Boston Police: Gay Men Being Drugged, Robbed in Their Homes

The Boston Police have sent out an alert to the LGBT community, Bay Windows reports:

BpdAccording to police, the male suspect(s) are connecting with male individuals, either in person at area bars or online via hookup sites. After meeting in person and being invited to the victim’s home, the suspect allegedly drugs the victim and robs the home. No assaults have been reported.

There may be more than one suspect involved in the robberies.

Police would like other victims to come forward, are urging the LGBT community to use caution, and would like to hear about any tips at 1 800 494 TIPS or text CRIME (27463).


  1. SayTheTruth says

    This methodology is older than the world. People bringing complete strangers to their homes. And sometimes they are sketchy as hell, but that adds “straightness” to some people, lol.

    Yet, there are always fresh victims. Oh, the stories. Lucky the ones who only were robbed.

  2. steven says

    yes this can happen, and it has happened to people i know. the perps even had sex with the people im thinking of. when they woke up all the electronics (phones, laptops, etc) were gone, as were the guests.
    it is sad that some people find this possibility to be exciting.

  3. Rob says

    specifically how are the people drugged, I wonder? Do they insert sedatives rectally with a finger? It would seem odd for a guest to offer a host a drink.

  4. GregV says

    @Rob: There are all kinds of ways it could be done:
    I can hypothetically imagine a guest showing up at the door with two wine, glasses, a screw-top bottle of wine, and some potato chips and home-made dip. After a glass of wine, he says to the host, “hey, you’ve got some scotch and a can of root beer; sit tight and let me mix you MY specialty.” Later he pulls out “aspirin” and insists the host take one because “it will cancel out any hangover tomorrow.”
    In that example, the drug could be in the wine or in the dip or slipped into the drink (he could even slip it into a drink made by the HOST while the host is in the bathroom or kichen for 10 seconds), or of course in the “aspirin.”

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