1. John says

    Um, does he even understand what the Supreme Court’s role in the legislative process is? To prevent the enforcement of laws which are unConstitutional…..I wonder what Governor lapband would have said about laws governing slavery in the early 1800’s?

  2. AllBeefPatty says

    Dear Krispy Kreme,

    You are diseased…obese.

    Think about that for a moment.

  3. AggieCowboy says

    And he just lost all the (grudging) respect I had for him after he stood up to his own party. His true colors come out. He doesn’t stand for Democracy, but Religious Totalitarianism. Pity…I had hopes for him.

  4. MikeBoston says

    So it bad that the Supreme Court overruled Congress but it is okay for a Governor to overrule a state legislature??? Does he even think before he speaks?

    The stupid, it burns!

  5. stephen says

    ^ what mike said. it’s amazing that christie can’t see the hypocrisy of his statements vs. his actions.

  6. Pete N SFO says

    We are hearing the same kind of thing in CA… “How can the court overrule the vote of the people?” they ask, with a mix of disbelief & anger.

    In both cases, they conveniently forget that the process leading up to the decisions was long & massive. As much as being struck down, these laws can be seen as unsupportable.

    But don’t hold your breath waiting for media to emphasize that point to their interviewees.

  7. Jack M says

    The Governor obviously doesn’t understand the Court’s ruling, if indeed he read it. It has nothing to do with Republicans, Clinton, etc. It has to do with Federal and State law, and their relationship to each other. But who said you had to know anything about government to get elected?

  8. Hey Darlin' says

    Well, here’s another one who believes an illegal law should have remained on the books to appease his personal interest. What happened in DOMA was that the supreme court corrected a law put in place illegally to begin with. They didn’t have a choice but to overturn it.

    A politician should definitely know better than to leave a law on the books that’s illegal, but they are prone to many illegal activities. That’s a sad reality in todays political arena but not a very valid excuse to “play dumb” about whether we should continue something illegally just because uninformed, unaffected people voted for it.

    I noticed his attempt to place Clinton in the line of fire. That’s our Republican administration in action. Divide THEN conquer. Place doubt in the Democrat’s mind.

  9. Kevin says

    He was NEVER a moderate. He simply put aside those differences because he knew refusing to cooperate with Obama while his state was underwater to please the base would get him booted in a heartbeat.

  10. James in Toronto says

    Canada got same sex marriage as a result of actions taken by the courts, and eventually the Supreme Court, which made it universal up here. Their reasoning, I seem to recall, was similar to Justice Kennedy’s.

    I see no shame in a court turfing misplaced legislation.

  11. Hey Darlin' says

    I wonder how many illegal laws he’s keeping on the books in New Jersey to satisfy his personal agenda?

  12. JONES says

    He thought the Supreme Court’s equality decree was insulting to a Republican legislature that passed a law based on blatant bigotry but thinks his veto of a legislatively passed equality statute was appropriate.
    Disconnect. Republican doublespeak.

    New Jersey should be ashamed to have it’s head of state publicly parading his bigotry over civil equality. I hope to see voices raised in denouncement today.

    FYI Christie. Clinton has denounced DOMA for the blatant homophobic discrimination that it was and you knew it. Why wasn’t that part included in your statement?

  13. Steve says

    So sad. I thought he might be a moderate and someone we could work with. Now we know he is nothing more then a bigot and should be voted out of office and thown in the ductbin of history with the rest of the bigots

  14. Not that Rob says

    What a f*cking piece of sh*t. He’s so stupid he can’t even tell how much food is a proper amount to eat so what would he possibly know about constitutional law.

  15. kdknyc says

    But he’s OK with them overturning the section 4 of the Voting Rights act, which was passed unanimously by the very same congress.




  17. jamal49 says

    Generally, I never like to make this kind of comment but in this case, it’s justified:

    Chris Christie, you are a loud-mouth, know-nothing, porcine, bovine tub-of-lard.

    Sit down and shut up.

  18. says

    Why the comments about his weight? How does that help? He’s okay with discrimating against us, so we show hatred for fat people? That doesn’t make the world any better! We can go after him on the merits and be a positive force!

  19. Book says

    I love how he keeps invoking Bill Clinton being insulted. Clinton didn’t even want to sign DOMA in the first place!

  20. says

    Stick a fork in Christie — he’s done.

    Attacking The Supremes would nominally return him to the Republican fold, despite being attacked as a RINO for daring to speak respectfully to President Obama. He’ll go down with the whole Ship of Phobes now.

