Anthony Weiner Gets into the NYC Mayoral Race: VIDEO


Nearly two years after stepping down from Congress after his sexting scandal, former Rep. Anthony Weiner has launched himself into the NYC mayoral race with a YouTube video.


In a new Quinnipiac poll, 49 percent of voters say he should not run:

The poll, taken before Mr. Weiner’s candidacy was announced by video early Wednesday, found that his possible candidacy was given a thumbs-down by 49 percent of voters, while 38 percent approved. White voters were especially critical, with nearly 2 to 1 saying he should not run. Women were also turned off by the idea, with 52 percent saying he should not run and 35 percent saying he should.

Just a month ago, the same question yielded more-mixed results, with 44 percent of voters disapproving of the general idea and 41 percent approving.