1. Alan E. says

    “But it [should] not make you a hero to be who you are.”

    If he said this, he would hold more credibility. The reality is that it does make you a hero when you are the first to do so within a culture that sadly looks down upon it (such as the sports culture).

  2. says

    It makes you a hero to be who you are if no one in your field of endeavor has not done it before you and you’re serving as a role model for a young gay kid who now might have the courage to be him or herself. Perhaps Ben is just p.o.’d that we Jews had Jackie Mason and Rabbi Shmuley on TV wearing yalmulkes before he came along. Or perhaps he’s condescending, self-promoting and irrelevant to the conversation.

  3. gregorybrown says

    It pains me to admit that I agree, mostly. The response to JC’s coming out has more to do with American obsessions with sports and celebrity than with much else. Like the privileging of marriage equality over ending discrimination against sexual minorities in employment, which would benefit many more people, the attention given to high profile celebrities admitting to being gay makes it seem like something bigger is accomplished than is true in fact. Recognition of our presence everywhere is a good thing in itself.

  4. Clayton says

    One difference between being gay and being Jewish is that Jews are allowed to get married to each other.

    Besides, Shapiro seems to forget the time, not so long ago, when Jews used to change their names and abandon their religion to hide their Jewish identities. What made that stop? Jews claiming their identities in public ways.

  5. johnny says


    Your comment really struck a chord with me because my great-grandparents did exactly that. They immigrated to the U.S., changed their names and became Protestants. It’s always made me mad that they hid our Jewish ancestry and weren’t strong enough to just come here and be JEWS and be OK with it.


    You are correct in one aspect, Americans worship at the holy sepulchre of sports more than any religion. Collins’ committed heresy when he dared to come out and now they’re wringing their hands over it. They’re trying to crucify him but the cross doesn’t quite fit and they’re mad about it.

    Shapiro is a weasel, plain and simple.

  6. says

    A weasel is putting it mildly.

    Shapiro first made a name for himself among the neo-fascists (“Conservative” doesn’t really apply to them) by loudly trumpeting that he was a virgin and saving it until marriage. For this HE expected to be hailed a hero. Now he’s married with kids

    and obviously gay.

  7. Mary says

    If Mr. Shapiro were trying to say that too much fuss is being made about one person coming out of the closet he might have had a point. But whenever a conservative accuses liberals of “hating America” it usually means he knows his argument is a weak one and wants to switch the topic.

    An ordinary person coming out as gay is not as big a deal as it once was. But a professional athlete in a sport that is normally considered the province of “macho” type guys (i.e. men who are also likely to be homphobic)? That’s different. It’s possible to think too much fuss is being made about Mr. Collins without dismissing the advances he’s making against homophobia in sports. I’m taking a middle-ground position here.

    And that said, being Jewish in America is not nearly as difficult as being gay in America. We have completely stigmatized anti-semitism (not that this means anti-Jewish feeling is dead completely) and are only on our way toward completely stigmatizing homophobia.

    Gays 1, Millenial Conservative semi-homophobes, 0

  8. El says


    You hit the nail on the head, brother! Shapiro would be wise to take a look back at his own folks’ history and maybe, MAYBE then he would begin to understand our side of it.

    Isn’t it tedious that we SO OFTEN have to find something for other people, in their own narrative, that spells out to them in what way the could possibly relate to us, in order for them to actually BE WILLING TO RELATE to us? Gah!

  9. Arrant says

    “per capita there are as many jews killed in anti-semitic attacks in this country as there are hate crimes against gays”

    what country does Shapiro live in?

  10. s. says

    Must admit, I did not listen to it. Just the expression of fear on this man’s face if enough to wake the dead. I often wonder why certain people have such a need to control the minds and lives of others. Instead of living the best, most loving life he can, he chooses to force others to live their lives according to his dictates. Hitler and other historical tyrants started out much like this. Sad, I think, to be this young, misguided man.

