who you are and still do the things you love.

  4. Bill says

    Memo to headline writer: This is America. He is an American. He has signed with an American team. He is a soccer player, not a “Footballer”.

  5. neonzx says

    I have to agree with Ian and UFFDA here. The “Pride Parades” of yesteryear that focused on the flamboyance and risque subcultures of the LGBT community embarrassed me immensely, and probably contributed to me not coming out earlier in life. Thankfully, that is changing.

  6. JONES says

    Those flamboyant subculture Out Priders of yesteryear got their heads bashed in and persevered to blaze the trail for equality despite your closeted embarrassment and lack of participation. They made it possible for you to hold your head a little bit higher as you enjoy those freedoms their actions paved the way for … including making it possible for Robbie Rogers to come out as a major league footballer.

    UFFDA’s AIDS comment is disgusting.

    Also … Nobody ever said you had to be flamboyant or risque. You could have participated at any time as just yourself. That’s what the rainbow symbolized.

  7. AJJ says

    *Swoon*, he’s too cute. . Really happy for him. Just hope he can shake off the epithet “Gay footballer” and become just the “Football player/Soccer Player Robbie Rogers” with focus on his performance.

  8. Francis #1 says

    Robbie will, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) will be identified as and known for being gay, and the gay footballer, and the first and only gay man to be out at in the middle of his career (given all others have retired or been at the end of their careers). He’s not just another player, not right now, and probably not ever. His sense of normality has changed forever. As long as he’s the only one then he’s going to have a large spotlight on him in the outside world.

    Plus he is having to replace the Galaxy’s highest goal scorer. So if he falls on his face and struggles, and Mike Magee does well on Chicago, don’t be surprised to see the good vibrations turn ugly.

    Luckily for Robbie, soccer isn’t a big sport in America. So he won’t have to deal with gay gay gay questions 24/7 in interviews, I don’t think. He’s not someone who is really going to move the needle in the mainstream world. Sometime soon with the media in the soccer world, he’ll be judged based on his game. Now he needs to be productive; a lot of pressure is on him to succeed.

  9. Gast says

    Very proud of Robbie. With the World Cup around the corner I can’t think of a sport in which a gay athlete could have the most impact. So I’m rooting for his success.

    PS: There are some seriously pathetic gays on this thread, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  10. daws says

    Now that the LA Galaxy have an out player, there’s going to be so much sex in the locker room. At least that’s my understanding of how these things work.

  11. Mike Ryan says

    I am a big soccer fan so this acquisition by the LAGalaxy is not only unprecedented but incredibly wise. Rogers is a great player, he’s no sluff and like Beckham will bring much publicity and fans in the seats. Yes, he’ll be considered ‘the’ gay soccer player but who gives a sh*t? He’s one of us and the guy is amazing on the field. Mike McGee, though a good soccer player, simply doesn’t measure up in speed and ease of play, so those claiming Robbie ‘ran him out’ of the game and back to his home town are just being stupid and full of sour grapes.

  12. Francis #1 says

    Hopefully he plays tonight, I’m already really nervous.

    I should clarify my above comment—I don’t think it’s a bad thing that he’s going to be recognized and considered the gay soccer player, or the gay athlete. If anything, it’s a good thing because it serves to normalize being gay in sport. But for those who want him to be seen as a soccer player first (and that includes Robbie), it’s not going to happen for a while. Regardless, what he’s doing is amazing for soccer, amazing for the LGBTQ community and awesome for kids, gay and straight, who need a role model like Robbie to look up to.

    It’s a major step forward for us as a community and Robbie is happy and comfortable in his own skin and ready to rock on the soccer field. I wish him the best and definitely hope for the best, as we all should.

  13. says

    His caution is understandable.
    His bravery is praiseworthy .
    His example is outstanding.

    I wish him all the best in his career and hope he is followed by many athletes, all giving amazing example to another generation of little ones.
    There have always been gay players in many sports ( we remember you Mark Bingham -rugby and tennis)(Hurling, Donal Og Cusack) and there always will be.
    But now the courageous ones are standing up one by one
    I want to see it all !!!!!

  14. Morton says

    Robbie is a HERO. And L.A welcomed him with open arms. L.A Galaxy riot squad which is the biggest fans of L.A and hundreds of gold members started cheering his name. The crowd of 25,000 all got on their feet and gave him an ovation. Robbie is helping save lives by opening minds.

    Thank you Robbie! So proud to have you part of our LGBT community!

  15. Alejandro says


    Many of us have been saying this.

    ALL the anti femme comments that say “I agree with so and so, the femme gay men hurt our community” are ALL from Rick. No matter what alias he posts under.

    Since Andy refuses to have this site join the 21 century and require you to log in. Rick/UFFDA uses it to his advantage by posting the same thing under 20 different handles making it look like he has more people who think like him.

    Andy loves it because his site gets hits.

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