1. Kevin says

    Very nervous..they say they have the votes..but I’ll keeping my fingers crossed before then.
    It can only lose if the Democrats don’t show spines..simple as that.

  2. says

    Senator Warren Limmer is an idiot. All marriages are civil marriages. You aren’t married when you say I do in a church you are married when you sign a marriage license.

  3. Max says

    Limmer is just filling airtime it would seem (like most Republicans). They know full well that they are talking crap but they like to drag it out and make the Democrats scrabble around for statistics to irrelevant questions.

  4. Mike8787 says

    The problem isn’t that the bill can be fixed.
    The problem is that Limmer wouldn’t be satisfied with a marriage bill unless it let everyone and anyone deny services to gay couples.

    …of course, he also is unsatisfied by the bill altogether.

  5. JONES says

    ‘A contrary opinion’ … otherwise known as marketplace discrimination, Limmer.

    Dibble got it. Human rights guaranteed by civil law.

    Reps Latz & Cohen, Thanks for the rational explanations.

  6. Cd in DC says

    The spread of gay marriage is a beautiful thing. You’re married but not everyone will agree so go forward with what you have as you’re not going to win everyone over and if they don’t agree, that doesn’t make them idiots. Namecalling is what they do, not us.

  7. JONES says

    Rep Petersen tells Gazelka & Limmer your argument is ‘simply not true’.
    Thank you, sir.

    Dibble, explaining marketplace discrimination.

    These arguments may seem repetitive but I’m glad to see them offered and well refuted.

    Limmer just refuses to understand that ‘violation of conscience’ is asking for enfranchising discrimination.

  8. melvin says

    The inanity of this argument is mind numbing. I think I’ll just run down to the Mormon Church and demand that they marry me and my hedgehog. Seriously, is there some stampede of Zoroastrians and Cylons demanding to be married in Orthodox churches? Who believes this nonsense?

  9. Gary47290 says

    Any re-thug-lican who claims “deeply held religious principles” for a basis to be anti-Gay is full of crap. This is the same nonsense they used to defend Jim Crow laws.

    People: repeat after me: Marriage equality does not impact the free exercise of religion for anyone, unless you are compelled to conduct the ceremony as a religious minister (a group already protected). Selling flowers or renting space does not force you to believe in marriage for same sex couples.

    Unless these bigoted thugs would also refuse service to a Hindu or Buddhist couple, or a divorced couple, then they are full of bull puckey.

  10. melvin says

    Now Limmer gripes about a boycott. What happened to my freedom of association?

    And right on cue, he brings up the florist cow here in Richland who violated WA law. btw, she is held in extremely low regard for taking their money for years and then refusing to do the wedding.

  11. melvin says

    Westrom please. I think the meaning of the terms “mother” and “father” in the English language can survive without your assistance.

  12. AJ says

    Limmer is a scumbag! He is the one that introduced the end meant we just defeated. He is also the one who called homosexuality “the anal sex lifestyle”. He’s horrible.

  13. northalabama says

    @jones – the theology debate may be coming again, but the theologians lost the previous round, and precedent will stand when it comes to secular society.

    the separation of church and state was established to protect the state, not the church.

  14. JONES says

    Bless Hayden
    ‘Folks, it’s going to be OK.’

    Equality is the heart of our constitution.
    Nothing to fear from love and commitment.

  15. JONES says

    ‘Traditional’ marriage.
    How far back does she want to go in the definition of the ‘traditional’ rights women had in those marriages.

    Wish someone had a history of the changes in marraige to read aloud to these chambers.

  16. Howard says

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of “public” happiness. This was the most meaningful moment in all this debate. So glad I took the time to listen all the senators speak.

  17. JONES says

    Reinart made quite a few good points.

    ‘I vote for something that I have no right to give. It’s yours already.’

    Good to finally hear this from an elected official.

  18. WK says

    FFS – I’m all for hearing both sides, but this Westrom is a certifiable fucktard, that’s putting it nicely. His defense is that the support for equality is progressing too quickly over 16 years, 16 YEARS! Why are people so hesitant to evolve about something that no one is forcing anyone to participate in?

  19. BobC562 says

    Dan Hall isn’t far behind Westrom in the dunce category. SS Marriage is going to open up the proverbial “Pandora’s Box.” Everyone will be forced to accept it. Oh, and now he says he’s ready to be persecuted for his views. Asswipe.

  20. northalabama says

    senator hall – when first fings 11:3 describes Solomon’s “seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines”, what was your position on the definition of marriage?

  21. Jim Brown says

    It us so much of the same, homophobic, heterosexist, religious biased, close mindedness from the 1950’s. Blah, blah, blah. Thank God there are those who are willing to take the risk and make this happen! Yes… “Fingers Crossed”.