  11. kdknyc says

    Power bottom–no. That would require owning up to what you really want to do and then doing it; this sissy is too much of a ‘fraidy-cat to do that. Hence the spewing of such hateful words–no doubt intended to distract people from noticing that he’s just a big Nell.

    He thinks by wearing a yarmulke that people will mistake him for straight. There are no gay Jews–wait.

  12. Hue-Man says

    These must be the “heroes” Shapiro wants to honor (or are they just twits?.
    — “Yous a dead f****t talkn on tv Boy.”
    — “Listening to Jason Collins describe his gayness as ‘beautiful’ makes me wanna puke. And kill him.”
    — “Jason collins comes out the closet! Kill that biiitttchhhh!!!”
    — “First jason collins say he gay.. Now he on espn w lipgloss on kill him now !!!”
    — “Jason Collins should get the death penalty lol how u a 7 foot gay dude lol the west is crazy smh”

  13. Jake says

    s.: Don’t drag Hitler into your defense. How do you know how Hitler “started out?.” Give me a break. Hitler murdered 6 million Jews and many gays. Your face reading techniques are failing you. I’m sure your face would show that your “loving life” theory to be equally dictatorial.

  14. Jake says

    s.: Don’t drag Hitler into your defense. How do you know how Hitler “started out?.” Give me a break. Hitler murdered 6 million Jews and many gays. Your face reading techniques are failing you. I’m sure your face would show that your “loving life” theory to be equally dictatorial.

  15. says

    This guy is a snivelling coward.

    What exactly does he do ?….apart from parading his yamulka ( which should be banned just like burkas) ?
    And yeah, per David Ehrenstein, “obviously gay”.

  16. Joseph Singer says

    Some things you are thankful for. Breitbart is dead. Shapiro is an ass who worships at the foot of Breitbart a self-hating homosexual.

  17. says

    This guy is an arrogant little bollix…..anyone who begins a sentence with the words ;
    “why do you hate America so much….”
    that you dare to criticise it, has got to be a little nationalist fascist.

    Duh, because it deserves to be criticised in many of its obsessions, prejudices, extremism………just as all countries have their own stupidities and intolerances and blind prejudices.
    levelling a criticism doesn’t mean we hate the country, it is observational and perhaps educational.
    But trying to toss the bitter bile back at the questioner with “Why do you hate America so much that…..” is childish and manipulative.
    I never want to see or hear this little ooze of Santorum froth again.

  18. just_a_guy says

    If we didn’t critique America, we wouldn’t be showing America proper love and respect. Ask what you can do for your country. One thing is to properly critique it. We can do better. We owe to to future generations to fight now to make it better for them. To stick our heads in the sand would be more like what too many Jews did before the holocaust–hopefully not like most American gays today.

    P.s. bravo to Piers Morgan.

  19. says

    TBH, I find Jason Collins to be more courageous than a ‘hero’. It really is a matter of semantics. We have become, as a society, very loose on phraseology. Prime examples are the words ‘celebrity’ or ‘star'; are the Kardashian’s really ‘stars’? With Jason Collins, to some he may be a sports idol, but hero, at least to me, not yet. It depends on how his announcement will help and influence others, especially the youth who might be saved because of his actions and where Jason goes with his stature. Then, with time, he could be a hero. To me, a hero is earned. As for Ben Shapiro, he’s a bottom feeder.

  20. princely54 says

    As is typical, Piers wasn’t prepared for this turd. FIRST, he should have retorted to this puke that ‘I love America, and I can love imperfect things. Are you sitting here telling me that America is THE PERFECT nation??’ He’d look silly to say it is, his fantasy would be exposed.

    SECOND, I have seen here, or maybe it was HuffPo, but this little prat has given the title of ‘hero’ to MANY people in his ‘writing’! Why didn’t Piers force him to justify why those people were worthy of the title more than Collins (I think one was a coach someplace, but most were purely right wing political hacks.)

    This is why I can’t watch Piers, because he’s a half-stepper.

