1. Seattle Mike says

    Well, that video is a big mess, but I’ll support any excuse to enjoy that man’s smoldering good looks. Great voice as well. (And I gotta say, do you love the nipple peekaboo, or what? Here they are. Oops, they’re gone. Wait, they’re back.)

  2. FakeOutrage says

    On the bad side the video is indeed a mess. Just no. Cheyenne can sing, BUT, he sometimes sings in “gay voice” meaning, he has that “robotic android” sound that a lot of gay guys have. He needs to listen to George Michael who mangaged to sing soulfully while also sounding like a gay guy. It’s tough to explain and even harder to so. Jackson has sung some good stuff. This one, um, well…”danger will robinson”.

  3. AriesMatt says

    Wow. Beautiful and haunting. I also got Elton John vibes from it – his earlier stuff. Surprised at all the critiques. Video and song are both amazing, imho.

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