1. Nat says

    I’d have been more surprised if a Democrat won. Oh well, hypocrites like voting for hypocrites, apparently.

  2. disgusted american says

    just avoid SC like the bastion of ignorance and bigotry its become….

  3. Robert says

    This is some kind of joke, right? This bastard is going to court and facing possible jail time next week. What the hell is this, Italy?

  4. Scooter says

    Welcome the new boss, same as the… Oh wait! It still the OLD BOSS, Welcome back, Mr. Putin!

  5. Jack M says

    Yes, Mark, you can sin as much as you want, just so you pray for God’s forgiveness. Then you are free to do it again.

    And these supposed Christians wonder why we are against them.

  6. AggieCowboy says

    He was having an extramarital affair with a woman, so that’s a very minor infringement of their god’s law. He got more than the slap on the wrist his god demands for this transgression.

    Now if he’d been having an extramarital affair with a man…well, his god could never forgive that and according to his bible punishment is an end to his political career and shunning by friends, family and political party.

  7. icewarrior says

    His God gives him second chances but says denies us any chance at all. That’s the first clue his God is really himself.

  8. ratbastard says

    LOL….the people who elected him are the same ones who will quote biblical passages at you about how much of a sinner you are. Yes, they are extremely two-faced and hypocritical in the bible belt. I went to boot camp down south and have friends living in the bible belt, and the ‘sinful’ level of activity is off the hook, especially among military personnel, but locals,too. They sure love pontificating and looking down their nose, acting superior, but when the sun goes down…watch out. I sometimes wonder who is worse, Baptists, Catholics, or Mormons. The only consolation with Catholics is so few American Catholics are true believers. If it wasn’t for the large influx of Hispanics coming from very conservative and traditional cultures, the RC Church in America would be in serious trouble. But many of these immigrants are turning from the RC Church to pentecostal churches because they think Catholics aren’t crazy enough. And there are A LOT of hardcore southern Baptist, evangelicals, and Mormons.

  9. Chris&David says

    The US House could still refuse to seat the serial adultery-ing, state fund stealing, home invasion, lying drb.

    LOL! Yeah, Right!

  10. Mark says

    I voted against him last night. I was encouraged by all the minorities and women in the precinct. However, in SC the most corrupt republican is still considered morally superior to any democrat.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    How disappointing. But don’t forget all the South Carolians who DON’T vote for right-wing hypocritical pigs.

  12. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Remember all those calls from South Carolinians for this man to resign from his governorship? The Top Ten Sin of adultery aside, he walked away from his job and lied about it. The only thing these “values voters” value is an (R) behind the candidate’s name.

  13. Mary says

    Social conservatives really need to clean house. Something happened some time ago. I don’t know what it was or when it happened. But somewhere along the line they decided to do away with even the need to feign dignity and consistency in public life. Only “winning” matters now. Any point you score against an opponent justifies making a fool out of yourself and violating your own principles. So embarassments like Sarah Palin and Mark Sandford are acceptable candidates.

    I even read that many on the Right viewed the Palin family’s dysfunction, and Sarah’s willingness to reveal it to the whole nation by running for VP, as evidence of her being “authentic.” Yes, “authentic.” I’m wondering why they never considered Bill Clinton’s dalliances as making him “authentic.” When I read this I wanted to start humming the theme from “The Twilight Zome.”

  14. THurts says

    I am not surprised. I live in the South. I was actually surprised that Elizabeth Colbert-Busch was actually close to him in the polls. It will take years and a lot of transplants from the North, East, and West to change the political demographics in the South. However, who wants to deal with the bull-ish of living down here??? I am looking at moving West very soon.

  15. dws says

    Thanks, Derrick in Philly. This is really hard to stomach. Don’t discount the effects of gerrymandering, either. Right in downtown Charleston, in a highly minority/urban/Democratic area, a large neighborhood was recently “re-assigned” to the 6th Congressional district, which is Ben Clyburn’s seat. It makes as much sense as saying that Flatbush is now part of an Albany voting district. It should be criminal.

  16. Mike in nyc says

    South Carolina keepin’ it Classy!

    We should have never let the South back into the Union.

  17. ratbastard says


    Sure, because minorities and women are as pure as the driven snow. If only we can get rid of the white man, everything would be smelling like a rose. Peace in our time. A golden age.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “If only we can get rid of the white man, everything would be smelling like a rose.”

    Rat, you’re so dramatic. Well, you’ll just have to wait for your spot on the endangered species list.

  19. graphicjack says

    So Gawd gives this a$$hat second and third chances, but not us sodomites? Hmmph! Did Gawd vote for you, or just a bunch of hypocritical Gawd-followers?

  20. MammaBear says

    He’s only good for one thing – he gave us the best euphemism ever: “Hiking the Appalachian Trail”

  21. ToThePoint says

    The morally righteous right has elected a morally decrepit representative. Character is not important as long as the candidate is a republican – after all, facts are not the cornerstone of their agenda – half-lies are. And the apparent simplistic nature of the followers of this agenda allows more to be drawn into believing their hoo-hah. And before you quote about other politicians lacking moral fiber voted into office, remember they were voted in BEFORE their transgressions leaving only resignation or impeachment to unseat the elected. The voters knew of the transgressions of this candidate before the election. South Carolina is last in the nation for a reason.

  22. SC David says

    Cobert Busch ran a stealth campaign, debating only once (she acquitted herself credibly) and gambling that it would be a referendum on Sanford. She avoided saying anything too liberal for this highly gerrymandered district, and frankly sounded like a moderate Republican most of the time. The only specific plans of hers that I can recall were a pledge to give back 10% of her salary and a mention that she thought the Federal government should combine some of its many data centers to save money. She described herself as a single mom who would work to get jobs for the district and cut spending (but no specifics). She was criticized for lack of previous political experience and unfamiliarity to the general public, which she tried to address with positive campaign ads early in the campaign. Her strategy of vagueness and campaigning on identity lost.

    Both candidates (especially their allied supporters) went negative. Sanford in the last week or so ran against Nancy Pelosi, who is the archangel of Satan here, arguing that a vote for Colbert Busch was a vote for Pelosi. Colbert Busch needed Republican women votes. Sanford went after black votes. Just after the “trespass” news broke, Colbert was up 9 points in the polls, but she ended up losing by 9 points, so Sanford managed an 18-point surge in the last couple of weeks. Obviously, his scandal faded. I think most locals expected it would be closer. Colbert Busch had more media, as well as the major local paper’s endorsement (they called his behavior “cringe-worthy”), and hers was the only campaign to visit my house. Many voters here, however, felt that they didn’t know her well and they disliked Nancy Pelosi’s support for her. There were few true swing voters, and I suspect those went for the devil they knew vs. the one they didn’t. Sanford had more campaign signs. He probably came across as more specific and sincere about reducing government spending.