  21. Bill says

    @DannyEastVillage: There’s a line from “Fidler on a Roof” about Jews being the “chosen people” asking God to please choose someone else (frustration was being expressed over some turn of events)!

    As to Ben Shapiro, maybe he can tell us how many death threats he’s received – it’s not like random lowlifes are posting death threats about him via Twitter as press reports indicate happened to Jason Collins.

  22. Molc says

    No point in trying to have an adult conversation with Shapiro and his ilk-they are insane (and we have their comments on pretty much everything to prove it!)

  23. Billy Crytical says

    Jews are the ones that crafted the “If you are against the Iraq War then you are against the U.S.” It was because Jews had an interest in taking out the Saddam Hussein regime. That language clearly continues on.

    It was Hebrews (Jews) who unleashed this menace of hate against gay people in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). There is never any acknowledgement of that. And there has never been any attempt to rectify the wrongs this peice of literature has done to gay people.

    Ben Shapiro is clearly ethnocentric and is continuing to menace gay people in direction to Hebrew text.

  24. Bill says

    @Jake: We certainly know how Hitler “started out” due to the efforts of numerous historians studying World War II and the events leading up to it.

    The Nazis did not enact draconian measures immediately – they tightened the screws slowly, with each turn justified by some threat to public safety or some other undesirable circumstance. After enough quarter turns, the screws were tight enough that they could do whatever they wanted to.

    There’s a legitimate reason for such research – to prevent a repeat.

    We should be alarmed to the extent that the same thing is happening here – each “terrorist incident” turns into an excuse for some visible government action, usually involving more surveillance or petty harassment (like giving 90 year olds the third degree in the name of airport security or making people who have serious mobility and flexibility problems take their shoes off. One expert supposedly called it “security theater” – it doesn’t increase safety in any real sense but puts on a big show.

  25. Matt N says

    How many states ban Jews from marrying… 0 (40 ban gay people)
    How many marriages does the federal government choose not to recognize simply because the couple are Jews… 0
    (thousands of same sex marriages)
    How many states allow people to legally fire people because they are Jewish… 0
    (almost 30 allow gay people to be fired)

    So, give me a break…

  26. Caliban says

    You know, I don’t recall a single person calling Jason Collins a “hero.” Brave and courageous have both been used and considering the hate he has received from some quarters already and that he will have to step out onto a basketball court in front of hundreds of potentially homophobic “fans” I think those words are accurate.

    So Shapiro’s claim that “many” people are calling Collins a hero is complete bullsh!t. There are signs that Collins’ coming out may make him a hero to many though. Already a sports writer has come out thanks to him and I think Robbie Rogers’ decision to (maybe) play soccer again was at least partly influenced by him as well.

    He’s certainly having a more positive effect than a hateful little sh!t like Ben Shapiro ever will, his darling little beanie notwithstanding.

  27. UFFDA says

    Some days there is no theater like The Towleroad Theater. These comments are priceless and that so many of you have nailed Shapiro so well and to top it off called him a closet gay is nothing less than a live roast turning on a spit. It really may be that he deserves it. The look-at-me-I’m-a-special-people yarmulka has got to go.

  28. Nirgal says

    Youthink this is such a homophobic country that a guy coming out of the closet is such a big deal?

    Well, it probably is. Just listen to yourself.

  29. Geoff says

    What is a Ben Shapiro, but a nasty, little queen who cannot look at himself in the mirror. Please. Oh, and no baby is ever born ‘Jewish’ – it’s very carefully taught.

  30. EJC says

    Well we certainly have given Mr. Shapiro his 5 minutes of fame. Isn’t now time to suggest he join the real world and allow him to crawl under the rock he came from, as a Jew I do find it totally offensive that he using his religion as some sort of shield of honor, he is a disgrace to his (our) religion and to this country.

  31. Pierre says

    First Responders and military personnel in war do what they do because of who they are. And yet we have no problem recognizing heroism among them for their actions. Not only is Shapiro’s logic grossly deficient, it blatantly exposes his him for what he is. Hiding behind his misinterpretation of his identity and history is about as poor as GWB’s interpretation of history and his presidency.

