1. CD in DC says

    thanks Sara, she looks kind of like Barbra in profile, she can belt it out though.

  2. bandanajack says

    i want to run my fingers through all the beautiful hair on the asian lad. my but that was pretty hair.

  3. will says

    Maybe this will help somebody coming to grips with their orientation.

    Artistically, however, it’s warmed-over, reconstituted feel-good “Glee”-style run-of-the-mill Express Yourself lyrics — the Public Service Announcement as popular entertainment.

    It looks like almost no thought was put into the video’s look or storyline. The flash mob dance moves don’t seem fresh. “Speaking out for your authentic self” is a great theme — it just deserves better than this garden-variety cheesiness.

  4. Ronny says

    But Will, a flash mob is a group performing in public–much less intimidating than the individual performances that precede the flash mob at the end. In addition, this song is sung, rather than spoken–which is most of “Express Yourself.” Moreover, anthems often follow similar themes, so why must all of the lyrics be completely original, especially for something intended as a popular song, which is often easy to learn and repeat?

  5. Dback says

    Reminds me of a joke from college (told by a gay friend): “Why do so many gay men do this?” (Feigns limp wrist.) “Because there’s not always enough room to do…..THIS!!” (Jump, throw arms open, huge “ta-daaaa!” gesture with open arms and jazz hands.)

  6. alex says

    I almost never buy music, thanks to the wonder that is Pandora. But, I just bought that song because it’s great message and near perfect video.