1. mikeinqueens says

    Horrible. The only consolation is that two of the punk cowards were arrested. My heart goes out to the two men who were assaulted. What will it take to stop these attacks? Is it time to answer violence with violence?

  2. danswon says

    Billiards? Is this the 18th century? I know it’s wrong to say it, but the guy on the left is hot

  3. northalabama says

    where is the outrage from all christians, jews, muslims, buddhists, scientologists, etc., over these ongoing, multiple, senseless, violent attacks?

  4. Lucrece says

    So what happens when the police isn’t around to break up the beating on two unarmed gay men with the brilliant idea of walking alone at 5 am?

  5. Gigi says

    LISTEN UP: You have to be careful when you’re out on the street [presumably drunk] at 5 AM.
    That being said, I’m glad they caught the
    d-bags who attacked these fine men. I hope they throw the book at them.

  6. says

    @northalabama – they’re not concerned with this attack. nor any of them. nor the high number of children killed by guns in America in the last 10 days (let alone ten weeks, months, years, etc.)

    they’re far too worried about what will happen when Deb & Sue, whom they’ve never met, get a legal marriage license.

  7. HirsuteHeuristics says

    Violence with violence? Yes, fighting back is always a great way to protect yourself if you can do that, but many of the victims aren’t skilled enough to engage in a fight or are just overpowered.

  8. Sam says

    5am and still wanting to drink after being denied entry? There’s more to this case than what is being reported right now.

  9. UDontKnow says

    What self-respecting NYC gay man hangs out around Penn Station/MSG/Herald Square? Crappy Irish pubs, fast food chains, and trashy B&T crowds.

  10. says

    there is more to the case, Sam.

    the men had just taken turns face-f***ing your mom and dad in an alley. then they zipped up, felt like a beer, were denied entry, and then a bunch of homophobic thugs attacked them.

    that’s what’s not being reported. thanks for caring.

  11. AJ says

    I want one, just ONE of these cases to happen where the thugs pick on the wrong gay dudes and get THEIR stupid butt beaten to a pulp. Just ONE.

  12. Tread says

    AJ, you’ll notice the common theme in these assaults is that it takes a group of men to take down a gay man. These assholes doing this are too chickenshit to fight us one on one.

  13. PeteG says

    “An after-hours billiards club” Uh-huh. What were to gays doing at a billiards club to begin with? Somethings not right here. The gay slurs and the beatings are not of course justified, but I think there’s more to this than what is being reported.

  14. says

    yeah. because gays never shoot billiards. and no people who live in NYC ever begin their night at 3am, in the City That Never Sleeps.


  15. MateoM says

    Gotta love Sam and PeteG’s victim blaming. I’m sure they think rape victims who dress “provocatively” have it coming too.

  16. atomic says

    To all the idiots saying these guys shouldn’t have been out at 5 am and presumably drunk (which you are assuming), and that somehow justifies or explains why they got beat up, where are all the straight people who are getting beaten up for being straight and drunk at 5 am? Stop saying “there’s more to this story” because there are no extenuating circumstances. You obviously don’t live in New York.

    The perpetrators will just get a slap on the wrist, unfortunately, when what they really should get is a few decades of prison, with hard labor. These thugs need to be put down and shown zero tolerance.

  17. nefter says

    Here’s a tip that’s worked for me:
    Kick them in the balls (straight men don’t go there so they usually don’t see it coming)
    When they bend over (they usually do)
    grab the back of their head and bring it to your knee with force.
    On the second or third strike throw their head upwards and back exposing the throat and deliver your final blow.
    That outta do it.
    I dislike violence however we men of a certain persuasion should be able to defend ourselves when attacked.

  18. olympiasepiriot says

    Goddamn!! What’s with this victim blaming in the comments?!

    Yeah, we tend to have signs saying “Billiards” over the doors to pool halls here in NYC. (I still miss Julian’s Billiards on 14th.) And maybe the Penn Station area is a little declasse for some of you, and, yeah, plenty of noo yawkers start their evening at 2 am (after a disco nap) but that doesn’t mean someone deserves to be beaten.

  19. says

    At first I thought that this was an update on the attack at the sporting event, but then I realized that it is actually a new hate crime. How horrible. In a city known for being so liberal, there is still a lot of hate. I hope that they have a speedy recovery, and that the one victim’s eye fully recovers.

  20. Adam says

    New York City is a very homophobic place. It’s because of liberalism. Liberalism is based on permissiveness. PERMISSIVENESS permits violence.

