Towleroad Talking Points: More Gay Bashing in New York City

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A look back at today's top stories


Just a few hours after yesterday's rally against homophobic attacks in the West Village, there were two more reports of anti-gay attacks in the city. A gay nightlife promoter was attacked in the East Village and a gay couple got into an altercation in SoHo a few hours later. What is going on!?

A French historian and radical right activist took his own life today in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral and crowds of tourists when he shot himself in what was reported as an anti-gay marriage statement. Fred Phelps Jr. of the Westboro Baptist Church continues to prove that he has absolutely no shame as he blamed yesterday's horrific tornado in Oklahoma on Jason Collins' coming out. Veteran UFC Fighter Nate Diaz refuses to back down from his recent blatant homophobic remarks and ironically the states with the highest numbers of gay parents also have bans on same-sex marriage



Check out some speeches from yesterday's anti-homophobia rally in New York; the family of Mark Carson and the couple attacked in front of Madison Square Garden are featured. Speaking of speeches, just try and not be charmed by this gay high school senior thanking his class for accepting him. Garth Greenwell gives us a review of David McConnell's new book which looks at the murders of six gay men.




Beyonce's newest single dropped today, take a listen to Queen Bey's "Grown Woman" here. And George Michael reportedly fell out of a moving car last week



Three powerful videos from yesterday's devastating tornado in Oklahoma; first take a look at the birth of the powerful twister, then watch as a family emerges from their storm cellar into total devastation and prepare to shed a few tears as a woman finds her dog alive during a live interview.  


  1. Edward says

    Hello?? Couldn’t you anticipate this? Gays are now the number one target of thugs and bashers. What’s going on? Reality is going on. Not everyone is in love with gays and it’s not safe. This is the gift of overexposure.

  2. rosiles says

    Wow, really? Nothing about the Xbox One announcement reveal today? If it was Apple coming out with a new FruityPhone, that would be top news.

  3. says

    You’ve used those lines before under different names, Edward. The difference now is that hate crimes aren’t swept under the rug like in the good old closeted days when the thugs were supported by the judicial system. But, the fear-mongering anonymous will type fiercely from their keyboards.

  4. Francis #1 says

    There’s still not enough mainstream media attention on these hate crimes, though. We all know if we replaced “gay” with “woman” or “black”, these hate crimes would be national incidents, national dilemmas. Not so with countless gay men being bashed, and even killed, nationwide. With that being said these incidents have been SO public and they’ve occurred in NYC which makes it impossible to sweep under the rug. That and, our community has gotten louder and stronger and we demand action are aren’t complacent with discrimination anymore.

  5. Jeton Ademaj says

    enough! it’s time for the GOP/Tea Party to justify its existence and push for the passage of National “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry legislation…to wit, if you have no criminal record, no mental health disqualification and no other legal disqualification, you MUST be issued a concealed-carry pistol permit good throughout the USA.

    get that passed, and get time in at your nearest range once a week.

    let the pacifists and the “awareness raisers” choke on their shame, for they have all contributed to a political environment that leaves Queers physically helpless and dependent on cops who are NEVER there when you need them!

  6. Edward says

    Fear mongering? Tell us more about the “old closeted days.” Reuters reports “uptick” in violence against gays. Reality isn’t what it used to be old man.

  7. says

    Jeton – for complete transparency, do you mind sharing whom you voted for in the last two presidential elections?


  8. says

    how are mental-health qualifications monitored, when it comes to buying a guy?
    in a country without universal healthcare, who pays for whatever “testing” is done to see if a person is mentally balanced enough to own and carry a gun?

    what specific system is in place to make sure a gun-buyer is mentally competent?

    and< jeton, whom did you vote for in the last two presidential elections? kthanks.