1. Terry says

    If Mark “I cheated on my wife by disappearing from my elected position as governor, without telling ANYONE, for a week to visit my mistress in Argentina, plus I spent taxpayers money doing so, even though I come off as some sort of family values spokesman” Sanford can make a political comeback, then Anthony Weiner sure can. And didn’t Anthony Weiner stay with his wife? Hell, if I lived in NYC, I would vote for him. Good luck to Anthony Weiner.

  2. AngelaChanning says

    Yes, really, who among us has not sent at least one naughty photo of themselves to someone on the ol’ intertubes? (Well, I know most of us were not married members of Congress at the time, but still…) :-)

  3. Channeling Angela says

    Republicans won’t like him, they prefer candidates who don’t have sex and don’t pay taxes. That video was nicely done. I wonder if he will have a Wiener-mobile?

  4. Gigi says

    @Terry — I do tend to agree with you but with Weiner as your last name, it’s kind of hard [no pun intended] for people to forget what you did.

  5. ratbastard says

    These guys like Weiner have egos as big as they wish their penis was. Narcissism in full bloom. Just go away and do something else with your life outside the limelight Mr. Weiner.

  6. keating says

    Weiner embarassed his wife and himself, but he didn’t break any laws. But by getting into the mayoral race he just shows what an arrogant attention whore he still is. There are plenty of ways to serve the public without having to be in the spotlight. I wish he’d go away.

  7. Patric says

    I couldn’t care less about the sexting, though I do feel sorry for his wife, who is far more impressive than he is.

    I won’t vote for him in the primary because I found his response to the Islamic downtown community center in my neighborhood to be pandering to the basest of instincts. Leadership is required in moments like that and he failed, instead opting to placate the angry mob.

  8. Mary says

    It’s a shame his first name isn’t Oscar. Then he could be Oscar Mayor Weiner!

    Seriously, though, I think that after the scandal he shouldn’t run for public office anymore. But I’m glad he was able to save his marriage. Say what you will about tweeting those nude photos, but he didn’t touch any woman he wasn’t married to. And he didn’t make a baby with any woman other than his wife. And by the way, baby Jordan is absolutely adorable!

  9. Robert says

    I live in NYC and will be voting for Anthony Weiner in the primary. He’s a good progressive and has the kind of outsized personality an NYC mayor needs. I refuse to vote for Christine Quinn for a long list of reasons, plus I don’t think she’d be a very effective mayor.

  10. John B. says

    I wouldn’t vote for him.

    What he did was wreckless/stupid given his position, not to mention how hurtful it was to his family. That lack of good judgement is a character trait that should dog him in trying to enter public life.


  11. EB says

    Voter support may start slowly. But this inch by inch approach could swell to impressive size. Hard to say what people might do in the privacy of the voting booth.

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