1. Alex N says

    Spinning Israelites? They are rather pretentious, but somehow I listened to the entire song and was left feeling ambivalent. They are clever if that was the intention!

  2. dingding says

    Agree. They are terrible. I don’t understand the appeal at all — and the name seems completely incongruous to their excruciatingly cheesy calypso-inspired sound and preppy image.

  3. Chris says

    @VSo, I got your back, Vampire Weekend is one of my favorite bands!

    @dingding, their name is actually from a student film they worked on when they were students at Columbia University. Their song Walcott on their first album actually is the basic storyline of that movie. But, I don’t know what their name would convey, I guess maybe something a bit harder or more gothic maybe?

  4. jackson says

    One of my favorite bands ever! This song is ok. I prefer the more upbeat and frenetic sound of their last album.

  5. jamal49 says

    Um, I like Vampire Weekend. Liked the video. The spewing champagne is kind of cliche but the juxtaposition is somehow apt. Zion climax and all that.