  22. WK says

    Even some of the outspoken opponents have acknowledged that this is likely to pass in their statements. People’s minds are already made up. Please shut up, stop wasting the taxpayer’s money, and vote on it already. If these politicians want a bigger spotlight on them, run for a higher office.

  23. Nick says

    Good god, if I hear one more “think of the children”, “slippery slope”, or “religious liberty” argument I’m going to rip my skin off and burst into flames

  24. JONES says

    Preacher Hall (too funny Melvin)

    He brought in every religious right meme and then some … the moral demise of Europe and the Civil War.

  25. JONES says

    Mother’s letter to Sen Franzen
    ‘A mentality that lends you to a zero sum reality. The public gets to vote on my son’s civil rights.’


    Hugs to Sen Torres Ray. Go to their wedding.

  26. El says

    Sen. Barb Goodwin’s cute! :) She just read a young, closeted, lesbian constituent’s letter, quoting Macklemore. Woohoo!

    Also, Sen. Latz – thank God for him, his rationale, and his passion!!! Good people talking for the right side of history.

  27. Francis #1 says

    Senator Latz’ speech is going to go viral. That was simply too amazing. That’s the type of speech that changes minds and inspires people.

  28. JONES says

    ‘Don’t pass it today. It’s not time.’

    When is the right time to affirm basic human rights in civil law?
    We shouldn’t even have to ask.

    Dear Alice Johnson just rebuked the ‘deeply held religious views’ meme.

  29. BobC562 says

    Oh Lord, Gazelka again. “Some are born gay, or live gay, depending on who you talk to…” “I want members of the gay commuinity that I have the upmost respect for them, event though I’m voting against” them.

  30. MickleSt says

    Whether we agree the speakers or not, I’m suddenly struck that this is Democracy. We have the right to speak our minds, our legislators have that right and we not only tolerate that but encourage it in the spirit of openness. Without that, we would never have come this far as gay people. This would never have happened. It’s hard, it’s frustrating, it’s angering to hear the old “logic” and retoric. But that’s how it works. I do think this will pass. And I hope we all keep our heads high. We don’t have to stoop to name-calling, to the lowest common denominator. We make our case, we take the high road. And we prevail. Congratulations in advance, Minnesota! The big fight is not over, but another battle is about to be won.

  31. chris says

    I would disagree with Peterson on one thing, though. The phrase “good people disagree” doesn’t fit here. The people who disagree are not “good people.” They are bigots.

  32. JONES says

    Petersen ????

    Thanks for the vote but your rational is way scattered.

    Hahn …
    Allocation of benefits … ah, no. Recognizing of equality.

    Bigotry. Treating others as less than.
    The first step to healing is admitting.
    No matter of how deeply, deeply, held your views are.

    When I hear you call out hate groups and religious organizations that target LGBT as responsible for everything up to and including the demise of civilization then I’ll recognize your attempt to heal your bigotry.
    So yeah, let’s be honest.

  33. Keith says

    Well said, MickleSt. . .I couldn’t agree more. And congratulations to all my friends in Rochester, MN. I was born and raised there and now live in CA. Who would have thought my home state would beat California to full marriage equality? I love my family, and know they are as equally excited about the outcome as I am for them. Love to you all!

  34. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @Keith: I must quibble a bit. California DID beat MN to full marriage equality for a few months in the summer of love, AKA Summer 2008. Until those a$$hole Mormons and Catholics put all their money behind Prop H8 and took away law-abiding citizens’ civil rights because it gave their bipolar invisible Sky-Daddies a Sadz. :-(

    Too damn bad. I dare say that if it comes to a vote NOW in CA, the Mormons and Catholics and Evangelical f*cktards will get a big surprise indeed.

    But I am willing to bet that, by the end of June, that will be moot. Prop H8 is going DOWN. As will DOMA Section 3 (and the rest will fall subsequently).

    We are going to win. Equal rights will be ours. And sooner than anyone thinks!

  35. JONES says

    Show me you’re speaking out against LGBT bigotry and I’ll present you with your very own ‘I’m not a BIGOT’ badge.

    Don’t condone your church’s hate speech and ‘less than’ mentality and then ask me to absolve you of your bigotry. If you stand by in silence, your silence is taken as acceptance.

    It hurts you to hear that … GOOD. It’s supposed to. That hurt is what we feel every f**kin day as you stand by and do nothing about it and then ask me to understand because it’s your deeply, deeply, held religious belief.

  36. bandanajack says

    when is someone, at the first opening, point out that the catholic church was not forced to stop adoption services, but stopped from receiving state financing to do so. they left those kids in the lurch for $$

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