1. Jeff says

    Yes, that it, by George! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Just EXPLAIN the respective roles to little boys and girls. I know it would have helped me no end and I def would have stopped the monkey business in the barn with the neighbour boys.

  2. Jack M says

    Gee, a Southern GOP Congressman said this? What a surprise. While we’re at it, let’s teach kids to hate everyone that’s not like they are, and, oh, the South shall rise again! These are the people we elect to run the country.

  3. BZ says


    All this time it’s mystified me why so many straights get really bent out of shape over SSM. they hate the icky queers sure, but why? What is it they’re afraid of except catching our cooties?

    Some homophobes are really queer themselves. But not all of them. What are the straight homophobes afraid of?

    This. They’re afraid that daddy (read: themselves, since most seem to be male) may not be quite as indispensible as it seemed. Isn’t daddy essential? Isn’t daddy the center of the cosmos? It says so in that illustrated bible. How can those lesbians be a family without daddy? Don’t those fags know how to act like a proper daddy? (i.e. by keeping mom in her place.)

    When I was little in Sunday school and they told me that Jesus was the son of God, I wondered where was Mrs. God. After all these years I got my answer: out back in the kitchen throwing another log on the fire, just the way God intended.

    The roots of homophobia truly are in sexism.

  4. Michaelandfred says

    Can’t they make up their minds? I thought they either shouldn’t teach about sex to kindergarten aged children and/or people should keep their sexuality to themselves…..Now sex is ok for 6 year olds as long as it’s straight sex? Conservatives need to work out their message.

  5. Caliban says

    Great. They can show old eps of The Donna Reed Show and Chuck Norris movies and say they’re documentaries!

    Chapter headings.

    Armpit fart-noises: bad manners or status symbol?

    Make me a sammich, woman!: Establishing domestic roles.

    Vacuuming in heels and pearls: You know you want to!

  6. e.c. says

    I really hope someone pins him down and gets him to explain just exactly what he thinks Dads do better than Moms (work and earn money?) and what Moms do better than Dads (bake cookies and clean house?).

  7. melvin says

    Clearly he is also one of the stupidest representatives, although that is a tight race.

    Like Anita Bryant, he believes that heterosexuality must be protected because it couldn’t compete in an open market – a questionable proposition.

    But then he also believes that the language of Shakespeare must be given protected status to survive.

  8. William says

    I have some thoughts about this speech. But every thought I want to convey would be *bleep*’d by most online servers due to language and content. So… I’ll just say I have thoughts and they’re not good ones.

  9. nick says

    This from the man who went on national television, The Colbert Show, and claimed he was a Georgia Peach, a term traditionally used to refer only to women.

  10. anon says

    Being a congressman is like running from a bear, you don’t have to be smarter than every citizen, you only have to be smarter than your constituents.

    Years of mostly feminist insistence on gender neutral educations have produced a body of research that gender role play at a very young age, in conjunction with the child’s perceiving the behavior characteristics of parents and siblings plays the largest role in settling gender norms in children, not any lessons or lectures they get in school. And, it’s the cues from others in combination with self-identified gender, rather than assigned gender that determines how the child behaves.

  11. David Hearne says

    Gee, a Southern GOP Congressman said this? What a surprise. While we’re at it, let’s teach kids to hate everyone that’s not like they are, and, oh, the South shall rise again! These are the people we elect to run the country.

    Posted by: Jack M

    Yeah you fing idiot, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum are from the South, as are all the people who voted for Prop 8.

  12. says

    Dear Gringey, your ideologies won’t prevent gay marriage, or even gay people. It will only breed a new generation of insecure, spineless, resentfully-homosexual internet commenters with no testicles.

    This is actually hilarious. Now we know where this site’s pathetic trolls come from: families like this piece of garbage.

    aim low, boys!

  13. Craig says

    I think he should press for a ban on Broadway musicals and an immediate ban on all performances of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I know I was perfectly straight until I heard that for the first time, and * poof * there I was, a raging ho-mo-sex-YOU-al. If only gender stereotypes had even once been mentioned to me, I wouldn’t be happily living with my beloved partner. Oh the humanity of it all! I too could be a self-loathing closet case like the good Congressman from Georgia!

  14. Bernie says

    I cannot stop laughing!!! This is the silliest and most assinine thing I have every heard of……..if this man thinks his stupid idea will stop gay marriage, he needs to have a brain transplant

  15. Book says

    @BZ INORITE???? By this reasoning, wouldn’t a family with TWO DADDIES be even more super awesome? Oh, wait….

    And yet, even with these classes in grade school, you’d be alienating all the little gays and lesbians and making them feel like outsiders, if they were lucky. If they weren’t lucky, they’d be conflicted and depressed until they figured out that they didn’t want a straight marriage.
    While they are at it, teaching gender roles to kindergarteners, maybe they could teach some sex ed so there wouldn’t be so many accidental kids out there.

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