1. Kev C says

    And yet we allow these subhumans to immigrate to the USA. We need to start burning russian run businesses in the US to show our displeasure with russia.

  2. jed says

    wow. the only thing missing from this clip is the antigay crowd shouting sieg heil. putin and the russian orthodox church haven’t learned the lessons of history. what if they were the ones being persecuted? utterly shameful.

  3. Jess says

    Throw your threats. You just needed to sit on your asses, and it all came to you. You know nothing of bravery. Let’s drop Kev C in Russia with the other “subhumans”

  4. Travis says

    @Kev C How in the hell does running the lives of Russian immigrants, most of whom are escaping their their homeland, help further LGBT rights in Russia? Really?

  5. Kev C says

    That’s simple Travis. Gays not welcome in Russia? Russians not welcome in the US. Didn’t start it, ending it. Come back when you’re modestly civilized, rusky.

  6. rich says

    George Patton was right, in 1945, we should have pushed the Russians back to their boarder. It would have saved Eastern Europe from decades of rape and plunder from these people.

  7. Kev C says

    @Jess – Native American, Pilgrim, Founding Fathers. Those are my ancestors, and it’s my job to keep your homophobic friends out of my country, Jess. We don’t need your european socialist values here either. You are warned.

  8. Tom in Lazybrook says

    Here’s an idea. How about having Russian Gay Pride celebration in appropriate areas of the West to highlight Russian fascism against Gays?

    1) NYC – In front of the Russian Orthodox Church building in Manhattan to protest the ROC’s direct advocacy of violence and denial of basic human rights such as speech and protest.

    2) London/Paris/Berlin – In the high end shopping districts favored by the nomenklatura to protest their inaction or support of anti-Gay fascism in Russia.

    3) Lausanne – In front of the Int’l Olympic Committee building to protest the 2014 Sochi Games and the IOC’s refusal to guarantee the rights of LGBT athletes/fans and their supporters

    4) Zurich – In front of the FIFA building to protest FIFA’s inaction on LGBT violence and discrimination within FIFA members and the awarding of the World Cup to Russia and Qatar

    5) Phuket – Main beach area

    6) Strausbourg – In front of the Council of Europe to protest COE’s refusal to suspend/expel Russia in the face of persistent and ongoing Russian violation of just about every article of the COE charter and multiple procedings against Russia in the COE.

    7) Atlanta – In front of Coca-Cola to protest their continued funding of the IOC and FIFA in the face of those organizations’ continuing to award hosting rights to Russia and Qatar where LGBT persons and athletes face violence and repression.

    Lets make Russia’s elite own their fascism when they come to the civilized world

    Other cities – Protesting in front of the Russian embassy or Russian Orthodox Church.

    Lets pick a date and bring Russian Gay Pride to them by protesting organizations and companies that help Russia extend ‘soft power’ in the West!

  9. Kev C says

    The problem with a boycott is that Russia doesn’t have anything – make anything – do anything that anyone wants. No one wants to visit their radioactive wastehole of bad politics, bad music, bad cars, lethal drivers, gangsters, pedophiles, druggies and drunks. Even their vodka is inferior to nordic brands.

  10. Brandon says

    Kev C is a bigot. This isn’t the first time he’s had a shallow reaction and made ignorant, blanket statements about entire groups of people based on a headline. Yeah, let’s drop Kev C off in Russia and let him talk about much crap there as he does here, and let’s see how long he lasts with some of THOSE extremists.

  11. Kev C says

    The way I see it, Jess and Brandon are the bigots who support homophobia. And we just don’t need these pathetic masochists and spineless self-haters.

    Btw, I can handle myself against russian trash.

  12. says

    This is just so horrific. There has got to be a way for us to help the Russian LGBT. We are all brothers and sisters in the war against homophobia. I could care less if they were Russian, no one deserves to be attacked like this. We have to stop the hate in every way it manifests.

  13. Armando says

    This is democracy in action, so is the NSA spying scandal. In both cases, the government broke no laws, but followed the laws voted in by their legislatures.