  21. Kenneth says

    Adam, if that’s supposed to be sarcasm, you should note it as such. However, if you are just another troll like the other two above, the methane is clearly boggling your brain – perhaps it’s time to pull your head out of your ass.
    As for the above mentioned trolls, time to join this decade, that 50s mentality is just tragic.

  22. MateoM says

    Kenneth, Adam is an alias of the biggest troll on Towleroad, who goes by many different names but spews the same nonsense.

  23. Kenneth says

    Yes, I thought it reeked a little of Rick/Jason/etc. but I generally like to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

  24. Audi-owner says

    Adam is a moron! The best thing to do is ignore his self-loathing,uppity,GOProuder Log Cabinet ass!

  25. Bill says

    @Little Kiwi @northalabama: when have Buddhists actively opposed same-sex marriage? Of all religions, Buddhists and Taoists are probably among the least likely ones to try to force their beliefs on others.

    BTW, while some Buddhist traditions have proscriptions against oral or anal sex, that applies regardless of the gender or the mix of gender. In any case, the proscriptions are ones only for their own practitioners or in some cases their monks.

  26. GB says

    That liberal theory about NYC is bull. Glad the two were caught. Let’s see what happens to them. An “eyeroll” from a Canadian is always priceless.

  27. GB says

    That liberal theory about NYC is bull. Glad the two were caught. Let’s see what happens to them. An “eyeroll” from a Canadian is always priceless.

  28. Billy Crytical says

    Gay people will be outnumbers or outweaponed when attacked by heterosexuals because heterosexuals don’t want the attack to end up the wrong way. YOU need to know that for your own safety. For some reason gay media doesn’t like to talk about the nature of these attacks to help.

  29. northalabama says

    @bill, you never read my comment. your reply is not remotely related to anything i posted.

  30. Francis #1 says

    Third brutal attack against gay people in New York City, in a five day span.

    Ignoring all the ignorant comments, this simply highlights that legal rights don’t change society. Legal equality isn’t social equality and we’re still, unfortunately, at the bottom of the totem poll on a social level.

    These thugs pick on gay men because they don’t think we can fight nor do they think we’ll defend ourselves. During warmer weather months, hate crime rates rise. Be careful, carry protection in you at all times and be prepared to defend yourself if need be. We’re still living in a country where half of the citizenry thinks there’s something wrong with us.

    My heart goes out to these two men. My heart goes out to all gay bashing victims.

  31. JD says

    Doesn’t surprise me. New York is becoming more and more uncivilized but that’s what happens when spics and n!ggers multiply like rabbits and swarm our once safe cities!

  32. Dax says


    Just like parks and public restrooms become unsafe for kids because perverted gays like to swarm them for sex.

  33. James says

    There’s more homophobes on toelwroad than the NOM site. I swear….virtually 70% of all toelwroad posts are from homophobes.

    One of the most homophobic sites on the internet is right here folks

  34. Duration & Convexity says

    The trolls have LITERALLY taken over this site and Andy loves it. He’s living for the fact that so many trolls consume the commentary on here. It creates more chatter and hits and money in his pockets. Whereas all other gay blogs are gay supportive and civil, this is truly the only gay oriented website where a majority of comments either attack or question the gay victims in a hate crime. This site is sooo 2008.

  35. Scott Johansen says

    I have to agree, whats up with all the trolling on this place? Gay people are attacked all the time because we live in a homophobic society and this site always finds a way to blame the gay person in the story.

    No wonder so many wonderful poster have moved on to other blogs.

  36. Alejandro says


    roughly half the comments on every one of your articles are either racist, mysoginistic or homophobic.

    Either do something about it, or you’re contributing to the hate. I’m almost starting to think Andy is enjoying the trash that overwhelms his site.

  37. Jared says

    Stage a rally! That’s how you send a message that the community is not scared. STAGE A RALLY IN THE AREA! Get all LGBT organizations to come.

  38. Jared says

    Stage a rally! That’s how you send a message that the community is not scared. STAGE A RALLY IN THE AREA! Get all LGBT organizations to come.

  39. Jackson says

    Keep us updated on this story.

    NYC was a cesspool when I lived there with homophobes. EVERY DAY I was called a slur, and harassed and actually moved to Maine where life is completely different. Something needs to change in that city. The LGBT community doesn’t get their voice heard and aren’t galvanized as a community. There needs to be a serious protest of informing the public this is not right, as the clowns don’t seem to get it.

