1. JONES says

    Absolute f**king low life monsters.
    When the police who are charged and sworn to protect citizens instead become the ones we need protection from then society and civilization suffer.

    These homophobic facists don’t belong wearing a badge.

  2. william says

    Isn’t giving an investigation to Internal Affairs the best way to ensure that nothing disciplinary happens to the officers involved?!

  3. Grench says

    Internal affairs. Cut the crap. The courts need to get involved. So he was peeing and drunk. I’ve seen much worse on the streets of New York, and the police look the other way.

  4. Jeff says

    It was fascinating to see a link to this with the line “WHY PEOPLE HATE COPS” at BoyCulture today, just a day after the same blogger wrote that the govt whistleblower is “anti-government” and that “privacy is a thing of the past”, so we should just get over it

    It’s horrible that the police have the power to target and mistreat or abuse gay men. Thank God the government doesn’t have the ability to profile, locate and potentially abuse us. Oh, wait…

    To anyone reading this story: If you uncritically accept govt monitoring all of our communication, then you have no right to be outraged when something like this happens with the police. You can’t condemn abuse that happens to be caught on camera and then enable the machinery that will allow gays & others to be targeted in more insidious ways in the future.

  5. Continuum says

    I am fully confident that after the NYPD investigates itself, it will find itself completely innocent of any abuse.

    Really, does anyone believe that the NYPD will conduct any real investigation other than figure out ways to let the cops off.

    Two years from now, the internal investigation will be complete and the police panel will say that they did nothing wrong.

    There will be no real justice. The DAs and the Courts will always take the cops word over other witnesses, even when video proves that the cops are total liars.

  6. Chris says

    Have you considered that maybe the NYPD version of the events is true?

    Drunk guys who do not comply with police requests for IDs when caught urinating in public, get belligerent / violent and then arrested… It’s definitely possible.

    Nothing in the video contradicts the police’s version of the events.

    Sometimes gay guys do bad things and when caught, scream homophobia to cover their asses.

  7. my2cents says

    how did they know he was gay?
    unless his sausage had a sign on it.
    choose your behavior, then blame
    the consequences on discrimination
    of your orientation.

  8. Yawn says

    Could someone explain how the video contradicts and/or supports either side?? I’m just seeing a guy being arrested. Most arrest incur some level of aggressive behavior by police. Could someone explain?

  9. Kev C says

    The wildly unprofessional and probably illegal behavior of the cop(s) is an indication that the police version is not credible. NYPD frequently make up charges, make false arrests, lie about incidents, and resort to rough tactics in arresting; and then dump their arrests on the courts to sort out.

  10. EchtKultig says

    Well, the cops probably are homophobic jerks who overreached. But, uhhh, here’s an idea: if you’re drunk at 3am on Sunday morning, stay away from police precinct buildings.

  11. ratbastard says

    Police have unions, collective bargaining, and arbitration. Union workers can’t be treated like employees at will, which is what something like 85%+ of American workers aren’t. Terminating their employment or even just punishing them for ‘bad’ behavior is an involved legal process.

  12. ratbastard says

    I don’t know what happened prior to this video. I see police making an arrest, and it appears a fair amount of force was used.

    The rest of it revolves around the man filming speaking about his and their [his friends] rights, and that he’s filming police. Fine. Cool. Good for him. Everyone should know their legal rights and not be afraid when dealing with law enforcement. In turn, the cop tells him he doesn’t like the filming. There is some legal question as to whether police can request people to stop filming them and stop audio recording them. In many states it is actually illegal for someone to audio record another party without that party’s permission.

    As for the police officer’s language, that speaks for itself.

  13. ratbastard says

    “Senate Passes Bill Creating Crime of Aggravated Harassment of a Police Officer”

    The New York State Senate today passed a bill that creates the crime of aggravated harassment of a police or peace officer. The bill (S.2402), sponsored by Senator Joe Griffo (R-C-I, Rome) would make it a felony to physically attack a police officer while on duty.
    “At a time when shocking incidents of disrespect and outright confrontation are at an all-time high, the men and women who patrol the streets of our cities deserve every possible protection we can offer them,”Senator Griffo stated. “My bill would make it a crime to take any type of physical action to try to intimidate a police officer.

    This opens a whole can of worms. It’s far too vague and it will be abused by police.