1. disgusted american says

    ALL gay related ANYTHING should be BOYCOTTING ALL things RUSSIAN- YESTERDAY!!!!!! u hear me Gay travel agencies???

  2. Continuum says

    Once again, the so-called loving Xrstians reveal their true colors . . . of hate and bigotry and violence.

  3. says

    The Christianlike mob decended on the the equal rights-LGBT marchers, the families and friends of LGBT people were demeaned, threatened and oppressed…the South rises it’s ugly and hateful face once again…but, in truth, we have known these dressed up to look human thugs and bigots our entire lives. Nothing new under the Confederate sun there except things-are-a-changing like it or not…part two/to be continued.

  4. johnny says

    Uhm, Leo, that’s the Georgia in the Soviet Union, not the U.S.

    Just sayin’.

  5. johnny says

    I notice zero women in this mob, why not just say “Men” instead of “people”. I doubt the women there are mobbing and causing violence.

  6. johnny says

    It’s interesting to note Georgia’s proximity to the middle east, a stronghold of basic homophobia.

  7. Rob West says

    I’ve come to despise my catholic up bringing and religion in general, all religions.

  8. Polyboy says

    I think Georgia is a stronghold of Eastern Orthodox Christianity Johnny, which also stokes violent acts of homophobia in Russia.

  9. ratbastard says


    Don’t worry, women are some of the biggest haters out there. Where do you think children and adults first learned to hate? From dad? Most likely from the person who has the most influence in their lives and who is even today primarily responsible for raising them: mom/women. I refuse to be a good little ‘progressive’ and follow the party line; women = good, men = bad.

    Looks like 70 plus years of trying to create the ‘new man’ under Marxism/Communism was an abject failure in the countries of the old USSR. Looks like countries that are at least nominally capitalist, even with kings and queens [UK, Nordic countries,Netherlands, etc.] are the most progressive as far as human rights and gay rights are concerned. Go figure.

  10. says

    Thanks Johnny, I did think it was a town in Georgia, U.S.A. (not Atlanta)…I guess I better focus better early in the morning…thanks for the correction, think I’ll have a bowl of peaches now.

  11. says

    OK, trying now for the 4th time to post… maybe they’ll all appear eventually?

    Georgia is in the Caucasus. It borders on Chechnia and Dagestan, where the Boston bombers came from, and used to be controlled by nearby Persia, aka Iran.

    Yet there’s a strong pro-modern and pro-Western streak in many Georgians. Still, unfortunately, a lot of patriarchal primitivism. Yes, I said patriarchal, as in MEN. Sad, because it’s a physically beautiful country with a beautiful ancient culture, great music and food, and some hot men.

    And the capital is TBILISI, with three i’s, not two!

  12. ratbastard says


    I’ll repeat: women are some of the BIGGEST haters out there. Don’t let them off the hook by harping on about ‘patriarchy’.

    And since you mention the Boston Bombers [Tamerlan and Dzhokhar], they were heavily influenced by their MOTHER in regards to radical Islam and hate, NOT their father. Just a nice example of what I mean when I say women have the most influence over children [and adult children] vs dad – the man, and they are predominately the ones who pass on hate.

  13. johnny says


    Fine, your opinion is noted. But please take note of the facts presented IN THE VIDEO.

    LOOK AGAIN: did you see ONE woman in that mob of violent men?

    That’s my point. It’s the men who perpetrate almost ALL of the violence on gays, not the women.

  14. Rick says

    @ johnny

    Did you miss this quote in the article?:

    “We won’t allow these sick people to hold gay parades in our country,” said Zhuzhuna Tavadze, brandishing a bunch of nettles and adding that she was ready to fight.

    “It’s against our traditions and our morals.”

    And as for your observation that:

    “It’s the men who perpetrate almost ALL of the violence on gays, not the women”

    Yeah, well, that is because women are too physically weak to perpetrate such violence effectively. Duh.

    Trust me, it is straight women egging straight men on in most instances like this, as the quote I offered demonstrates and as the “leadership” of Birigitte Bardot in France demonstrates.

    All that aside, this video was really disturbing.

    I participated in the very first gay rights demonstration in that other Georgia–in Atlanta, way back in 1978–and while we got a lot of scowls and ugly looks, nothing remotely like this happened.

    Pretty scary.

  15. bructer says

    Sad but the religious are just dug into their theology,it is going to be a long time intil these people get into the 21st century

  16. Randy says

    @johnny & disgusted american:

    Russia sucks, but not because of Georgia.
    Georgia is not in Russia.

    And the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

  17. giooo says

    sorry for my english first. didnt you all undertstan that no one hurts gays in georgia until they decide to do demonstrate it. in georgia church is standing in first place it our tradition it is our life and they decide to spit on our church so we have to protect it

  18. giooo says

    and it was big edvertizment they new that it will happen and they didi it spceialy they tried to play on peoples mood. arnt you interested why they did it ????

  19. A.M. says


    I’ll try and make this simple as English is not your first language.

    There is not one way of life for all Georgians. Everyone does not have to do what the Church says. The Church is often wrong, as it is in this case.

    You can announce you’re straight without harm. When people announce they are gay they get attacked violently. This is horrible and wrong. Gay people have as much as a right to be who they are as you.