1. Chris says

    I may get slammed for this, but I have never and will never understand the appeal of Beth Ditto. Once, I saw her stomping around onstage, barefoot, screeching a cover of someone else’s song, and that was all I ever needed to see. I am always a little baffled when I see the fawning press she receives from the gay community.

  2. Jason says

    How is the chorus gay-friendly towards men? It”s sung by a woman, not a man. It’s yet another example of the homophobic double standard in the music industry.

    If a man sung it, I might consider it gay-friendly towards men.

  3. Andy says

    There is a germ of a good idea/good song in there somewhere, but it’s totally ruined by the bland, cookie-cutter production. I’m re-creating it in my head as a classic Blondie cut from the “Eat to the Beat” era and it sounds pretty good like that. Shame.

  4. QJ201 says

    Jason is a f*cking troll.

    When we feed him by responding to his asinine hateful spew he probably gets turned on.

    I also find it really disappointing that Andy will NOT introduce a moderated commenting system. Kind of appalling that TR gets a big award when he allows this sort of disgusting commentary in the name of free speech.

  5. wes knight says

    i sing this to my son and daughter. ”If you’re a boy or if you’re a girl / I love you just the same.” great track, take it how you like, im takin it as a parent singing it to there children:)

  6. Caliban says

    I didn’t really get the gay “diva worship” gene. I don’t care about most of them and actively hate Madonna and Barbra Streisand. Seriously. I’m not quite sure what it is about those two that pisses me off so much, perhaps just that as a gay man it was practically DEMANDED that I like them, but if there was an anti-Barbra/Madonna church I’d join it.

    The exception is Debbie Harry. LOVE her. I think it’s that her attitude has always been more rock and roll than pretty pretty princess disco queen glamour.

  7. Mitch says

    I think Beth Ditto is under appreciated. She rocks and has an amazing voice. Rough and Rock, sweet and tender too when she wants to be. She throws her whole self into her stage presence…unashamed and agressive. She’s wonderful.

    Debbi Harry is and always will be a special, special artist. She’s been breaking barriers her whole life and is still one of the most gorgeous women evah!

    The two together is rock magic!

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