    Boycotts are satisfying, but it brings out the other side who will replace any dollars we don’t spend.

  14. Zzi0n says

    omfg… so stupid don*t know anything about this rally. gay propaganda among children-that’s what gay men act. And lets talking about Texas and other southern States? Can talk about France? About how the people there were opposed to same-sex marriage? most people in USA- zombies..stupid zombies who believe everything they are told.

  15. ratbastard says

    Russia has nothing of value to give to the west? How about oil? The western Europeans desperately need Russian oil. Thankfully the U.S. is rich in natural resources and will even soon once again become the world’s leading energy producer, even surpassing Saudi Arabia in oil production. Unfortunately , our western European friends are poor in natural resources and highly dependent on outside sources for their energy needs.

    Our Russian brothers and sisters are very brave and deserve our backing. Russia itself I’m afraid is a lost cause. But Putin squeaks by using his oil and nukes.

  16. ratbastard says

    @ JackFknTwist,

    Many leftist ‘progressives’ and others consider Irish [by which they mean Americans of Irish descent] are the epitome of the so-called white race [along with WASP, i.e. white Anglo-Saxon Protestants]. This makes them fair game for being trotted out whenever discussions of ‘racism’ take place.

  17. walter says

    the return of the czarist cossacks . sorry europe should turn their backs on russia. nothing has changed since the czars or the communists . not even close to being a democracy. how about we take all russian gays here and send them our evangelicals. they would do well with all the hate in russia

  18. criticalTHINKING101 says

    what’s with all the anti-russians retoric? these pro-gay activists are russian too! that’s like christians being anti-jew–jesus was a jew! and americans being anti-immigrant–all our ancestors were immigrants DESPERATE for a better life legally or otherwise (if we had it good in our homeland we wouldnt have left, a’ight?)
    protest the bigotry not the nationality, otherwise you’re exchanging one type of discriminatin for another

  19. Keith says

    Sexual repression and political repression are often bed fellows.

    If Russians are so non Gay why all the Heavy Laws to ban it. One needs no Laws against things people are not motivated to do. The irony seems lost on them…

  20. Mary says

    And the blood we see on this man’s face is just the reason why I always advocate caution. It is not impossible to think that violence like this could happen in the US (on a larger scale I mean.) Right-wing websites are going crazy with talk of secession over the recent SCOTUS rulings And SSM wasn’t even legalized nationwide the way they feared.

    Ernie, still want to tell me I’m worrying too much?

  21. Lamia says

    “”Kev C is a bigot. This isn’t the first time he’s had a shallow reaction and made ignorant, blanket statements about entire groups of people based on a headline.”

    Putin has just signed into law yet another piece of legislative demonisation of gay people. It passed through the Duma 436 votes to 0. It is fair to take that as the will of almost all Russians. Therefore Kevin’s blanket statement about Russians is statistically supported. His views on a people who deny a minority their human rights are perfectly merited.

    Why should he or any gay person accord Russians any respect at all as human beings when their representatives universally deny gay people actual human rights? There is nothing ‘bigoted’ about hating people who not only hate you they deny you equal human rights. It is moral self-defence.

    “Yeah, let’s drop Kev C off in Russia and let him talk about much crap there as he does here, and let’s see how long he lasts with some of THOSE extremists.”

    Equating Kev – who quite rightly denies Russians respect as human beings, with the same Russian nation who are actually persecuting gay people, shows just how pampered and morally atrophied some of you are that you can’t compute the difference between oppressor and victim and instead dishinestly try to suggest a feeble cringing equivalence. Gay people have every logical and moral right to hate Russians, just as Jews in the 1930s had every logical and moral right to hate Germans.

    If you don’t like that, then do something about the Russians; the problem does not come from Kev C’s end.

  22. PaulinSF says

    Gee, what a fun “gay pride” parade. We should send them our San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to see how they’d react…Can’t wait to go there and celebrate there with my partner in 2014…what a hell hole

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