Caterpillar Cuts Off Boy Scouts Over Ban on Gay Leaders

Caterpillar Inc. has cut off the Boy Scouts from any further financial support over its ban on gay leaders, the AP reports:

CaterpillarCaterpillar spokeswoman Rachel Potts says Thursday that the Caterpillar Foundation made the decision while reviewing the groups it supports.

She called the Boy Scouts' policy barring homosexual adults from serving as scout leaders discriminatory. She said that policy doesn't square with the Peoria-based heavy equipment maker's own anti-discrimination policies.


  1. olympiasepiriot says

    Hey tinkerbelle…You were *waiting* for a reason to buy a backhoe?!

    Funny trivia…John Barrowman, professional “cheeky-person” who is extremely out and who’s parents were (supposedly) extremely supportive, spent his teen years in Illinois in the Cat company town when the family moved there from Glasgow (Scotland) so his father could work in the exec offices.

  2. StSebastian says

    If you can’t sprint for a full backhoe, you can always show support for them by getting a pair of Caterpillar boots. I’ve worn them for years just because I like the boots, but this is cool too.

  3. Jeff says

    I grew up in Peoria, my father retired after 45 years at Caterpillar. This is HUGE, folks… Peoria is still very backward when it comes to social/civil equality. Ex: It is not unusual to near the work “N*gg*r” used in a derogatory fashion by white folk… and to be unchallenged… let alone “f*ggot,” “wet-b*ck,” etc…

    For Cat to take this stand is a major leap forward for the region, and will certainly put the cat among the pigeons… Can’t wait to talk to Dad…

  4. Cort says

    Jeff hangs with the wrong crowd. I was born in Peoria and still live here and have almost always found it open to everyone.We live in a mixed neighborhood of Black, Hispanic and Gays and love it. By the way, Peoria had a Gay Rights Ordinance several years before the state of IL did.

  5. cdubois says

    My company works for them! This is a hapoy surprise! All the people I interview who have worked for CAT always want to be placed back in the CAT network. You don’t see the same dedication to John Deere, Komatsu or Case. This must be another reason why!

  6. Malcolm Blue says

    I’m fascinated! While all corporations are openly greed mongers, usurping Americans as best they can, I am surprised that so many are pro-gay rights!!

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