  21. mike says

    And that’s why you don’t EVER let a Republican get in the Oval Office. They can play all cute at being “moderate” but today’s GOP will always pick justices that will pander to the bigots and favor the powerful. I wish there was an alternate to the Democrats, but the GOP isn’t it.

  22. Tim says

    3 points:
    * Times change. It’s not the 1990s when “DOMA” was passed.
    * It’s the ones (LGBTs) being “demeaned” and held back (on benefits/status, etc) that get to say they’re being held back. It’s important this court affirmed that. YOU are not the victim.
    * Clearly, the talking points for the GOP that will even talk about this are, “don’t call us meanies – we are the victims”. Implication: We got caught.

  23. Michael says

    Why do some of us point out he is fat f#ck? Because morality is the main excuse to deny gay people their civil rights and gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.

    Btw its obnoxious we have politicians saying they can’t believe people are not allowed to vote on the civil rights of a minority. It’s perhaps the most fundamental aspect of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  24. rick scatorum says

    Which is why he’s trying to stack the NJ supreme court with conservatives

    Currently the most powerful, toxic antigay governor in the country

    Truly an embarrasment

  25. Jack M says

    Let’s clarify: DOMA was not illegal, but it effectively relegated people in same sex marriages to a lower status as compared to straight marriages. This is one of the main reasons the Court struck it down, because it was discriminatory.

  26. rocco11 says

    If he stopped pushing down his homosexual feelings with big macs, krispy kremes and soda maybe he’d see the falsehood behind his fervent denial of basic human rights.

  27. Fancy says

    Another politician who clearly does not understand how the Constitution and the Court work and should therefore be run out of politics altogether. If you’re that stupid, you shouldn’t be leading anything.

  28. Robert Baker says

    Could this finally be the beginning of a decline in in the fortunes of this Governor’s political might?

  29. Mike says

    @Steve, If you have to use someone else’s phrase at LEAST use it correctly. It is “DUSTBIN OF HISTORY”, not DUCTBIN. What you said does not even make any sense!

  30. Edward says

    ^^ All of the above, plus: what the heck does “without a basis in standing” mean, Chris? Hard to believe how many people are trained as lawyers and have ignorance of the law.

  31. mike/ says

    hey Christie! catch up on your Republican history. DOMA was pushed at the time to get Bob Dole more votes against Clinton, who was advised it would be best to go along with it. [that’s another story!]

    oh, btw, it didn’t help Dole any way…

  32. says

    folks – this is why an Executive Order (for ANYTHING) would have turned into “Socialist Obama is being a tyrannical dictator and forcing his liberalism on Christians!” or something.

    progress happens, and the GOP, rather than accepting it and moving on to, you know, THE ECONOMY or something, chooses to play it, and spread more fear-based rhetoric, and promote anti-gay prejudice to secure votes for their base.

    wake UP.

  33. acorlando says

    Can we get something straight (no pun intended) on Clinton and DOMA…
    DOMA was signed as a hedge against a Marriage Amendment which was brewing in the Congress. Clinton saw DOMA as an appeasement which would satisfy them…yet be easier to undo–either through Congressional repeal or Supreme Court review. We have seen that play out.
    Second, given the support for DOMA in 1995-96, it may likely have passed over his veto anyway.
    I was around then, and remember well the antigay fervor. Believe me, if an amendment had passed, and it possibly could have, we would not be where we are today.

  34. Jay says

    You know what’s “INAPPROPRIATE AND WRONG”, using your office to spread bigotry and prejudice over your constituents.

    Chris Christie stop hating on my six pack lol.

  35. Tim M. says

    “You’re born that way”….but those born that way can’t have the same opportunities of heterosexuals who are “born that way.” The hypocrisy (or hippo-crazy…or hypo-christie) continues.

  36. Will says

    Was that his stomach gurgling while this idiot was talking comparing civil rights to a minimum wage increase? Unbelievable.

  37. Belthazar says

    Christie’s actions speak for themselves. But…

    @Acor, let’s not rewrite history. Go back and look at the polling data. Clinton was not going to lose to Dole. I believe David Mixner wrote a very good article about rewriting history, using the appeasement and constitutional amendment argument.

    Further, if that was true, why did Clinton run ads trumpeting that fact he signed DOMA, and on Christian radio stations to boot, including all over the South. Additionally, as late as 2004, when 11 states put measures against same-sex marriage on the ballot, Clinton privately advised John Kerry to endorse a constitutional ban — Newsweek.

    With that being said, I also agree with Mixner in that, “The purpose of a movement is to change minds, not in some Stalinistic way to punish those who are not ideologically pure,” “We created a safe place where he [people] could change his mind.”