  40. BearlyBob says

    ^^Duration & Convexity

    You must have missed the Towleroad Sister site, JoeMyGod. It’s just as bad there. Same trolls, same BS. No real reporting, just a link and pic.

  41. Anony6 says

    @ Miguel A. Mendez

    “Queerty is no better. The trolls actually write the reports.”

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! And so true, lol.

  42. LipstickDiva says

    Gosh, I’m going to sound tacky for saying some fantastic LGBT blogs out there. Ones where you sincerely feel like you’re part of something, yet I would rather not mention which they are, so not to invite the trolls. Sites Where, when a story about a gay or lesbian couples being brutally attack gets reported, posters then all post links of people to contact or ways to change it. It feels like a true …well, community. I feel tacky for not sharing the names, but do some research. They are out there.

    There have been days I’ve visited this blog and truly wondered if I was on the Family Research Council site. Probably why I seldom post or lurk on this site.

    The straw that broke the camels back for me was when a documented case of a lesbian couple being brutally attacked was met with nothing but attacks toward the lesbian couple. How they invited the attacks. How they could have and should have prevented it, followed by a string of posts making sweeping generalizations about how gays bring this stuff upon themselves. That’s the new face of towle road. It may be for some….but I find it all too exhausting.

    Signing out for a while.

  43. J.R says

    I don’t find Joe my God bad at all. I really don’t. Pretty great environment actually.
    People seem to know each other and there’s a sense of accountability that comes with the postings, mainly because you have to sign into facebook or twitter to post and you get to actually follow the commentary of the posters and know them.

    On here, virtually all the posts could very well be coming from Brian Brown himself with 40 different handles, because TR is stuck in 2003 and refuses to make posters log in to post. So, it becomes a free for all for the trolls.

  44. Carlos says

    The comments on this site are disgusting. That this is how gay people react to a story of a HORRIFIC attack toward other gay people perfectly highlights the hate gay people have for fellow gays. Disgusting, vile, sickening…and I’m not just talking about the crime, I’m talking about some of the comments from you cruel souls.

  45. Steve-ATL says

    Seriously, some of the comments first reaction to reading this story is doubting the validity of it? When there’s witnesses and the police have said they have enough evidence to charge this as a hate crime, coupled with troubling videos of how violently the gay men got beat, and you still want to question the integrity of not the homophobes, but the gays victims? I’d never wish a terminal illness on anyone, but I’ll just say, may karma catch up with some of you all and may it be brutal.

  46. Amir L. says

    The picture of the victims is so hard to look at but so perfectly captures the homophobia that is in society and how hard our community needs to work to change it.

    I will say as a proud New Yorker, when marriage equality got passed here, there’s a certain level of apathy toward other LGBT issues; one being addressing violent homophobia in our streets. Sorry, but it seems so many gay New Yorkers got marriage and really couldn’t give a darn about anything else. I want my marriage rights and am grateful for them, but if I can’t walk down the street holding my partners hand without being beat within an inch of my life, or getting on a subway and getting beat by 6 people like that gay kid was the other month—then we as an NYC LGBT need to get back on the drawing map and find solutions to change these things, or at least address these issues. And we’re not. At all.

  47. OutOfHere says

    Joe My God is nothing like this trash site. At all! And moronic, hateful comments are removed over there. You can’t run a site like this without some moderation, unless you want to attract lowlifes from all over. Which is what I’ve come to suspect is the case on Towleroad. It seems Andy has given up/doesn’t care. Or that he simply likes the hits too much? Every post is cursed with (mostly) unrelated ignorance. Such a shame.

  48. Reality411 says

    To the first few commentators, probably the same person, trying to doubt if this really happened. A majority of anti gay hate crimes don’t go reported. A majority of gays and lesbians and transgenders are too shamed to come out publically and file charges against their attackers. A majority of anti gay crimes are swept under the rug by authorities in parts of the country. So before you sit high on your comfy privileged seats and start putting to question the integrity of gay people who were in a hospital fighting for their lives and their vision, be sure that tomorrow it’s not YOU on some street looking for mercy after being attacked.

    I would know. I was attacked viciously years ago in Texas after leaving a bar by a group of 8 men. Who approached me and asked if I was gay, and when I said whats it to you, they bashed the living life out of me while spewing homophobic drivel the whole time. The story was posted on a gay blog like this, and you want to know what happened? A majority of the comments by gays either said I had it coming, or said I made the whole thing up. As another poster said, may karma get you so bad that you won’t even be able to grasp your own words.

