1. Pete N SFO says

    More than accepting the skinheads, Manif pour tous probably feared but tolerated their presence.

    That’s the thing about hatred & bigotry; you don’t really get to say, my hatred is just right & yours is too much.

    Hatred & bigotry over extending freedoms to another individual??? These people all need psychological help, big time.

  2. RMc says

    Hope Brian Brown is happy that this innocent boy is brain-dead because of the evil anti-gay terrorism he incites. He has blood on his disgusting hands.

  3. says

    I’m in Paris right now. Police arrested 4 suspects, probably the 4 skinheads that were in the appartement where it happened. There is a big “manifestation” (I don’t know the word in english) in memory of Clément tonight. I guess that the image of France you have in the States those days isn’t so nice, but trust me, we’re not all like that, some of us still have a sense of sanity..

  4. Ninong says

    As previously mentioned by Kylian, the police have already arrested four people — three men and one woman, ages 20-30 — who are clearly skinheads with tattoos of swastikas. Besides numerous witnesses, that street is covered by video surveillance, so the police have pictures and videos of the event.

    Clement Meric had not yet begun to fight when he received a “violent blow,” according to witnesses. He fell and struck his head on a post. One of the four arrested is the alleged attacker.

  5. Rick says

    “Oh my, horrible. I am really worried, how far right movement is rising around Europe.”

    The rise of the Far Right in Europe is due to the irresponsibility of the Establishment elite and their touting of “multi-culturalism,” as well as its cousins, such as feminism and “gender-non-conformity.”

    All the while, they ignore the ongoing plight of the white middle class and their ever-dropping standard of living. Unemployment rates of 12+% in the EU as a whole and over 25% in Spain and Greece.

    You push people to the limit and deny them ANY sense of security–economic, social, and otherwise–and they will explode.

    Sadly, the gay movement has aligned itself with the Far Left, rather than trying to make the elimination of homophobia a non-political matter…..and so the result is that gay people will become collateral in the process.

  6. MateoM says

    Sadly, Rick has dedicated his life to trolling Towleroad with anti-gay, anti-democrat, misogynistic and racist comments under several different names.

    What a waste of a life. Nobody will miss him when he’s gone.

  7. David Hearne says

    There would be no neo-nazis if the European government leaders would have prevented all the Islamic migration and illegal immigration into Europe.

    It’s a shame that the young man is ruined and possibly dead, however Europe will not be saved by candle light vigils and progressives wringing their wrists over “global warming”. European countries (including America, Canada, and Australia) must recollect as a European people and stop the pollution of our nations.

    Gay rights will be a tool to expel Islam from the civilized world. But the Nazis don’t understand that yet. Probably because people are too busy trying to label people as Nazis who aren’t nazis.

    Gay rights can be a weapon against Islam, we need to show people the weapons grade aspect of our existence.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “There would be no neo-nazis if the European government leaders would have prevented all the Islamic migration and illegal immigration into Europe.”

    Did Muslims and Africans create the original Nazis?

    David Hagatha Hearne/Rick, you are ridiculous.

    And where is Sean to comment on this anti-Gay violence? Oh, the perpetrators aren’t Black or Latino, and so this savage violence doesn’t interest Sean.

    I pray the young Frenchman, Mr Meric, somehow comes through. This is horrible.

  9. ct says

    He was not a “gay rights activist”. I quote Le Monde: “The only thing we know about him is that he was member of the “Action Antifasciste”,a far-left group at his faculty. He was also very close to the National Confederation of Trade Unions.

    As member of this far-left group he did take part in picketing some of the recent homophobic demonstrations (see here but to call him a “gay-rights activist” is a bit of a misrepresentation.

  10. jay says

    My heart breaks for this young man. All those who sponsor hate are guilty of the violence they help drive onto others. May God watch over Clément Méric.

  11. jay says

    My heart breaks for this young man. All those who sponsor hate are guilty of the violence they help drive onto others. May God watch over Clément Méric.

  12. says

    There is no shortage of neo-Nazi and nationalist thugs in countries with no Islamic migration.

    And, yes, this is a very sad story; may justice serve the actual skinheads responsible for this atrocity.

  13. Brian1 says


    rather than your kindergarten level response, why don’t you list all these violent confrontations if they’re so common?

    @David Hearne

    I thought I was immune to all the racist bile that flows out of you/ratbastard and the various permutations of Rick, but you still managed to shock with that last post. I didn’t think anyone outside the trashiest of white supremacist trash spoke of minorities polluting the white nation anymore.

  14. Steve says

    Every gay man should have a concealed carry permit and carry a weapon. Then the headlines would read “Gay Bashers Dead after Attempted Attack.”

  15. David Hearne says

    Brian1 – Between us, who said anything about a “white nation”? I said “European nations” you idiot. White is a color, European is a family of interrelated cultures which does not include Islam.

    There are negroid, mongoloid, caucasoid, and australoid Americans. There are no Muslim Americans. Americans do not pray for the destruction of this nation or our mother country.

  16. Brian1 says


    Every time we have an argument you just lie about your previous posts and count that as a win. When you say we (Europe, Canada, and Australia) need to recollect as a European people to stop the pollution of our nation (an exact quote, not your misleading summary) do you think anybody reads that to include people of color? That exact language can be found in any white supremacist literature. With your background as a neverending source of racist commentary, you must really think we’re all idiots if we think you mean to include non-whites in your purified European people. And if your intent really wasn’t racist but merely anti-islamic, then why didn’t you include Asia, where the largest contingent of non-Islamists live? Oh, that’s right, they’re not Islamic but they also pollute your vision of a lily white America.

  17. David Hearne says

    Brian1 –

    I’m not sure what you are asking so I will try to address both possible scenarios:

    I didn’t “include Asia” as being invaded by Islam, because Asia is Islam’s continent of origin.

    I did include “asians” in my list of Americans. Mongoloids are Orientals, and many western and southern Asians are Caucasians.

  18. FakeOutrage says

    “You push people to the limit and deny them ANY sense of security–economic, social, and otherwise–and they will explode”.

    And yet that is exactly what has been going on with anyone who is not a white heterosexual man for dgenerations….

  19. Tom Cardellino says

    So much abjectly brain dead commentary by a few of the usual suspects here on Towleroad, namely Hearne and ratbastard in this instance, it still perplexes me why Andy Towle does not exert some editorial discretion herein! Every great publication has always screened out the floating feces from the floated ideas. Please, Mr. Towle, learn just a bit more about journalism and rid intelligent discourse on your website from pointless, vulgar and moronic commenters like those aforementioned! Also, as a plea to all other Towleroad readers, join me by inundating Andy and his staff with pleas to exercise responsible editorial control over the vulgarity repeatedly exhibited by a poignant few on this website, so the bulk of us do not continue to avoid checking in for days and weeks at a time because of the senselessly hurtful and always irrelevant hate-speech that seems to have free license herein, as opposed to the Serious Websites that protect their sense of journalistic integrity!

  20. alexoloughlin says

    Even if Frigide Barjot’s Manif Pour Tous hate group aren’t directly involved, the hateful rhetoric she and her gang of religious loons are colletively responsible along with the Catholic hierarchy in Paris who gave the nod to the demonstrations.

    Thank goodness we never had any of that in London during the Equal Marriage debate, no demonstrations except for a paltry 150 opposing religious loons outside of Parliament last Monday and Tuesday, no violence either and no gay bashings ensued as a result.

    My heart goes out to this young man and to his family and friends. An abominable crime of barbarity.

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