  38. James in Toronto says

    @ Jeff: However, I knew the Supreme Court had their hand in it… They were asked “to review the bill’s constitutionality before it was introduced”.

    (I had forgotten, too, how many provinces had already dealt with it, in some manner.)

  39. Sam says

    Good lord. The guy is governor of NJ and mentioned as a presidential contendor, but doesn’t have a firm grasp of the role of the THREE branches of government?!

  40. says

    We must keep the long game in mind.
    If any of the liberal Justices retire we will need to replace them with young liberals who will be there forever.

    And we absolutely cannot afford a Republican next president, that would be disastrous.
    So a wavering justice should go now and be replaced immediately; or hold on in the hope that Hillary will make the next appointments.
    Scalia, the biased prejudiced self important extremist must be forced to resign.

  41. anon says

    I doubt very much that Christie cares about this issue on a personal level, but he’s gambling that in 2016 the Republican party will still be rhetorically fighting against gay marriage and he feels he needs to be out in front of this issue. The irony is that he might be too far to the right on this as other Republicans moderate their views, particularly in the NE. It might be that by 2016 it will be a non-issue and he’d have lost moderate votes as a result.

    I would have advised him to just avoid the issue entirely, saying that it won’t affect NJ one way or the other. He can’t possibly win on this issue.

  42. EchtKultig says

    I agree anon. Surprising to see him double down on the crazy, no matter what he believes. He must really want to be the 2016 front runner, and be convinced that seeming like such an idiot is going to be required to get through the republican party clown car convention, aka, primaries.

  43. Mike says

    This guy is dangerous. Some dems and independents will support him. We need to do everything in our power to elect Hillary as our next president. Too much is at stake at the Supreme Court.

  44. jjose712 says

    He is going to regret this.
    If thinks progress like lately, this maybe help him to win the election as republican candidate, but surely won’t give him any points on national election

  45. reality says

    EXCUSE ME?! He says it was, “incredibly insulting to those people, 340-some members of Congress who voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, and Bill Clinton.” …. HOW ABOUT INSULTING TO MILLIONS OF GAY AMERICANS AND THEIR FAMILIES?!!! This guy has lost his mind!

  46. david from edmonton says

    Pandering to the right in anticipation of his bid for the White House. Republicans would sell their souls to convince the right wing religious fanatics to vote for them. Really. Who gives a fat rats a$$ what he thinks.

  47. andrew says

    To those “moderates” who may have been thinking that Christie is a different kind of Republican: THINK AGAIN!!!

  48. LDC says

    If he runs in ’16, I’ll be voting for him. I absolutely will not vote for Hillary…or any Democrat for that matter…but especially not Hillary.

    I had already made up my mind that he was my favorite for the next presidential election, but was worried that he may be moderate enough to pander to the gays, but this video makes me like him even more.

  49. Mary says

    He is doing this to appeal to “the base.” He’s aiming for 2016. Christie is probably not as homophobic as he seems. The trouble (for him) is that things are changing so rapidly in politics that we don’t know where the country will be regarding SSM in another 3 years. Republicans as a whole may be forced to simply give up opposition to it to have a chance of winning the presidency. Even Republican candidates in the primaries may have to essentially tell the base “Sorry, guys. The issue’s been settled already.”

  50. Scott says

    So, he supports discrimination. Has he read the U.S. Constitution? Bigot! That is all.

  51. Ziemba says

    Christie may be overweight, but at least he’s not homosexual.

    Anyway, he’s 100% spot-on with his comment. The decision made by the Supreme Court was bogus. The people voted for Prop 8, so it should have stood. If they wanted to see it overturned, then they should have put it on the ballot again and had the people do it.

    Christie is just what this country needs as a leader. He shoots from the hip, doesn’t mince words, sugarcoat or pander. He’s very straight forward and blunt. If he runs, I will be voting for him.

  52. *****overtx says

    I would love to see the NJ legislature override his veto of the last time that he vetoed marriage equality. I am not familiar enough with NJ politics to know how it works, but I read somewhere that the legislature has until 2014 to override his veto. I would love to see that happen.

  53. says

    I hope gay republicans are listening to the “cafeteria style” protector of American’s rights. He is not a friend of gays nor will he ever be, as the person thought to be the presumptive republican candidate in the next presidential election, gays need to stay away from this man.

  54. Lee CA says

    Fat piece of crap BIGOT…we gays aren’t going anywhere and neither is our quest for our FULL EQUALITY

  55. michaelofthegreen says

    Annoying to see, every day, examples of people who exist in our government structure not understanding the basics of it. 3 branches of government, Chris, each checking the other… Oh, I give up.