States with Highest Percentages of Gay Couples Raising Children Have Bans on Same-Sex Marriage: Infographic


Some interesting statistics from The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

The L.A. Times reports on their findings:

But the reality for gay parents can be very different, said Gary J. Gates, the researcher behind the new estimates from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

For instance, "a big chunk of them are people who had children young, with opposite-sex partners, before they came out," Gates said. After coming out, they raised those children with a partner of the same sex, he explained.

That may be one reason that in some more conservative places not known for celebrating gays and lesbians, a striking percentage of same-sex couples are rearing children, Gates said. Among states, Mississippi has the highest percentage of gay or lesbian couples raising children — 26% — his analysis of census data found.

Though Salt Lake City has a high percentage of gay couples raising children, the actual number is still much smaller than in coastal hubs such as New York or Los Angeles, the data show. Besides the Utah capital, other large urban areas where gay couples are more likely to have children include Virginia Beach, Va., Detroit and Memphis, Tenn. — all places where more than a fifth of couples of the same sex are bringing up kids.


  1. MaryM says

    I’ve always regarded the lack of societal pressure to reproduce, as being one of the best things about being gay.

    Gay parents deserve the same rights and respect as any other parent.

    But my word – why would anyone – gay or straight want to have children. Awful creatures.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    I sincerely hope the Supreme Court offers a strong sweeping judgement against DOMA and allows marriage rights for the states where it isn’t legal and may take many years to get there through the often very lengthy legal process. Many of the same states drug their feet on anti-segregation laws and will do it again on gay marriage. There are residents of the non progressive states who are on hold with beginning their lives. I hope the Supreme Court realizes there are citizens out there who want nothing more than the right to be married and will be extremely disheartened if they are forced to rely on the same state by state system that has proven not to work effectively in the past.

  3. Steve says

    It’s really telling that the number is significantly higher in deeply red states. Most of those children are from previous straight relationships that those people were pushed into by society.

  4. ratbastard says

    No, no, no, no….must be a mistake. These aren’t ‘progressive’ states. No, something must be wrong. This survey couldn’t possibly be correct.

    #Sarcasm off.

  5. Rowan says

    Also, Hey Darlin’,what you will find is that like in Brooklyn,alot of these couples are from ethnic minorities and most likely want put up a huge stink about their rights because many are still linked with their families and therefore…their church. It’s like a don’t ask, don’t tell situation.

    Like Lee Daniels taking in his useless brothers kids whom the brother did not want to look after. A lot of the time with the unwanted sibling kids, the gay uncle/untie and their partner ends up taking them in because they tend to be the kind sibling.

    Unfortunately, due to the close knit and secretive nature of the communities, no one wants to rock the status quo.

  6. Jason says

    Hope all you want. There is NO way SCOTUS issues a sweeping decision. You’ll only be able to get federal benefits if you live in a marriage equality state. SCOTUS does not want another Roe v. Wade

  7. ratbastard says


    How do ‘progressives’, especially gay ‘progressives’, expect to survive and prosper into the future when they have so few children? If you study demographics, the trend in this country and other advanced western countries is the up and coming generations are top heavy with people from cultures that are far from gay friendly.

  8. Chuck Mielke says

    It is probably the case that all of those child-rearing gay couples in red states simply go about their lives quietly, neighbors aware of the situation or not, and get the job done without fanfare or political action beyond voting (if that much). Really. This is so much more reason to advance equal protections and privileges to same-sex couples. And, if those in power are aware of these findings, concern for the children alone should impel new legislation.

  9. Hey Darlin' says

    I agree Chuck Mielke, and the right wing always want to scream “what about the children?”. Well what about THESE children, who need the equal protection they are promised, yet denied, under the law. I know gay couples who raised children and those who continue to without any fanfare from the public or assistance from the government. They are the heroes who deserve equal rights.

  10. Steve P says

    I found it interesting that Hinesville, GA, home of the 3rd Infantry Division of the US Army at Fort Stewart, was one of the largest non-metropolitan areas on the list.

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