  49. Klien says

    I happen to agree with the poster who requested a rally be staged. We had a string of hate crimes in our city and staged a rally that brought out so many people and got the media and press involved. It sent a loud & clear message to all future potential bashers, and never have we had an issue since then.

  50. USC Trojans Fan says

    Yeah. I defended Andy in the past but that was 2009 and today in 2013 virtually all sites require you register or use your facebook to post a comment. And there’s a multitude of reasons for that. One being how it helps weed out many trolls.

    This site has gotten REAL ugly in the past year. The level of trolling, be it racism, or misoginy or very often flat out homophobia is getting tiresome. There was a recent post on here about marriage equality and some ten comments were stating how gays are demanding special rights and why we flaunt our sexuality. And that was on this site.

    While I realize trolls are everywhere, clearly enough people are fed up with having to scroll past a dozen comments just to find one who isn’t a troll. It ruins the flow of this site and I’m starting to notice some of my favorite regulars on here are not posting anymore.

    The question is, is Andy seeing our requests or does he even care?

  51. ratbastard says


    The biggest troll in TR is of course Raymond Miller of Toronto, AKA Little Kiwi. NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE. I don’t even know if you are Ray Miller, he/she is so prolific with their troll posts and multiple aliases. Most of the over the top, ridiculous, usually ‘conservative’ troll posts are in fact Ray Miller, AKA Little Kiwi, which he then promptly responds to with outrage.

    I assume most people who read TR comments already know this. If it’s an incredibly nasty, unnecessarily vulgar and mean spirited post, 99% likely it’s Mr. Raymond Miller of Toronto, AKA Little Kiwi, or he/she posting under an assumed alias.

  52. USC Trojans Fan says

    No, ratbastard. The biggest troll on here is hands down the revolving door that is you and Rick. The fact that you consistently question the integrity of EVERY hate crime against gays because of a few isolated incidents of false reporting, not taking into account the thousands of incidents of anti gay hate crimes where they don’t get reported.

    You are one kind of sick evil for your predictable knee jerk response of either blaming the gay victims or questioning their integrity.

  53. Kev C says

    Summer is coming and gay bashings are on the rise. The question is: What are you going to do about it? Remember that as a US citizen, you have the right to keep and bear arms. New Yorkers tend to forget that they have this inalienable right. It’s time to exercise those rights to be healthy.

  54. Steve says

    Indeed. The trolling is strong on this site. Not only that, but I use an anti-tracking tool (for chrome)called Ghostery, and I kid you not…Towleroad is utterly infested with trackers.After clicking around I give up. I spend more time watching the trackers getting zappped then actually learning anything. No joke.

  55. steve says

    this is a reminder to me that if I someone yells “faggot” at me – to just let it go and not talk back or fight back. I know that we need to stand-up for ourselves…but, for the sake of my own survival and safety – I plan on not “talking back” if someone yells slurs at me. That’s my assumption about how all this started, I’m guessing they were probably verbally abused and fought back.

  56. ratbastard says

    there is more to the case, Sam.

    the men had just taken turns face-f***ing your mom and dad in an alley. then they zipped up, felt like a beer, were denied entry, and then a bunch of homophobic thugs attacked them.

    that’s what’s not being reported. thanks for caring.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | May 10, 2013 3:43:18 PM


    @USC Trojans Fan + Alejandro;

    The above post that I copied + pasted is the very definition of a troll. It’s something a bonafide b*tch would say. Little Kiwi, AKA Raymond Miller [google him, he’s all over the internet because he’s a narcissistic control freak attention whore] writes posts like the above one all the time. Whenever he reads something he disapproves of, he goes into b*tch mode and trolls. He’s so prolific and pernicious I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m responding to one of his many troll alias right now.

    And yes, 99.9% of the over the top ‘conservative’ posts are trolls posted by Raymond Miller and others like him. He probably wrote the obvious troll posts about Hispanics just to create drama.



    There’s a reason why TR pages sometimes take forever to load.

  57. Richard says

    Tony Perkins and all of the other verbal gay-bashers are responsible for sending the signal of hate to physical gay-bashers and bullies.

  58. ratbastard says

    Shills responding to trolls. I think I’ll buy It’ll be exclusively for homosexuals and their ‘advocates’. It’ll be the perfect fantasy world where yes means no, black means white, and we have always been at war with Eurasia.