Allstate Tells Gays: Being Out Should Not Mean Being Vulnerable – PHOTO


Via Gay Marriage USA on Facebook:

"Allstate Insurance recently did a small ad campaign featuring gay couples that was presented in Chicago, San Francisco, and L.A. Kudos to them! This is me (Brad) and TJ (right)."


  1. Michael says

    Sorr but Allstate has a transphobic commercial where a guy, dressed in women’s shorts and shirt, is skating, breaks into a car with his purse and then is gunned down by a very manly football. Allstate can kiss my ass.

  2. Peter says

    I’ve never thought much of Allstate or any other insurance company for that matter but this is a very nice advert.

  3. says

    very true words.

    and remember: don’t pass up an opportunity to Out Yourself to someone. anyone. everyone. you never know who’s life you may change or save by simply putting a face to who we are.

    rock on.

  4. ripper says

    And also, that Farmer’s ad is hardly transphobic unless you’re just looking to be offended.

    He’s not breaking into the car with his purse. He’s stealing a purse from the car. Duh.

  5. ratbastard says

    Never miss an opportunity to crack jokes about people’s mom and dad being raped and murdered,too. Raymond Miller,AKA Little Kiwi, can give you some pointers. Mr. Miller should do stand up comedy. He does a superb job of letting everybody and their pet bunny rabbit know he’s out and proud, while mixing up troll posts about people’s mom and dad being raped and murdered. It’s a gift. Some people have it, some don’t. Mr. Miller’s mom, dad, and family must be very proud of his comedic abilities.

  6. UFFDA says

    OK, so I just changed to Allstate. And if you don’t like insurance have a housefire and see what happens. I did, Farmers paid for everything IMMEDIATELY.

    Ratb…go right on forever exposing KIWI for the soiled brainiack he is. Raymon Miller aka Little Kiwi is one-dimensional all gay swill.

  7. Michael says

    My bad, and it was Farmer’s Market. Sorry I got the purse aspect of it wrong but if you don’t see the problem with a guy who is dressed as a girl getting gunned down by a football then I suggest taking your head of your ass and then go back and rewatch it.

    Sorry, I have a lot, a lot of trangender friends and I just found the Farmer’s Market spot obnoxious.

  8. JDH says

    I like that they actually used kind of average guys. I’m sort of tired of seeing airbrushed, irritatingly perfect gay men in ads that target us. I realize that that’s how the modeling world is in general, but the guys they used in this ad send a pretty clear message to me: “You are actual people.”

    It’s just the difference in gunning for the “gay dollar” and actually providing a service to a group of real people. I don’t know what Allstate’s motive is, but the ad serves as a reminder that we don’t have to all look like we’re on a toothpaste commercial before we’re deserving of respect.

  9. Family Not Friends says

    Which insurance companies sell health insurance to GLBT couples at the ‘married rate’?

  10. Jonty Coppersmith says

    Does anyone moderate these comments?
    The personal attacks against Little Kiwi need to stop. They add nothing to the conversations at hand, and it is annoying as hell.

  11. dattexas says

    Yes, and we should be proud of a company that gives millions to anti-gay politicians in just about every state.

  12. gb says

    What sounds great in the advertising agency boardroom, could in reality spell violence for this hand holding couple. I see this in Santa Monica. Gay couples standing nervously close and holding hands. It appears more an act of defiance than affection.

  13. Just_a_guy says

    I’m confused. How does Allstate protect gay men from being fired simply for being who they are in a majority of states? Or from being denied thousands of benefits based solely on the sex of the two people in a consecrated relationship? Or from hate crimes that could disfigure; or the risk of them?

    Oh yeah, it doesn’t really. They just want our money.


    I guess I’m just expecting more right now. Why is progress so fing slow?! Why should my bf and I have to defiantly hold hands in Santa Monica of all places–and too often most parts of even Sunset Blvd!! I’m TIRED of all the double standards. I’m not going to swoon for the slight recognition in an ad right now.

  14. Jarid says

    Nice try you filthy Christian troll. In Los Angeles, gay couples are showing affcetiona nd holding hands EVERYWHERE. You can’t go anywhere without seeing PROUD gays. We rule this city. And don’t you ever forget it.

  15. Two Dads says

    Really love the message and symbol of this inclusive and progressive ad. Thanks all state. Will considering switching insurance due to your kindness and support of our community.

  16. Outie says

    I like the ad. Nothing two face about it. Insurance companies are ahead of the nation in some ways. For a lot of lines, they don’t really care if you are married or not. Gay couples could be co-owners of a car or house and be covered. However, renters and Life get a little tricky in legal areas.

  17. Gary says

    Not sure what you mean about life insurance…anyone can list anyone as a life insurance beneficiary. It is easier to leave your partner life insurance than it is to leave them property in some states.

    And for homes it is simple even if you don’t co-own a house. Just add a renters policy for your partner. These are usually cheap.

    Did anybody even read the website allstate posted in the ad?

  18. fed up says

    I’ve been an Allstate customer for over 30 years and I am thoroughly disgusted. I know they (like every other big corporation) feel the need to jump on the politically correct bandwagon, but it’s disgusting. It’s become the “norm” which is even more sickening but did they really have to take out full page ads supporting it? Instead of wasting money on that garbage why don’t you give us customers a discount?? I thought Allstate was a wholesome, family oriented company. Boy was I wrong. I have a totally different perception of them now.