Towleroad Talking Points: Rally Against Hate in New York

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A look back at today's top stories


A massive rally to end homophobia and anti-gay violence got underway in the West Village this evening as thousands marched to the spot where Mark Carson was murdered over the weekend in an anti-gay attack. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor were just a few of the group on hand making their voices heard. With news breaking today that Carson's sadistic murderer will be charged with a hate crime, our Ari Waldman discusses what the recent string of anti-gay attacks in New York say about society, especially when it comes to gay members of minority groups. 

President Obama continues to make it clear that LGBT rights are a major part of his second term agenda, or at least his rhetoric, as he touched on gay rights during his speech at the Morehouse College commencement ceremony. And Jesse Tyler Ferguson is hoping that his former high school in New Mexico will allow one transgender student to graduate with dignity




The Billboard Music Awards were held last night and the highlight of the night was definitely Justin Bieber's announcement that he wants to have his "craft taken seriously," followed by the subsequent booing and Taylor Swift's Bieber-directed stank face. Also Singer Miguel slammed his crotch into some poor unsuspecting woman's face. In non-music related news, Jack Black did the weather down under and two former Blues Clues actors found true love, together



What with the South's track record when it comes to gay rights, this country western marriage equality anthem is certainly refreshing. Also I guess you can't trust a Canadian with the Star-Spangled Banner

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