  32. Caliban says

    You really know you’re dealing with the lowest common denominator of political commentary when they resort to that old canard of how “you hate America” if you don’t agree with them. I don’t hate America, Mr Shapiro, I just hate people like you!

    The opposition and negative reactions to Jason Collins’ coming out has demonstrated the dearth of ideas on the Right. Sportswriters who have never resorted to religious rhetoric about the many “sins” committed by players before suddenly scramble for their book of fairy tales to condemn him. Why? Because that’s all they’ve got. They can’t criticize him for anything he’s actually DONE using logic or objective morality so they’re left with “well the BIBLE says….!” Yeah well, as has been pointed out many times, the Bible says all sorts of sh!t, most of which these holier-than-thou schmucks ignore completely.

    Then you’ve got Neo-Cons like Shapiro, whose complaint is basically “how dare Collins get positive attention when that doesn’t fit my political narrative! Pay attention to ME!” I have great respect for the historical tradition of Jewish liberalism but this wispy, repressed little p!ss-ant makes me want to hurl.

  33. EchtKultig says

    I could only listen to about a minute or so of this. Though I’m usually quite willing to call out the obviously closeted, his demeanor doesn’t quite scream “angry little closet case.” Angry little man? Yes. I’ve known some closeted Jewish men – one prepositioned me at work about 6 months after he married an Asian beard who needed a green card – but this just seems like a somewhat nebbish kid who’s been told he’s a genius since he could comprehend language. To make sure he’d be full of himself LOL. I could wrong. Either way he’s a jackass.
    (I can imagine all the conservative magazine pundits on a conference call: “One of us has to get on the air to oppose this. Anyone? Anyone? Ben, am I going to have to make us draw straws?” The whole movement is such a farce.)

  34. EchtKultig says

    Ooops. “I could be wrong.”
    Hearne what the hell is the point of your list? To say Jews control the media? Please don’t waste our time here…why don’t you go post on stormfront or something? Surely some of them there will embrace a bit of diversity LOL?

  35. says

    we all have to remember that he’s of the Party that hates Jews – this is how he’s tolerated- by hating gays.

    gay conservatives earn tolerance by hating other gays, liberals and blacks.

    black conservatives earn tolerance by hating gays.

    jewish conservatives are tolerated by hating gays and blacks.

    and at the end of the day you’re all a bunch of pathetic neutered wimps sucking up to white heterosexual christian men.

    oh well. Breitbart. while he may be taking up the rear from Stalin in Hell, at least his name lives on as a reminder of everything stupid in America.

  36. Bernie says

    As a Jewish and gay man, I was appalled when I saw the exchange between Piers Morgan and Mr.Shapiro and Mr. Shapiro’s insensitivity and callousness toward Jason Collin’s coming out. This, of course, is the strategic right wing kind of response, but it is so assinine and ignorant.

  37. anon says

    I don’t know where people get the notion that are bound by their childhood (their parent’s) religion. You don’t have to remain Jewish (or Catholic or even Atheist) if you don’t want to. As adults you can make up your own mind. His argument and many of the comments here are dependent on the faulty assumption that you are bound for life by your parent’s religious choice for you.

  38. Bryan says

    There are in fact a great many things any decent person must hate about America, and while such people don’t really compare to, say… spending trillions on immoral wars for foreign oil, Shapiro and his ilk are most certainly on the list.

  39. says

    The minute I heard saw the words “Breitbart editor”, I knew that either hate or lies were going to come out of that @$$hat’s mouth. He’s only spouting the usual Tealiban propaganda – if you don’t believe in “God, Guns, and Gay-bashing”, then you automatically hate America.

    Anyone who writes for that Right-Wing trash site founded by a dead, lying coke-head has far less journalistic integrity than the clowns that publish celebrity tabloids.

  40. Drew says

    I give Ben Shapiro credit. It is brave to be aggressively wrong so regularly and still keep lining up for more. We should really give him more respect for his bravery.

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